Sponsored Content Guidelines


Sponsored Content is a collaborative effort between your company and Velvet Ropes, providing our audience with interesting insights while creating brand awareness for your company. Velvet Rope’s content authors will help you craft your message to make sure your content is on point and optimized for the best overall performance for the campaign.

How We Work Together

We want to build content collaboratively from ideation to execution and simplify the editing process as best we can. We do not blindly accept articles from sponsors — we work together from the beginning. What we need to get started:

  • Potential Topics
  • Brief summary/Research/Links to further reading
  • Intended audience/industry

From there, Velvet Ropes will review and hone in on specific story angles to help your brand align with the Velvet Ropes’ voice.

After you approve the topics, we’ll provide you with a detailed project timeline, including the dates you’ll receive rough drafts, when feedback is due, etc.

For each article, we’ll need you to provide the following 7-10 days before publishing date:

  • 1200x672px Hi-res feature image (interesting, editorial-style image — avoid boring stock photos)
  • URLS/Links & Social Media

Content Standards + Best Practices

Velvet Ropes Audience

It’s important to keep Velvet Ropes’ audience and voice in mind when preparing content. Our audience consists of 70% female, with an active lifestyle, love the comedy of  Chelsea Handler & Ellen DeGeneres, they wear Tobi, Juicy Couture, lululemon, H&M, kate spade new york, and shop Nordstroms with the largest grouping of household income is $150k – 250k. The general audience has a morgage, considered top professionals and are interested in purchasing Food and drink, Subscription services and Clothing.

Velvet Ropes Voice & Content

Velvet Ropes is defining the tourism of Celebrity Lifes. That mindset is reflected in our editorial content and is something we extend to our sponsored content as well. We hold all of our content to a high standard and value our readers, which is why we’ll work with you to perfect the messaging of your campaign.


Things that work: storytelling narratives, broad range topics, lists, real life examples
Things that don’t: industry insider jargon,  press releases, blatant promotions



Things that work: pithy, punchy to the point, like you’re talking to a bestie
Things that don’t work: dry, long, obvious, self-explanatory



Velvet Ropes reserves the right to reject materials that do not comply with our content standards and technical specifications.


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