Kim Kardashian House: Her New Hidden Hills Mansion

Kim Kardashian House Hidden Hills

Kim Kardashian-West, along with Kanye and the kiddos, is living the good life in their $20 million dream mansion! It’s in Hidden Hills, CA, just across the way from storied Calabasas. You know Calabasas, right? Most people get confused and assume all the Kardashians live in the C, but actually, more of them live in Hidden Hills.


Kim Kardashians House?
Kim and Kanye bring kids North and Saint to Serendipity in New York City

So exactly where does Kim Kardashian live, and how big is the Kardashian house? Well – that’s a bit more of a story.

The house has 8 fireplaces, that’s right, EIGHT! Kim and Kanye have themselves tucked away, hidden in the hills on 3 flat acres. This gives them plenty of space away from the paparazzi. The lovely cabin-styled mansion has a modern twist and a three-island kitchen.

Kim Kardashian House

Kim and Kanye bought this French country-inspired home in 2014 for nearly $20 million dollars. Perfectly beautiful, but not their style. They immediately began renovations, and I mean they gutted everything. We’re told Kanye obsessed over everything, even redoing the redo. It has cost them an insane amount of money, and it makes you wonder, why redo such a gorgeous home?

Before we show you what they did to it, this is what it looked like before…

How big is the Kardashian house?

It is as if Kim had been inspired to make her home perfect for VOGUE photo shoots, it’s basically a hotel considering they have two spas. The closet space is ridiculous, oh, and did we mention that the master suite has a dual his and her bathroom! They are completely state-of-the-art and spa-like, the entire cabin and modern-styled theme runs throughout the entire home, including the bathrooms, and you can find exposed beam ceilings in the living room that only add to the home’s rustic beauty.

How big is the Kardashian house?

How big is the Kardashian house? How big is the Kardashian house?

Two pools lie on their beautiful three acres of land and nature, the property has not one but two vineyards! Their 1,050 square foot outdoor pavilion is ideal for entertaining family and friends and even hosting parties. Let’s be honest, the entire Kardashian empire could fit in this home with plenty of room for their legacy. There’s even a sporting court, pool house, and guest house on the property.

How big is the Kardashian house? How big is the Kardashian house?

Beautiful, right!? Well, in 2018 they moved into the freshly remodeled, totally different home. Oh, and did we mention Kris Jenner house is across the street. It’s not her main house, but it’s a beauty and we’re still trying to figure out why she bought it!

Anywho, we don’t have any interior pics, but this is what the renovation process looked like…

Kim Kardashian's House

Kim and Kanye House

Kim and Kanye House
The rumored basketball court
Kim and Kanye House Remodel
The Hidden Hills remodel as of September 2017.

In November 2018, Kim and Kanye’s house was threatened by the Woolsey Wild Fire. They brought in a private firefighting crew to save not only their home but the entire neighborhood. Here’s a photo that show’s just how close the fire got to their home.

Kim Kardashian House Malibu Fires

What Does Kim Kardashian Do for a Living Now?

Pretty much just prances around and takes selfies of ‘herself’ all day. Wait! Herself in quotes? Did Kim Kardashian have plastic surgery!? Well, that’s none of your business thank you very much – but yes.

Ah, we kid — she’s actually a legit, certified businesswoman at this point in time and has come quite a long way from her home video porn days. We’re pretty sure everyone reading this has a pretty solid amount of information on the question “Who is Kim Kardashian?”…so we won’t go into detail as to what kickstarted her career.


Did Kim Kardashian have plastic surgery?


What many may not know is how effectively the reality star has been able to properly leverage her success as a television personality to create some profitable businesses.

She’s started several clothing boutiques by the name of  D-A-S-H, has her own skincare line, PerfectSkin, a new cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, and many more endorsement deals from companies like QuickTrim and ShoeDazzle. Some feel their home is too over-the-top, but both Kim and Kanye, a.k.a. Kimye, have no bounds when it comes to decorating. Apparently, picking out couches was an extreme struggle for Kanye, he even noted it in one of his songs.


What does Kim Kardashian do for a living?
KKW Beauty website – as usual, everything is sold out.

The dream home has 8-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, and as some of you know, Kim added a basketball court for Kanye’s birthday. They are also installing a large body of water to create a pond for Kanye to swim in – as if the two pools aren’t good enough! The pond is scheduled to be installed in the backyard; however, they live in a gated community and could face some challenges during construction.

Could you imagine what their plans are for the holidays? Decorating this mansion will need a crew for sure, maybe they could even host their own awards show! Seriously though, let’s not give them any ideas.

How big is the Kardashian house?

So, where do the Kardashian’s shop for furniture? Well, one article and photographer clocked them coming out of the high-end store Balthaup one day and we think it’s safe to say nowhere else will be up to par with this retailer. It seems they are trying to compete with power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, who just recently had twins, and are now ahead of Kimye.

Where do the Kardashians shop for furniture?
Kim & Kanye leaving Bulthaup in Los Angeles

There has been talk of Kimye being admirers of the power couple up until recently, when Jay-Z came out with his new album, dissing Kanye. The couple felt it was disrespectful to knock Kanye down while he was recovering and now it seems they are trying to compete for the number-one spot in Hollywood! Oh, if only Kim Kardashian could sing…then again, Paris Hilton is still trying to do that…

Kim may not be a singer, but she is, in fact, a very successful businesswoman and her husband is quite ambitious, too. This home is just the beginning for the two and they plan to invest so much more into it. It seems they’ve reached a point in life where they don’t want to spend money on jewelry and clothes but their children and their home.

At least we can say they are growing, rather than money on trees, but we’ll take it! We are excited to see what else is in store for Kimye’s dream home, we expect birthday parties, photo shoots, and maybe even a private concert for family and friends.

Kim Kardashian House Bel Air

Kim and Kanye lived in this Mediterranean-style 9,000 square foot home in Bel Air, which is where they lived during the renovation on their Hidden Hills home. They just sold it to a Ukranian philanthropist for $17.8 million! The 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom property possesses a super modern, almost minimalist, style interior that makes it the perfect blank canvas for someone to splash some life into.

Kim Kardashian's House

Kim Kardashian House

You’ll never guess who their next-door neighbor was…Kathy Griffin. Wonder if Kim ever invited her over for cocktails since Kathy’s unfortunate Trump photoshoot?


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