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Amy Schumer House: A Jaw-Dropping Manhattan Penthouse


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Danni Holland
Danni Holland

So, if you haven’t heard of Amy Schumer then it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve been living under a rock — because she’s kind of everywhere. This girl is absolutely on fire and needless to say, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about her. The #1 questions is ‘what does Amy Schumer house look like?’ So, we’ve done our part to give you a full-on, in-depth guide into everything you need to know about this queen of comedy.

Amy Schumer House

Where does Amy Schumer live?

First of all, I’m not going to act like it’s a little creepy that you asked…I mean what are you going to do, digitally stalk her and Google her house or something? Well, if you were thinking of it, that’d be absolutely ridiculous, because…I’ve totally already done it for you. She lives in Manhattan and the details are below.

Former Amy Schumer Mansion NYC

Schumer once did an interview stating “I’m like the richest person I know and I have a one-bedroom and a walk-up.” Now, that’s all fine and charming, Amy, but we’re all pretty certain that your “one-bedroom walk-up” is probably a bit of an understatement.

After a little digging, we found this to be true.

Amy Schumer Former House

Schumer purchased the property in 2014 for $1.7 million, which came complete with high ceilings, multiple fireplaces, a secret garden, and a private rooftop terrace.

It was beautiful, but this queen has upgraded in a HUGE way.

Amy Schumer House New York

So, Schumer currently lives in a pretty dope pad in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The insane penthouse cost the funny woman a whopping $12.15 million — and it’s freaking gorgeous.

Believe it or not, it was actually a deal. Schumer purchased the place after it got a pretty hefty price drop from $18.9 million.

The crib is complete with five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms and was an insane 4,500 square feet…in Manhattan, y’all.

The inside is nuts. It’s got vaulted glass ceilings, a super duper clean style, and lots of marble. Oh, and the views are bonkers.

Did I mention the 3,000 square feet of balcony space which is pretty much like the same freaking size of the house? Like, I could literally move my family into the corner of it.


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Amy Schumer House Los Angeles

Ok, you guys are asking us about this, but let’s clear it up. Amy does not have a home in LA. The confusion is coming from the fact that she was married at a gorgeous home in LA!

It’s located in Malibu near Cindy Crawford’s home and was rented out by the couple for their lavish nuptials. The pair dated for less than a year and made it official in the gorgeous $23 million, 6,000 square foot home on Pacific Coast Highway.


Who is Amy Schumer?

This celebrity femme fatale is a multiple award-winning comedian, writer, and actress who got her break by appearing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2007.

Since then she’s authored a best-selling book and written several award-winning comedies and killer films.

Where is Amy Schumer from?

Schumer hails from some not-so-humble beginnings. She was born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to her mother and father, who owned a very successful furniture company.

How did Amy Schumer become famous?

This celebrity funny gal got her start in stand-up in the early 2000s where she began to make a name for herself. Seven years later her hard work led her to the opportunity to become a contestant on the fifth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Amy Schumer Last Comic Standing

This gig really became the turning point in her career and eventually led to her getting the opportunity to create, co-produce, co-write and star in her own sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer, which premiered on Comedy Central in 2013.

Critics were so impressed with her work that she won a Peabody Award — a prestigious accolade meant to honor “the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media”.

Since then, Schumer’s been nominated a whopping five times for a Primetime Emmy, eventually nabbing the award for “Outstanding Variety Sketch” series in 2015.

Following this, the comedic star made her film debut in Trainwreck. She went on to receive nominations for the Writers Guild of America Award for “Best Original Screenplay” and a Golden Globe Award for “Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical”.

In 2016, following the success of her new book, she pulled in a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Comedy Album” for Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo. This was the same year she also won a Grammy in the category of “Best Spoken Word Album” for her book.

Finally, in 2018 she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her Broadway debut in Meteor Shower.

We think it’s pretty safe to say she ain’t goin nowhere anytime soon…

Amy Schumer Height

According to various sources, Schumer’s height clocks in right at 5’7” — which to be honest, is pretty perfect — not freakishly tall, nor too short., not there is anything wrong with being short! Which means she can still rock her highest heels without looking like Andre the Giant…

Amy Schumer Net Worth

Okay, let’s be honest — this is pretty much everyone’s favorite question, right? Estimates vary pretty widely, but according to Forbes, her net worth comes in at a whopping $37.5 million.

That’s pretty insane considering she only got her first breakthrough in 2007.

Does Amy Schumer have a book?

The answer is — Yasss Queen!

::snaps fingers::

In 2016, Schumer published her first memoir by the name of The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. The book was a huge success and stayed on The New York Times Best Seller list for Non-Fiction for a whopping two weeks. That’s no small feat…

Does Amy Schumer have a book?

Who has Amy Schumer dated?

Schumer’s been tied to professional wrestler Nick Nemeth (aka Dolph Ziggler), as well as to Anthony Jeselnik, a comedian as well. In 2016 she was reportedly in a relationship with Ben Hanisch, a Chicago furniture designer — which is quite ironic given that her family was in the furniture business as well.

How cute…

Who is Amy Schumer engaged to?

Is Amy Schumer married? Yes! Schumer was previously engaged to Chris Fischer, an award-winning chef who’s known pretty well in the culinary world. His family owns the Beetlebung Farm in Martha’s Vineyard and he’s authored a book on fresh farm cooking.

Is Any Schumer Married?


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