Celebrity Homes Miami Map

Winter 2020 Edition

Are you looking for an exclusive, thorough tour of Miami that eliminates the silly tourist traps and takes you deep inside the celebrity experience?

You’re in the right place and won’t regret our expertly curated tour! This tour takes you through everything from Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods to the sprawling estates in Palm Beach, plus all the hot spots to see celebs!

What You’re Getting

  • 21+ Verified Celebrity Homes
  • 10 Proven Celebrity Hot Spots and Attractions
  • PDF Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Curated Google Maps Links for Easy Navigation
  • Tips That Only Locals Know
  • Our Personal Contact Info to Ask Questions
where do celebrities live in miami
Photo: VelvetRopes.com

Celebrity Homes on Tour

DJ Khaled
Sylvester Stallone (Former)
Jeb Bush
Floyd Mayweather
LeBron James
Michael Jordan
Chris Bosh
Luis Fonsi
Venus & Serena Williams
Matt Damon (Former)
Marc Anthony
Bill Gates
Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union
Tony Robbins
Scottie Pippen
Phil Collins
Mar-a-Lago Club
Lil Wayne
Jon Bon Jovi
Gloria Estefan
Versace Mansion
Dr. Oz
Sean Diddy Combs
Howard Stern
Kathie Lee Gifford
Al Capone (Former)
Rush Limbaugh
Elle Macpherson
Rob Gronkowski
Flo Rida
Antonio Brown

Please note, we can’t control how celebrities hide their homes and do not guarantee you’ll have an unobstructed view of celebrity homes, but you’ll see more than most ever will!