Where Do The Kardashians Live? A Map of Calabasas & Hidden Hills

Where do the kardashains live
Photo: Cosmopolitan Magazine

**UPDATED Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 12:20 PM with news of the SoCal wildfires**

The Kardashians. A phrase engrained in the ethos of our world for eternity, and we love it! Love them or hate them, they have enormous staying power and their influence on everything from beauty and fashion to criminal justice reform, they aren’t going anywhere.

‘Where do the Kardashians live in Calabasas and Hidden Hills’ is one of the most requested questions on Velvet Ropes. The answer is quite long because as you know, there are so many of them!

Below is a comprehensive list of all the Kardashian homes, not only in Calabasas and Hidden Hills but throughout the Los Angeles area.


Map of Kardashian Houses

Where do the Kardashians live map Where do the Kardashians live map Where do the Kardashians live map

Where does Kim Kardashian live?

**UPDATED Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 12:20 PM with news of the SoCal wildfires**

TMZ reported that the Malibu fires have reached the property of Kim & Kanye and that their main house is in danger of being engulfed. Soon after, Kim tweeted that the fire had been stopped and their home was safe. We’ll continue to update as we know more. 

Here’s a screenshot from our friends at HollywoodPipeline’s Instagram feed:

Kim Kardashian House Malibu Fires


They have completed years of renovations on their Hidden Hills compound, and have finally moved in!

This is the home Kim and Kanye purchased for $20 million. They completed gutted it and the surrounding landscaping as you’ll see in the photos below. Since selling the Bel Air home shown below, it’s reported that they are moving in. We haven’t gotten our hands on any recent photos of the completed renovation, but as soon as we have them, you’ll be the first to know!

Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – before construction.
Photo: Berkshire Hathaway
Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – during construction (Dec 2016).
Photo: X17online.com
Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home – during construction (Jan 2017).
Photo: X17online.com
Kim and Kanye House Remodel
The Hidden Hills remodel as of September 2017.

Believe us, we scour EVERYDAY for more recent photos of this unbelievable home. if it weren’t in a gated community we’d send the team to get our own photos…but we aren’t trying to get arrested.

More Photos of Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home

See a more detailed article about what the home USED to look like here: Where Does Kim Kardashian Live – Her Home is Destroyed.

Kim Kardashian House – Her Former Bel Air Mansion

Kim & Kanye sold their nearly 9,000 square foot home in Bel Air, CA in November 2017. They completely overhauled it after the purchase and “Kimye’d” it – meaning a ton of white and grey.

Kim & Kanye’s Bel Air Home
Photo: X17online.com / Huff Post

The home sold to a Ukranian philanthropist for $17.8 million, nearly double what they paid for it! Oh, and guess who lives next door…Kathy Griffin. Like, right next door.

More Photos of Kim & Kanye’s Former Bel Air Home

Where does Khloé Kardashian live?

Khloé lives in the exclusive Calabasas community, The Oaks. She dropped $7.2 million on Justin Bieber’s former home in 2014. The house is GORGEOUS!

So gorgeous that the Martin Lawrence Bullard-designed home was featured in Architectural Digest along with Kourtney’s house.

Photo: Roger Davies / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Khloe’s Calabasas Home

Where does Kourtney Kardashian live?

Kourtney also lives in the Calabasas community, The Oaks, less than half a mile from Khloé. She purchased her home from NFL star Keyshawn Johnson for $8.5 million.

The exterior of the home is crazy-wide with a sort of Roman vibe. Super unique and unexpected, but gorgeous.

Photo: Roger Davies / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Kourtney’s Calabasas Home

Where does Kylie Jenner live?

Kylie Jenner House Hidden Hills

Kylie has purchased several homes in the last several years. Kylie Jenner’s house – her primary house that is – is a $12 million dollar Cape Cod-inspired compound in Hidden Hills. The home is in a newer part of Hidden Hills and doesn’t have many nearby neighbors, which makes it perfect for the reclusive star.

Photo via Zillow

Check out more Kylie Jenner House photos here!

Kylie Jenner House Beverly Hills

In October 2018, Kylie and Travis Scott bought a MASSIVE home in Beverly Hills. It’s 9,680 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathroom, which includes the beds and baths in the guest house.

Kylie Jenner House

The brand new home sits at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac just a few minutes from the famed Beverly Hills Hotel. The exterior of the home is a muted tone and surrounded by lush gardens and trees creating a very jungle-like feel.

The interior is modern but comfy. Of course, there is a gorgeous kitchen and the other stuff you’d expect, but the master bedroom is the star. It’s 2,300 square feet!

The home was listed for $16.9M in April 2017, and after multiple price reductions, Kylie and Scott got a “deal” – they paid $13.45M.

We’ve got more where that came from! Check out more Kylie Jenner House in Beverly Hills Photos here!

Where does Kendall Jenner live?

In August 2017, Kendall listed her West Hollywood home (which she bought from John Krasinski and Emily Blunt) after a dangerous situation involving a stalker.  Shortly after, in October 2017, Kendall closed on a new $8.55 million, more secure home in Mulholland Estates, where tons of stars live, including DJ Khaled and Christina Aguilera. The home was previously owned by actor Charlie Sheen.

Kendall is the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner klan who doesn’t live or have a home in Calabasas or Hidden Hills. After all, she is the most removed from the “family complex” if you will.

Where does Kendall Jenner live? Where does Kendall Jenner live?

More Photos of Kendall’s Beverly Hills Home

Where does Rob Kardashian live?

Rob moved into Kylie Jenner’s spare Hidden Hills home during his short-lived Blac Chyna romance. They rented the home for an undisclosed amount from Kylie, and we’re unsure if he still lives here. We do know that Kylie HAS NOT sold the home even though she has her own place nearby. Doubtful that it’s just sitting empty.

Kylie bought the home in 2016 for $6 million.

Photo: Bel Air Photography via SmugMug

More Photos of Rob’s Rented Hidden Hills Home

Where does Kris Jenner live?

Kris Jenner house, the home she purchased with then-husband Bruce Jenner in 2010, is still her main home. It’s perched atop the exclusive hills of Hidden Hills, where she is surrounded by her kids who all have homes nearby.

The home was completely overhauled and “glammed out” by Jeff Andrews Design. The Iconic entry with a checkered floor was even recreated for Kris’ self-titled talk show…though it was short lived.

Photo: Jeff Andrews

More Photos of Kris’ Hidden Hills Home



Kris Jenner purchased a 9,400 square foot mansion across the street from Kim & Kanye in December 2017. The brand new build has 6 bedroom and 8 bathrooms. She dropped $9.925 million on it. Some outlets are reporting that this is an investment property due to it’s close proximity to her current home. However, we find it hard to believe. She paid top dollar for the brand new home – it’ll be tough to flip for a profit.

She has also said many times that “Kim lives across the street” in interviwes, and her main home above is not across the street, this one is. Who knows!

Where do the Kardashians live? Kris House is Huge!

More Photos of Kris’ Second Hidden Hills Home

Where does Caitlyn Jenner live?

**UPDATED Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 12:20 PM with news of the SoCal wildfires**

Although TMZ reported that Caitlyn’s home had been destroyed by the wildfires in the Malibu area on Friday, our friends at HollywoodPipeline got the exclusive images of her home, which is still standing. 

Caitlyn Jenner House - Malibu Fires
Photo: HollywoodPipeline

Although her transition to Caitlyn is several years past,  many people are still searching for ‘Where does Bruce Jenner live?’ We’ll answer the question, but seriously, let’s call her by her name. Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner purchased a secluded Malibu home in 2015 for $3.5 million. It’s a sleek hilltop pad with 360-degree views. After purchasing the home, Caitlyn completely redesigned the home with her own touches. The transformation could be seen in her E! series I Am Cait. It’s gorgeous!

Photo: Rick Steil / Architectural Digest

More Photos of Caitlyn’s Malibu Home







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