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Aaron Rodgers House

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Aaron Rodgers House: Mansions in California, Green Bay & More!


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Malibu Home

Aaron's House Photos

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Chrystal Graham

The Green Bay Packers have never seen a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who has played enough killer games to have won an ESPY award for Best NFL Player. He’s a three-time MVP and led the Packers to a Super Bowl victory in 2011. He’s a stunner to look at, although these days I’m going to do an overt head-nod in the direction of that electric razor over there, ahem, mustache! His good looks and overwhelming success have led to triumph in love and a little bit of trouble with his family. So if you want the goods on good-ole A-Rod and the infamous Aaron Rodgers house, pull up a chair, my friends!


Where Does Aaron Rodgers Live?

If you want to know where the quarterback lays his head, then you haven’t been paying attention. For at least part of the year, he stays in Wisconsin, of course! However, you can’t keep a California boy out of the Golden State for long…he also has a cute little dwelling there. Ha! “Little…”

Aaron Rodgers House Malibu

In Novemeber 2019, Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick plopped down a whopping $28 MILLION for a new home in Malibu, CA. The home, which is 3,592 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, has quite a famous history dating back to 2009.

Janet Jackson leased the home and sat down with Robin Roberts in this home for her first interview post Michael Jackson’s death. Then, in 2017, Netflix COO Ted Sarandos paid $19.25 million for the home only to sell it shortley after. The buyer? British pop star Robbie Williams, who paid $20.25 million in 2018. He and his wife reportedly leased the home to Rodgers and Patrick beofre they ultimatley bought it in late 2019.

The home is Italian inspired but also uber modern with a proiceless view of the Pacific Ocean. As the rather dated listing info suggets, aside from the main home, there’s a generously sized guest house as well as a pool and spa on-site, too.


Check out the full Aaron Rodgers Malibu House gallery here!

Aaron Rodgers House Del Mar California

Reportedly valued at over $10 mill, this 5,771 square foot offseason getaway back in his home state of California is loaded with perks. He’s got 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a swimming pool and jacuzzi (duh, what self-respecting pro football player wouldn’t have those), home theater, putting green, gym, batting cage, football field, basketball court, spa, salon, and a sauna.

Although Aaron Rodgers house California is reminiscent of a reality TV serial-dating mansion, he puts ABC to shame with his Spanish tile,  glamorously-high ceilings,  and a picturesque fountain you can overlook from the indoor balconies on either side of it. Above the balcony, in his wood-paneled vaulted ceiling, hangs a chandelier worthy of a royal.


Our favorite quarterback must spend a bit of time in his beautiful kitchen, which is  equipped with a massive island full of glorious amounts of storage. It sits beneath a state-of-the-art modern artsy wooden chandelier. The stainless steel fridge could fit a linebacker, and from what I can tell, he’s got stacked ovens and three dishwashers.  To top it all off, he’s got picture windows above the sink that look out over his courtyard.

A magnificent open space between the dining room and living room also has french doors that invite the outside in, for a seamless transition between dining under a brick-domed ceiling and diving into the pool of my dreams. Hey Aaron, can I get an invite to the pool party?!

There is also an entertaining area outside that boasts a toasty fireplace to match the several that deck out his four bed, four and a half bath mansion. The whole shebang sits on an acre of land in a cozy little culdesac for ultimate privacy–which he’d absolutely need because of the pairs upon pairs of French Doors and huge windows that allow that refreshing natural daylight to pour in.


Aaron Rodgers House Green Bay (Former)

Aaron Rodgers house in Suamico WI is, well, unexpected. He bought the 4,012 square foot home in 2005 for $442,500.00, according to Packer News, and ruffled some feathers in 2017 when he put it on the market, transferring it to RFI Holding, LLC, which for all we know is an Aaron Rodgers’ company. There was brief panic that he was leaving Green Bay, but he didn’t.

The agent representing the home signed an NDA, so all he would say is that the home was no longer on the market. According to property records obtained by Velvet Ropes, he sold the home to a couple in 2017.

It’s a handsome, humble, ranch-style home, and for a fella of his magnitude, it’s not bragging too much. At 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, it doesn’t look like a castle, mansion or a grotto, as some of his NFL family’s residences do, but just a nice, big, house on almost an acre.

It’s a multilevel home with a finished basement that’s rocking a family room, bedroom, and gym. The Grand Room on the main floor has wall-to-wall windows which look out upon a property that is flush against a small lake and sits near a waterfowl preserve. It also has recessed ceilings and a fabulous fireplace to add a country-cabin feel.

The kitchen and dining rooms are massive. The kitchen has more cupboard space than a person could possibly know what to do with, bedecked with tile backsplash and Corian countertops all-around. The dining room itself opens up to a room that’s considered “all-seasons,” meaning, I suppose, that you can watch all the seasons change from inside…because it is just about completely GLASS! Oh man, I would throw down on so many books! You’d think it’d be too chilly to hang out in there in the frigid Wisconsin winters, but no–there is a gas fireplace in that bad boy, too.

Aaron Rodgers home is the proud keeper of the Taj-Mahal of all master baths, complete with a jetted jacuzzi tub, dual sinks, and a mega glass shower. A big perk, too, is that there is a water closet, so any unsightly business that might spoil the ambiance can be safely done behind a closed door.

In 2018, Danica Patrick, the MVP’s girlfriend, and stunning retired race car driver had a brilliant suggestion that caught a little slack from the baller. She thought that since the house they shared in Green Bay was decked to the nines in dude stuff, she might be able to move her personal things–yoga mat, essential oils, you know, chick stuff–out of the windowless room and into one just a little bit brighter. The beautiful brunette wanted a woman cave, and who can blame her? Rodgers reportedly shot the idea down, but was game when she brought up the idea of a greenhouse…he even said she could attach a yoga studio to it! Keep reading for more deets about A-Rod’s relationships.


Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl

While playing for the Green Bay Packers Rodgers took home the Super Bowl XLV win in 2011. They had a nail-biter of a game against the Steelers, where they won 35-21. The behemoth scored three touchdowns and 304 pass yards in that game, which was also The Black Eyed Peas’ first Super Bowl appearance. You know, in case you’re the kind of football fan that watches for that kind of thing…

A silly little mishap also occurred with one of Aaron Rodgers rings…more specifically, the diamond-and jewel-encrusted ring he scored with the Super Bowl win in 2011. According to, Aaron Rodgers misplaced what I would assume is one of his most prized possessions–and couldn’t locate it for six months. So relatable! Luckily, he has since located it and is good to go. Until the next Packer win.


Aaron Rodgers Net Worth

Allow me to blow your hair back for a moment. When you take into consideration Aaron Rodgers salary, bonuses, and off-field comps, he clinched 2018 with a total of over $75 million clappers. His contract extension, wait for it, for four years…is worth $134 million.  He was the highest-paid NFL star for three years in a row beginning in ‘13, according to Forbes, and with mega-endorsements from big-name companies like State Farm, his endorsements alone for 2018 came in at $9 million. His net worth comes in at $89.1 million as of 2019 and rising.

Aaron Rodgers Car Collection

Along with bragging rights, MVP status, a Tiffany & Co. trophy, and a rockin’ Super Bowl ring, Aaron Rodgers drove home a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible that is, like, totally sweet. It’s a sizzling orange with a gorgeous, leather interior. I don’t know what the A-Rod version would go for, but in 2011 when the car was released, the basic V6 sold for 30k. Stock.

I have a hard time swallowing the idea that Aaron is not driving around sexy sports cars, but maybe he’s not. Officially, he only owns the prize Camaro, but I’m thinking he must let his gal pal do the driving. She is a professional, after all.

Aaron Rodgers Relationships

Ladies and G’s I’ve come to spill the tea. Now, his houses and cars are juicy, but nothing compares to his personal life, which we all want to know about. For years the dynamic duo of Aaron Rodger Olivia Nunn was the hot ticket. Munn is a drop-dead gorgeous actress known for her role in 2010-2011 on the Daily Show and HBO series, The Newsroom. It seems that their relationship just sort of fizzled out, although she did give an interesting interview about a mysterious past toxic relationship. She kept it classy, though, and didn’t call anyone out by name.

After 3 years of dating, the sweethearts called it quits, and Rodgers moved on to another boss babe, Danica Patricks of NASCAR fame. The couple has rapidly become a power couple and share the love with fans on social media, where they both like to shower the other with praise and affection. Danica even said he looks “adorable” with that banger of a mustache he’s been rocking lately! Now, that’s love. They’ve been dating since January of 2018–well, at least publicly dating since that time. We’re all rooting for the pair right along with the Packers. We haven’t seen Aaron Rodgers Danica Patrick split, yet…and still no Aaron Rodgers engagement. Come on, buddy!

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Aaron Rodgers Family

Our dear A-Rod got a little bit caught up in some juicy headlines about his relationship with his family. His brother, Jordan, a contestant (and winner! Woot!) on one of my favorite shows, The Bachelorette, spilled the beans about a deep family feud that left Aaron estranged from the rest of the Rodgers. At Jordan’s hometown, Aaron was nowhere to be seen–and Jordan has publicly called his brother out on social media, saying that Aaron didn’t call his mother to be sure she was safe when California was ablaze.


For his part, Aaron has always been very private. A little less so since he’s embarked upon his romantic journey with Ms. Patrick, but he’s still less open with the world than she is. He didn’t seem to be too impressed by Jordan throwing him under the bus.

Ex-girlfriend, Olivia Munn also spoke publicly about the family fiasco, telling US Weekly that it’s “not OK when you try to stand on someone’s shoulders and then throw dirt in their face, which is what I think they did with him.” She said that it was a complicated matter and didn’t get too deep into the rift, only speaking to clear her name for any responsibility in the rivalry.

It appears that Aaron Rodgers parents, Edward and Darla Rodgers, have been seeing a bit more of their son. Aaron spent his 2018 birthday with his folks back home in California, and though they’ve spat back and forth at each other, Jordan says he will be inviting Aaron to his wedding where he plans to marry JoJo Fletcher. Let’s all hope for a happy ending.



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