Where Do The Kardashians Live?

Where do the kardashains live
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Most likely, you know the Kardashians as the centerpiece of 21st-century pop culture with an empire supporting an entire cable network, but did you know they’re also real estate powerhouses giving Donald Trump a run for his money? Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

‘Where do the Kardashians live in Calabasas’ is one of the most searched phrases in the celebrity genre, among others like ‘Where do the Kardashians live in Hidden Hills’ and ‘Where do the Kardashians live now.’ Even though not all of them LIVE in Calabasas, nearly all have homes there.

This is a comprehensive video and list of Kardashian homes to satisfy all your guilty pleasures.


Where does Kim Kardashian live?

Kim & Kanye sold their nearly 9,000 square foot home in Bel Air, CA in November 2017. They have apparently completed years of renovations on their Hidden Hills compound where they are moving. See a more detailed article Where Does Kim Kardashian Live – Her Home is Destroyed.

Kim & Kanye’s Bel Air Home
Photo: X17online.com / Huff Post

The home sold to a Ukranian philanthropist for $17.8 million, nearly double what they paid for it!

More Photos of Kim & Kanye’s Former Bel Air Home



This is the home Kim and Kanye purchased for $20 million. They completed gutted it and the surrounding landscaping as you’ll see in the photos below. Since selling the Bel Air home shown above, it’s reported that they are moving in. We haven’t gotten our hands on any recent photos of the completed renovation, but as soon as we have them, you’ll be the first to know!

Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – before construction.
Photo: Berkshire Hathaway
Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – during construction (Dec 2016).
Photo: X17online.com
Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – during construction (Jan 2017).
Photo: X17online.com
Kim and Kanye House Remodel
The Hidden Hills remodel as of September 2017.

More Photos of Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home


Where does Khloé Kardashian live?

Khloé lives in the exclusive Calabasas community, The Oaks. She dropped $7.2 million on Justin Bieber’s former home in 2014. The house is GORGEOUS!


Photo: Roger Davies / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Khloe’s Calabasas Home


Where does Kourtney Kardashian live?

Kourtney also lives in the Calabasas community, The Oaks, less than half a mile from Khloé. She purchased her home from NFL star Keyshawn Johnson for $8.5 million.


Photo: Roger Davies / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Kourtney’s Calabasas Home


Where does Rob Kardashian live?

Rob and on-again-off-again fiancé Blac Chyna are reportedly renting his sister, Kylie Jenner’s, Hidden Hills home, which she bought in 2016 for $6 million.


Photo: Bel Air Photography via SmugMug

More Photos of Rob’s Rented Hidden Hills Home


Where does Kris Jenner live?

Kris still lives in the home she purchased with then-husband Bruce Jenner in 2010. It’s perched atop the exclusive hills of Hidden Hills, where she is surrounded by her kids who all have homes nearby.


Photo: Jeff Andrews

More Photos of Kris’ Hidden Hills Home


Where does Kylie Jenner live?

Kylie has purchased several homes in the last two years. The latest of which, where she actually lives, is a $12 million dollar Cape Cod-inspired compound in Hidden Hills.


Photo via Zillow

More Photos of Kylie’s Hidden Hills Home


Where does Kendall Jenner live?

In August 2017, Kendall listed her West Hollywood home (which she bought from John Krasinski and Emily Blunt) after a dangerous situation involving a stalker.  Shortly after, in October 2017, Kendall closed on a new $8.55 million, more secure home in Mulholland Estates, where tons of stars live, including DJ Khaled and Christina Aguilera. The home was previously owned by actor Charlie Sheen.

Kendall the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner klan who doesn’t live or have a home in Calabasas or Hidden Hills.

Where does Kendall Jenner live? Where does Kendall Jenner live?

More Photos of Kendall’s Beverly Hills Home


Where does Caitlyn Jenner live?

Although her transition to Caitlyn is several years past,  many people are still searching for ‘Where does Bruce Jenner live?’ We’ll answer the question, but seriously, let’s call her by her name. Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner purchased a secluded Malibu home in 2015 for $3.5 million. It’s a sleek hilltop pad with 360-degree views.


Photo: Rick Steil / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Caitlyn’s Malibu Home



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