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What is Velvet Ropes? All About Us!

We’re just two guys reporting on drool-inducing celebrity homes, the hottest celebrity hangouts, and everything else you need to know about the celebrities we all love.

Oh, and this is our VP of Outdoor Activities, Fitz. His full name is Fitzgerald Grant III. Recognize that? Yep, we named his after the president on Scandal. 😀

We began this journey after our parents visited LA wanting to see Ronald Reagan’s house. We quickly realized there was no reliable source to find it, much less a community of big kids like us who love all things celebrity. That paper map we spent $25 on trying to track down Reagan’s house proved, without a doubt, that we are lost without our technology. So yeah, parents for the win!

We live in Los Angeles. We see celebrities and witness the fabulous lives they live on a daily basis, as you do in LA…and it never gets old! One of us – he who shall remain unnamed – still fans out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So we thought, why not bring that joy to everyone else? There’s no reason you can’t experience the thrill of celebrity, too!

That’s where Velvet Ropes comes in. All the secrets we’re collecting, from where they live and what they drive to where they dine and where they hang out, it’s all here. And the best part? We’re just as obsessed as you are, so as soon as we have new tips, you do too!

We love hearing about awesome celebrity experiences, so drop us an email at with your stories and celeb selfies!