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Brian Kelley

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Nashville, TN

1 bedroom • 2 bathrooms • 1586 sq/ft

Last sold in 2013 for 0.7M

Estimated Today Value 6.2M

Estimated Mortgage 29.6k

Famous owners

    Brian Kelley

    Owns this home

Although Brian and his wife listed this home in the Summer of 2018, he revealed in a 2019 interview with Taste of Country: "We tested the waters and the waters weren't right...To be honest with you, I had too many voices in my ear. It was very eye-opening, to be honest with you. We will never sell that place. We're never going to let that thing go." More from Taste of Country: The compound of sorts features three separate homes, a 500 sq. ft. recording studio and a bevy of bars. But ultimatel...Read more

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