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Where does Bethenny Frankel live?


Bethenny Frankel House: An Inside Look at Her Hamptons & East Coast Property Empire!


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East Hampton Home

Bethenny's House Photos

New York Home

Bethenny's House Photos

New York Home

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New York Home
Carissa Moore
Carissa Moore

Updated on July 30, 2021

This mouthy mogul is self-made and plentifully paid, and she has an assortment of luxury properties to show for it. Join us for a comprehensive look at Bethenny Frankel house New York, Bethenny Frankel apartment, and all of the other upscale properties in her real estate portfolio. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Bethenny and check out some incredible Bethenny Frankel home photos, we’re here to mention it all!

Bethenny Frankel House New York and Net Worth
Photo by Sasha Maslov

Since the Real Housewives franchise first graced our screens few women have been able to rival the rigid wit of Bethenny Frankel. But spelling her name “Bethany Frankel” may be a big mistake…and she’ll promptly let you know when you’re wrong. Her straightforward attitude paired with her confident approach to confrontation has made Bethenny one of the most entertaining reality stars around. But what sets Bethenny apart from the rest is her undeniable hustle and ability to parlay fifteen minutes of fame into a lucrative business empire.

Where Does Bethenny Frankel Live?

Bethenny has a string of homes all over the East Coast. While her main residences are in New York City, she also owns a vacation home in the Hamptons and a townhouse in Boston.

Bethenny Frankel Hamptons House

If we know anything about Bethenny, it’s that she knows a money-making opportunity when she sees one. Frankel initially acquired her Hamptons home in 2017 for $2.03 million with the intention of flipping it for a profit.

Where Does Bethenny Frankel Live?

The 4,200 sqft Victorian home was built in 1910 and boasts 7 bedrooms and 6 baths. As one of the more notable homes in Bridgehampton, the property, also known as the “Morning Glory House” once operated as a bed and breakfast.

The spacious, picturesque kitchen features all stainless steel appliances and plenty of cabinetry and counter space.

Bethenny Frankel House Hamptons and Net Worth

Some of the home’s best features include a wraparound veranda, al fresco dining spaces, and an enticing heated pool.

Bethenny Frankel Home and Net Worth

Sprawling rooms, a neutral color concept, and cozy accouterments are some of the many reasons to feel at home here. And we can’t forget to mention the marble wet bar and the master bath with a glorious soaking tub.

Where Does Bethenny Frankel Live

Avid viewers of The Real Housewives of New York may recall that Bethenny’s Hamptons house was once actually featured on the series. On the show, co-star Ramona Singer balked that the residence was located “on the highway.” Well, despite the swipe, Bethenny’s house in the Hamptons still proved to be a great financial investment.

Once it was sold to Bethenny, she renovated the space and ended up renting it out until she found someone interested in buying the property. She unloaded it in early 2020 for $2.28 million. The always-savvy star banked around $250,000 for the transaction, which is just another testament to her entrepreneurial nature.

Bethenny Frankel Apartment

Bethenny has owned various apartments all over New York City. The busy businesswoman has made herself home in Tribeca and Soho. Bethenny Frankel Tribeca apartment is located on Hudson Street and was purchased by Frankel in 2011.

Bethenny Frankel Tribeca Apartment and Other Real Estate

While she paid just under $5 million for the prestigious penthouse, she managed to sell it in 2016 for $6.95 million…in just one day! The 3,300 sqft contemporary condo is equipped with lots of fancy amenities – including a 180-bottle wine fridge!

…and a custom walk-in closet with space for a dressing room!

Bethenny Frankel Apartment Tribeca

Hardwood floors, bold columns, 12-foot ceilings, and a coveted indoor parking spot are just a few more perks that come with the purchase of this property.

Bethenny Frankel Apartment (Soho)

The Bethenny Frankel Soho apartment is located on Mercer Street and was worth the $4.2 million she paid for it in 2014. The Soho loft was once featured in Architectural Digest and it boasts 2 bedrooms and 3 baths as well as 2,392 sqft of living space.

Bethenny Frankel House and Net Worth
Architectural Digest

It showcases an open kitchen with imported marble countertops, a lovely living room, an expansive master suite, and a wood-burning fireplace. She attempted to resell it for an asking price of $5.25 million, but after sitting on the market, Bethenny finally accepted an offer of $3.65 million, leaving her at a $550,000 loss.

Bethenny Frankel Boston House

In addition to her luxe NYC living arrangements, Bethenny also has a townhouse in Boston’s exclusive Back Bay neighborhood.

Bethenny Frankel Boston House
Bethenny Frankel | Instagram

The reality star occasionally takes to Instagram to share a glimpse inside the home that she shares with her beau, Paul Bernon. The quaint property features multiple fireplaces and eye-popping artwork.

Bethenny Frankel Boston House and Net Worth
Bethenny Frankel | Instagram

Bethenny added a feminine touch to the design scheme, with fuzzy pink pillows and plush white throws making an appearance in her office space. The home is simple and sleek, but real estate in that area of Beantown is notoriously costly. Somehow, we think she’ll manage to afford it!

Real Housewives of New York

RHONY and Who Is the Richest Housewife
Mitchell Haaseth | Bravo

Bethenny got her start as one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of New York. But anybody who has watched RHONY from the beginning knows that Bethenny wasn’t always a bigshot business magnate.

Given her current success, however, if you were to ask now “who is the richest housewife?” the answer is pretty straightforward – Bethenny holds the top spot as the richest, hands down!

Does Bethenny Frankel Own Skinnygirl?

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth and Homes
Diane Bondareff | AP

Bethenny built the Skinnygirl brand from the ground up. Its initial success was largely due to the Skinnygirl margarita, a bottled version of the low-calorie cocktail. While Bethenny sold the cocktail component of her brand to Beam Global in 2011 for $100 million, the rights to the brand and the logo remain her own.

In 2019, Bethenny sold half of the company but remains heavily involved in the creative aspect and serves as the face of the brand. Because of this, Bethenny still profits from Skinnygirl in a major way.

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth

At the time she left the Housewives, Bethenny was raking in $1 million per season. When you also factor in her success with Skinnygirl, her best-selling author status, the profits she makes from flipping houses, and her other various business ventures – Bethenny’s net worth is around $70 million!


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