DJ Khaled House: The King Has a Beverly Hills Castle

DJ Khaled House Featured

DJ Khaled, best known for being a hip-hop mogul and successful artist/DJ, is one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now. His association with acts like Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj have increased his star power many times over.

DJ Khaled House

Though he’s known for leading a lavish life in Miami, he recently purchased a second home in the Los Angeles, more specifically, Beverly Hills! And let me tell you, this house looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Let’s check it out!

Where does DJ Khaled live?

DJ Khaled house Beverly Hills is a sprawling seven-bedroom, eleven-bathroom estate. He recently purchased his new digs from British singer Robbie Williams. (You know him for singing the song “Millenium.”) Even though the house was listed at $11 million, DJ Khaled paid just $9.9 million for it.

DJ Khaled house Los Angles / Beverly Hills is 10,681-square-feet of pure Mulholland Estate luxury and sits on about three-fourths of an acre. So, there is plenty of room for both inside and outside amenities.

The outside of the home looks like a mini castle, in my opinion. You can see the garage with three separate doors, and a large window with a balcony over each door.

Just inside, you’ll find a grand staircase that winds up the circular entrance way.

My favorite party is the gorgeous kitchen, with two stoves and three ovens. It’s every chef’s dream! It also has a butler pantry. You also find a massive living room, gym, and media room.

Outside, besides amazing views, you will find a pool, a spa, an outdoor kitchen and living area, as well as two, count ‘em, two terraced patios!

This home is fit for a king, and DJ Khaled certainly fits the bill.

DJ Khaled House Photos
Photos: The Agency

We’ve got more photos where that came from, here: DJ Khaled House Address and Photos

Was DJ Khaled’s house on MTV’s Cribs?

Yes, DJ Khaled did appear on MTV’s Cribs back in 2007. He showed off his Florida home and his cars: One that was actually a gift from Rick Ross and a Chevy Impala.

DJ Khaled House in Miami

DJ Khaled does have a home in Miami, and it’s pretty awesome. He bought the six-bedroom seven-bathroom home in 2016 for $3.8 million.

DJ Khaled House Miami

A few things really stand out with this residence. He has a shoe room. It almost looks like a library, complete with one of those moving ladders, but it is full of sneakers! His living room is as regal as the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast. Long, golden drapes start at the floor and fly up to the ceiling. And the furniture looks like he found it in a throne room somewhere.

He calls his backyard his “musical garden.” In a People interview, he said, “My flowers represent life for me. When I plant flowers, I actually get to see them grow, blossom. I get to see the colors come out. The more you take care of it, the more beautiful it is. I look at it like life.”

DJ Khaled House Miami Photos
Photos: People Magazine / Google Maps

Pitch Perfect 3 DJ Khaled House

DJ Khaled surprised Pitch Perfect and his own fans when he signed on to make a cameo in Pitch Perfect 3. He’s there because he’s running a contest to find an opening act for his tour and the Bardem Bellas, all out of college at this point, are in the running.

What’s funny is, his role wasn’t supposed to be as big as it ended up being in the movie. He also showed up to set three days late and when he started filing, he made up everything on the spot.

As far as we can tell, though, DJ Khaled’s house was not featured in Pitch Perfect 3 – it was a fake!

Where was Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled’s “I’m the One” video filmed?

“I’m the One” was a single released back in April 2017 by DJ Khaled. It features a slew of young artists, including Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne.

Dj Khaled I'm The One House

There has been a ton of speculation about where the music video was filmed. The storyline in the video eludes that it’s DJ Khaled’s house. All we know is that it was filmed at a beautiful mansion in California…but it WAS NOT Khaled’s.

What does DJ Khaled do?

Who is DJ Khaled? DJ Khaled is a very busy man. He’s a record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive, and author.

His love for music started at an early age when he worked in a record store. He got his start helping young artists before they hit it big, like Lil Wayne and Birdman. He began DJing in reggae and hip-hop clubs.

He then moved to Miami to co-host The Luke Show with 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell on 99 Jamz. He also hosted a nightly show for the same station.

Young DJ Khaled

Eventually, he released his first album, Listennn…The Album. He went on to release two more albums, We the Best and We Global. Then, in 2009, he became president of Def Jam South.

Altogether, DJ Khaled has released 10 albums and will release his latest, Father of Asahd, this year.

In 2016, he wrote The Keys. The autobiographical book includes his life story and commentary on success.

What nationality is DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled was born Khaled Mohamed Khaled on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, LA. His parents immigrated to the U.S. from Palestine. Therefore, although he is American, he is of Palestinian descent.

Is DJ Khaled married?

Not yet. But DJ Khaled has been with Nicole Tuck for 14 years. That’s like a lifetime in Hollywood. They didn’t get engaged until she was pregnant with their son.

Is DJ Khaled married?

Asahd Tuck Khaled was born on October 23, 2016. I love it because this cute little guy has both his parents’ names in his! You’ve probably seen DJ Khaled’s son a lot because he literally brings him everywhere – award shows, talk shows, his TV show The Four, etc. And a lot of those times, they’re twinning. He may be one of the best-dressed toddlers out there!

Is DJ Khaled part of Young Money?

Young Money Entertainment is Lil Wayne’s record label. He started it in 2005. Current artists include Christina Millian, Mac Maine, and Nicki Minaj. DJ Khaled was once part of the label, but he is no longer on it.

DJ Khaled Net Worth

As of 2018, DJ Khaled’s net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.



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