Elie Tahari

69 years old

Born in Jerusalem, Israel

Net Worth

Elie Tahari (Hebrew: אלי טהרי‎; born 1952) is an Israeli fashion designer. He is the designer of ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessories. His company is headquartered in New York City, with stores located throughout the world. Tahari was born the middle son of an Iranian-Jewish couple in 1952. He has four sisters, Aliza, Diana, Shulie and Illana, and two brothers, Avraham and Yosi. The family immigrated from Iran to Israel, where they resided in a ma'abara transit camp in what is now Meva...Read more

The Homes of Elie Tahari

    Elie Tahari home in Sagaponack, NY
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    Sagaponack, NY

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