Where Does Lady Gaga Live? The Pics Will Make You Drool

Where Does Lady Gaga Live? It's An Awesome Place!

Where does Lady Gaga live? That’s the question millions of her fans want to be answered. However, it is not that easy to answer such a question for stars like her.

For a significant part of the year, she’s traveling around the world as part of her performances. When she’s not touring, she has multiple places to crash at for some time away from the limelight.

However, there is nothing more mentionable than the fact that Lady Gaga lives in Malibu, California, in a mansion she purchased for herself and her then-boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga’s Malibu Mansion

This fabulous mansion is often a favorite topic for showbiz writers, for its bowling alley. Of course, the artist known as the most powerful singer in the world can afford to buy a house where she can go for bowling whenever she wants. Lady Gaga bought this beautiful Malibu mansion for the opulent price of $23 million. You could write a book about how luxurious this estate is on the inside. What makes it unique is the fact that there are 6-acres of land left undeveloped just to have the beautiful views of the ocean.

where does lady gaga live celebrity home exterior

If a bowling alley in the house is not something that surprises you, a cinema and a wine cellar with 800-bottle capacity definitely will. In the basement of the mansion, Lady Gaga has a private space to spend serene days when she is tired of her month-long tours. To stay in shape, she also has a gym, where she rehearses her choreography. This property boasts five bedrooms, and having ten bathrooms makes sense when you are living in a place so big.

where does lady gaga live celebrity bowling alley

When she is tired of living inside the walls of the house and wants some outdoor fun, there is this amazing saltwater pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She can swim all she wants and bask under the sun for as long as she wishes. As she enjoys the saltwater of the pool, there are also views of the mountains in the far distance to please the eyes. While Gaga is known for her love for dogs – disappointment for you cat lovers – she can take some horse rides too, thanks to the eight-horse stable located on the property.

The interior of the house is not something you would readily call modern. Most of the furniture is quite antique-looking with exposed wooden beams giving you the feel as if you were living in a countryside home. Even the cabinetry in the kitchen oozes of vintage artistry. The big counter for eating and preparing meals has been lit by rustic hanging lights. The colors on the walls are very down-toned and neutral, giving a warm and cozy vide.

where does lady gaga live celebrity home kitchen

The master suite of the house is where the true essence of this house lies. Once again, you get to see exposed wooden beams, carpeted floor, amply upholstered seating and a master bed that could be made more private by covering it with curtains. Huge windows on one side lead your sight right onto the beautiful ocean waters of Southern California. In short, this mansion is a perfect hideaway after months of fatigue and exhaustion.

where does lady gaga live celebrity home bedroom

Sticking to the overall look of rustic luxury, the gated entry greets visitors with spectacular grandeur. We’ve driven by multiple times…there’s always a gardening crew working on the landscaping!

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Final Thoughts

It is amazing to see that Lady Gaga was interested in such a property in the first place. With just a glimpse at the pictures of this mansion, you will realize that it is not all about expensive things. Lady Gaga particularly chose a place to live where she could also spend time with nature. This is why she went for a property with mountains touching the skies on one side and the ocean stretching into infinity on the other. If you had always wondered where your favorite pop star lived, wonder no more.


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