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What is Velvet Ropes?

About Us

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Aleks & Tucker! Aleks is a tech executive and Tucker is a television and documentary producer. On the weekends, Velvet Ropes is our side hustle. We’re a small team: two guys, a group of remarkable researchers & writers, and a couple of talented programmers, all reporting on drool-inducing celebrity homes, the hottest celebrity hangouts, and everything else you need to know about the celebrities we all love.

Velvet Ropes Story

We began this journey when our parents visited LA. Wanting to see Ronald Reagan’s house, we purchased a paper map along the side of Sunset Blvd, as many have done. Using Google Maps to navigate, we found we couldn’t tell which of the two mansions was his. We quickly realized there was no reliable source to see it, much less a community of big kids like us who love all things celebrity. That paper map we spent $25 on trying to track down Reagan’s house proved, without a doubt, that we are lost without our technology. So yeah, parents for the win!

We lived in Los Angeles for over a decade. We saw celebrities and witnessed the extraordinary lives they live on a daily basis, as you do in LA! One of us – he who shall remain unnamed – still fans out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

That’s where Velvet Ropes comes in. The name comes from Lady Gaga‘s lyric in Paparazzi – ironic, right. All the secrets we’re collecting, from where they live and what they drive to where they dine and where they hang out, it’s all here. And the best part? We’re just as obsessed as you are, so as soon as we have new tips, you do too!

Celebrity Home Maps

There’s no reason you can’t experience the thrill of celebrity, too! In-person or virtually.

We’ve created curated multiple digital do-it-yourself tours that you can do at your own pace for the most popular celebrity metropolis like Los Angeles, Malibu, and Nashville just to name a few.

Additionally, we’ve expanded to television shows, like Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines by creating the Waco Fixer Upper Tour, and the Breaking Bad Tour in the city of Albuquerque.

We also have a digital interactive Google Maps celebrity homes map where you see square footage, bedroom & bathroom info as well as photos from real estate listings, magazines and/or social media.


We’ve been fortunate enough to be SoCal’s 2016 Startup Grind nominees of hot tech companies. Through Velvet Ropes, we have been featured by New York Times (Hype House and the Los Angeles TikTok Mansion), Forbes (Seven Personal Branding Tips To Attract High-Paying Clients Like Warren Buffett), and multiple mentions on Wikipedia, Business Insider, Daily Mail, LA Times, Mashable, NY Post, and Fandom – just to name a few.

We love hearing about incredible celebrity experiences, so drop us an email at with your stories and celeb selfies! Or head on over to our Contact page if you have any questions and drop us a line!