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Rob Reiner

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Malibu, CA

6 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • 2755 sq/ft

Last sold in 1994 for

Estimated Today Value 17.3M

Estimated Mortgage 82.6k

Famous owners

    Rob Reiner

    Owns this home

Property records show Rob Reiner bought this beach front home in January 1994 for an unknown amount, but we're certain it was a lot less than it's current value of $17.3M. Rob has rented out the home for several years, most recently at $100k/month. The spiral staircase in the living room leads upstairs, where the master bedroom and its unobstructed ocean views lie. The master bedroom opens onto its own private deck, too, so you don't have to share that big one downstairs with anyone.

Cover photo Exterior by LA Curbed