Where Does Beyonce Live? The Place is Bonkers!

Where Does Beyonce Live? Here.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are two of the most famous, influential artists of our generation. While they often move from place to place and rent huge properties, the home where they now spend most of their time is a brand new mansion in the heart of Los Angeles’ exclusive Bel Air neighborhood. We’ve broken it down for you. Everything from where Beyoncé lives now, to all the other place she owns and rents!

Beyoncé & Jay Z’s New Mansion in Bel Air

In July 2017 word got out that a power couple was interested in a brand new development in Bel Air. Media outlets began reporting that Beyoncé and Jay Z made an astronomical offer on the hillside mansion on at the end of a secluded street in Bel Air. The Los Angeles Times Hot Property section confirmed this news on August 18th of 2017. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s $88 million offer was accepted and the purchase is official.

Where Does Beyonce Live? Here.
Beyoncé and Jay Z’s latest $90 million purchase in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

The property’s 30,000 square foot estate sits on just over 1.5 acres of pricey real estate and is surrounded by celebrity neighbors. The place is full of premium amenities, including four pools, a 15-car garage, and get this…bulletproof windows. Yes, bulletproof windows. Bulletproof. Windows. That’s badass!

The home was designed by home whisperer and spec-home genius, Paul McClean. Developer Tyrone McKillen bought the lot and previous home for $15 million in 2015. Obviously, he tore down the existing home and built this beauty. After four years of development, it was listed for $135 million before he accepted $88 million from the B&J.

Where does Beyoncé live?

Public records show that the couple purchased the home through blind trusts’ and have a whopping $52.8 million mortgage through Goldman Sachs. Also revealed in public records is their monthly payment, which is $149,600.

In October 2017, public records show the couple is still dumping money into the mansion. They have taken out 2 permits. One to install a backup generator. The other to add a living space below the pool to the tune of $750,000. This, all according to TMZ.

Where Does Beyonce Live? Here.
An original rendering of the home to be built.

We’ve got more interior photos and renderings!

MORE PHOTOS!   Go on, it’s worth a look!

Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Mansion in The Hamptons

Just one month after their massive $88 million purchase in Bel Air, Beyoncé and Jay Z have dropped another $25,925,000 on an East Hampton, waterfront home. Yes, you hear that correctly. $25.925 MILLION DOLLARS!

Where Does Beyonce Live?

The 12,000 square foot home sits on 2 acres with over 200 feet of Georgica Pond waterfront. The home has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, including the detached guest house, which has a full kitchen. Momma Knowles has the hookup!

Where Does Beyonce Live? Where Does Beyonce Live?

Not surprisingly, the home is fitted with only the best. From hand-carved and heated marble bathtubs and imported Venitian floors to 18th-century French Louis XV carved stone fireplaces and Turkish limestone throughout.

With this purchase, the Carter’s have spent a whopping $114 million in 2017 on real estate deal from coast to coast.

MORE PHOTOS!  This one is worth a look, too!


Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Mansion in New Orleans

This home carries a unique story. Constructed in 1925, this building was a church at that time. Later on, this Presbyterian Church was converted into a studio for ballet dance. Now, a well-known structure, you will often hear it referred to as Garden District Palace.

where does beyonce live new orleans exterior

The total size of this Beyonce Jay Z house is 13,292 square feet. While there are many lights fitted into the ceiling, the true life of this house meets the eye during the daytime. The expansive windows on the walls let tons of sunlight in to make the entire house bright and fresh. The location of the dining room makes this house a really unique experience for anyone who visits. The big hall-like space when you enter the house has this beautifully placed dining room on one side. The dining room has been adorned with a crimson scheme on the walls and seats around the table. The chairs are covered with velvet, and the dining table is big enough to accommodate multiple families at once.

where does beyonce live new orleans living room where does beyonce live new orleans dining

There are three master bedrooms in the house. The rouge walls of one of the bedrooms with crimson carpeting, dark colored furniture and golden shades on windows make it not only romantic but extremely relaxing too. In contrast, the bedroom across the hall has indigo walls joining a white patterned ceiling and a wooden floor. This room is cozy but there is nothing luxurious or opulent about this one. You can bet Beyonce and Jay Z have renovated!

where does beyonce live new orleans bedroom where does beyonce live new orleans living room stairs


Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Former Mansion in Malibu

After the birth of their twins in June 2017, Beyoncé and Jay Z rented this massive Malibu estate for a reported $400,000/month.

where does beyonce live celebrity houses
Photo: Chris Cortazzo // Malibu Real Estate

The home and its surrounding structures total a whopping 16,107 square feet, 10 bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms. From the 2-story hand-carved limestone entry and the 24-seat dining room to 1,000 rose bushes and two pools, there’s no doubting why it’s on the market for $54,500,000.

where does beyonce live celebrity houses
Photo: Chris Cortazzo // Malibu Real Estate
where does beyonce live celebrity houses
Photo: Chris Cortazzo // Malibu Real Estate
where does beyonce live celebrity houses
Photo: Chris Cortazzo // Malibu Real Estate

It has its own history in Hollywood prior to it’s new found fame thanks to Beyonce. Known as La Villa Contenta, this estate was portrayed as the domicile of the Vampire Queen on HBO’s hit drama True Blood. 




Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Former Mansion in Beverly Hills

After having their $150,000 per month rental sold out from under them, Beyoncé and Jay Z landed this massive estate in the heart of Beverly Hills for the same price. Formerly owned by ex-Los Angeles Dodgers owner Jamie McCourt, the Carters paid a reported $150,000 per month.

where does beyonce live celebrity home exterior

The 20,637 square foot home sits on the grounds of a pristinely kept property. The Villa-style home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, giving plenty of space for Momma Knowles and Solange to visit. There’s also an Olympic-size swimming pool, a dedicated room for massages, a spa and a steam room, the amenities are like that of a 5-star resort.

where does beyonce live celebrity home living room

where does beyonce live celebrity home sitting room

where does beyonce live celebrity home aerial

This home may look familiar. It was featured in the 1998 cult-classic The Big Lebowski as Jeffery Lebowski’s mansion. It was last on the market for $65 million when the Jamie McCourt decided to sell the home. It was purchased by a mysterious “British Billionaire” for $45 million in 2014, which is who Beyoncé and Jay Z rented from.



So, how do they afford this insanely luxurious life? We should probably be asking ourselves… What is Beyoncé’s net worth? What is Jay Z’s net worth?

Beyoncé Net Worth / Jay Z Net Worth

Well, according to Forbes, Beyoncé is worth a staggering $350 million and Jay Z is worth an even more staggering $810 million. Although, some outlets say he’s worth closer to $900 million. If we’re being conservative, this power couple is worth a combined $1.16 million as of August 2017.


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