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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House Featured

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House: It’s A Must See


Blake's House Photos

Pound Ridge Home

Blake's House Photos

Pound Ridge Home

Ryan's House Photos

Pound Ridge Home

Ryan's House Photos

Pound Ridge Home
Danni Holland
Danni Holland

The truth is, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds house is the epitome of America’s sweethearts and we couldn’t be happier to give them the throne.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House

I mean, don’t get me wrong — he and ScarJo were literally giving me LIFE — but they just never seemed to have that certain je ne sais quoi that he and Lively do, am I right or am I right?

Plus — I know I’m not the only one that is so glad Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are totes donesies because let’s be real for a sec (it’s kinda my thang) — we all knew Hollywood’s biggest model manwhore was never going to be good enough for our sweet little girl.

Where does Ryan Reynolds live with Blake Lively?

If you’ve been dying to know where does Blake Lively live or you’ve ever wanted to see the Blake Lively house/Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds house, then you’re in luck.

Despite many reports of the couple living on the Cross River Reservoir in Pound Ridge, NY, we’ve done some digging and found that they actually live 4 miles from there, in a home that they very sneakily purchased in November 2012. That home 4 miles away is, in fact, their former home, which we’ve profiled below.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House Featured

They dropped $5.7 million on the old-school Colonial that was built in 1860. It’s 8,892 square feet (including the guest house) with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, all situated on 11.65 acres.

Very little is known about the home, especially the interior, but a local source told Variety that they witnessed tons of construction shortly after the duo purchased the property. You better believe they updated it!

According to E! News: “Lively and Reynolds are a staple in the community; locals describe them as extremely nice and well-liked. They have a bit of a routine around town that can only be described as, well, idyllic. There’s the Bedford Post Inn, an elegant 19th-century country resort that has long played host to celebs looking to relax and recharge, and the location of Lively’s second baby shower.”

There’s the Inn at Pound Ridge, where the couple hangs out constantly for lunch dates and the like (Ryan even sidles up to the bar solo on occasion). For the perennially curious or anyone looking to go on their own jaunt through the Hudson Valley, Blake loves the chicken paillard salad while Ryan prefers the burger. They have their local cheese shop, their local fine foods shop and their local bakery—all of whose owners not only describe them as “really nice” but are dedicated to protecting their privacy.”

Oh, and Martha Stewart lives around the corner! 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House – Former

The two bought this absolutely charming $2.3 million pad in Bedford, NY just outside of the city in February 2012. It came along with “1.7 acres of garden, a paneled living room, formal dining room, library and sun porch.”

**We apologize in advance for the terrible quality of these photos – we’re working with what we’ve got, y’all!

The 4,753 square foot sits on nearly 2 acres of waterfront property along the Cross River Reservoir. It has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, with a 2 bedroom guest suite on the property.

They changed their minds pretty quickly, though. In May 2013, the couple sold the home for $2.495M, a hair more than they paid. This is when they purchased their current home, which is profiled above.


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How old is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, Canada on October 23, 1976, making him 41 (almost 42) at the time of this post. Blake Lively was born in Los Angeles, CA on August 25, 1987, making her 31 at the time of this post.

How much is Ryan Renolds worth?

According to, Ryan Reynolds is worth an insane $75 million, all from his various acting, writing and production credits.

How much is Blake Lively net worth?

According to our favorite source on celebrity bank accounts,, Lively’s modeling, and acting projects have netted her a whopping $16 million in the bank.

Not bad, b, not bad.

Who is Ryan Reynolds married too?

What more could an All-American apple pie dude want than an All-American apple pie counterpart?

Ryan Reynolds and fellow actress Blake Lively got married back in September 2012 and have been going strong ever since.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds House

So how did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds meet?

Oh, just your same old cliche, scandalous movie set romance.

Just kidding.

I mean they did meet on set — the Green Lantern, to be exact. However, during that time, Lively was dating Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgely and Reynolds was married to the smoldering hot Scarlett Johansson.

However, they totally clicked and remained friends for over a year later, even through her breakup and his divorce from ScarJo.

The story goes that the two decided to go on a double date together — with other people — but quickly realized that they were headed home in the arms of the wrong people that night.

While holding an interview on Entertainment Weekly’s Sirius XM, Reynolds talked about the interaction saying, “That was the most awkward date because we were just like fireworks coming across…It was weird at first but we were buddies for a long time. I think…the best way to have a relationship is to start as friends.”

Literally giving me a toothache.

Itching to know a little more about the lively Mrs. Reynolds (pun intended), scroll on down for a little 411.

Who is Blake Lively?

So we all may be aware of Mr. Reynolds prolific career, but it’s pretty safe to say that Lively is no kept woman.

I mean, she’s obviously insanely well-kept — but on her own accord.

Blake Lively House

This actress has been strutting her stuff on film since the quaint little age of 11 when she played the role of Trixie/Tooth Fairy in Sandman.

Six years later she found her breakout role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — a film which I hear great things about but I literally have never had any desire to spend watching — and from then all it’s all been cake, baby.

While Lively’s film career hasn’t been quite as prolific as Reynold’s (she’s been in a total of 17 films) — she did nab a starring role in the hit TV show Gossip Girl, so it’s safe to say she’s been doing pretty damn well pretty much her entire life.

How many movies has Ryan Reynolds been in?

For being just 41 years old, it’s no stretch to say that Reynolds has had an extremely prolific acting career. This is no surprise, given the fact that he got his first film debut back in 1993 with Ordinary Magic when he was just 17 years old.

This was followed by a role in 1996’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch when he was 20.

His first breakout role came in 2002 with National Lampoon’s Van Wilder and from that point on his goofy, nerdy antics and sweet apple pie good looks had us all hooked.

Ryan Reynolds House

So what’s his total movie count as of 2018?

Reynolds has been in a whopping 50 films.

51 if you count Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, set to release in 2019.

Did Blake Lively get a nose job?

Now, this isn’t something that the celebrity has been all too keen to discuss, but the truth is that any quick Google search on images of Lively as she’s evolved throughout the industry pretty clearly show she’s had some work done on her nose.

Did Blake Lively get a nose job?

And who could blame her? It seems like pretty much every celeb’s right of passage includes a nose job at some point early on in their career.

Did Blake Lively get breast implants?

Once again, it’s pretty hard to make a definitive statement on this considering that most celebs are so tight-lipped about their nip tucks — but the camera don’t lie, y’all, and it looks like she most likely did.

Does Blake Lively have a tattoo?

This young starlet was once spotted sporting a handful of temp tattoos, which were first reported on during her filming of the movie Savages.

However, if this gossip girl has any REAL tattoos worth gossiping about, they’re kept hidden away in secret places.

Whoa, mama.

::in my best Johnny Bravo voice::


What perfume does Blake Lively wear?

Lively has mentioned in interviews her preference for mixing her fragrances up with the seasons — going lighter in the warmer months and opting for a “heavier…more woodsy and leathery” vibe for the winter.

However, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress gushed about one, in particular, saying, “The thing that I missed about always changing my fragrance…is that I was lacking that power fragrance…I didn’t have that signature. Gucci Première really does have that.”

Duly noted queen.


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