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Brady Bunch House and Family

Brady Bunch House: The 70’s Most Famous Home


The Brady's House Photos

Los Angeles Home
Emma Farrow
Emma Farrow

Updated on January 25, 2022

The Brady’s invited us into their home for years, but where was it? We’ve got all the details about The Brady Bunch house!

Brady Bunch House and Family

Where is the Brady Bunch house located?

The Brady Bunch house is located in North Hollywood, CA…And yes, it is a real home and not just a set!

The Brady Bunch takes place in Los Angeles, and the home was chosen to be the Brady family home as producers thought it looked middle-class. Sherwood Schwartz, the show’s creator, told the Los Angeles Times that the home felt right because ‘it looked like something an architect (Mr. Brady) would live in.’ The owners of the real Brady Bunch house had to put up a fence surrounding their home in order to keep keen fans from trying to get a closer look at the famed home. They said a day rarely passed without a fan attempting to take a peek.

Brady Bunch House and Family

The inside of the home, however, was not used for filming. Instead, the home’s interior was actually built in a studio.

An elderly woman now lives in the house, and in 2016 she experienced a scary event when two intruders attempted to rob the home. Fortunately, she was able to call the police and the intruders fled the scene without causing too much damage.

The home has now been re-landscaped, in an attempt to keep trespassers and avid Brady fans at bay. So if you plan to visit the house to get a glimpse into the life of a Brady family member, you may be disappointed to see that the property looks a little different than it used to.

How much filming was done at the Brady Bunch house?

Not really much filming was done at The Brady Bunch house at all. The exterior shots of the home you see in the movie are all filmed outside and never inside. When it cuts to showing the family indoors, they are not in that same house. Instead, they in stage 5 at Paramount Studios!

Brady Bunch House Photos - Set

Where was the Brady Bunch filmed?

A city was never specifically mentioned as to where the Brady’s actually lived, but it’s pretty much a given that they reside in LA. There’s always mentions of the city’s main sports teams such as Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Brady Bunch was filmed all over the city, as well as in the city’s Paramount Studios which is located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

When did the Brady Bunch air?

The year The Brady Bunch premiered was 1969. The popular sitcom continued to play on our screens all the way up until March 1974. Following the end of the sitcom which showed on ABC, there were a few spinoffs and movies that kept the Brady name alive, and the show was also shown in countries aside from the US.

What is the Brady Bunch about?

The Brady Bunch is about a blended Los Angeles family that consists of six children. It follows the family through arguments, vacations and day-to-day life.

About the Brady Bunch

How many kids were in the Brady Bunch?

There were six Brady kids in total. They included Bobby, Cindy, Peter, Greg, Marcia, and Jan.

Brady Bunch House: How many kids were in the Brady Bunch?

What does the Brady Bunch look like today?

And today the Brady kids are all grown up! Here’s what they did in the years following The Brady Bunch and where they are today:

Marcia – Played by actress Maureen McCormick, is the oldest daughter of on-screen parents Carol and Mike Brady. Following the years after appearing in the popular sitcom, McCormick struggled harshly with a severe drug addiction, which also led her to become bulimic as well as suffering from depression. She had hit the lowest point in her life but when she met her current husband Michael Cummings, she says ‘He really really saved me from rock bottom.’

In 2008, after overcoming her years of tragedy, McCormick published her first book named Here’s The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. The book speaks about her turmoil and depression following The Brady Bunch and how she overcame her addiction.

More recently, she lives a quiet life with her husband and 27-year-old daughter Natalie just outside LA. She has also competed in Dancing With The Stars, starred in Celebrity Fit Club and Australia’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Jan – Jan’s character was played by now 60-year-old Eve Plumb. Following The Brady Bunch, Plumb has been seen in roles for The Path, Blue Bloods and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She has been married to her husband Ken Pace for 22 years and lives a ‘normal’ life and spends her timing enjoying painting.

Cindy – The youngest Brady kid is Cindy, played by Susan Olsen. After wrapping up her role as Cindy, Olsen was in several movies and TV shows but her appearances were sparse, as her main career was as a graphic designer and artist. She also became a co-host for a Los Angeles Radio show named Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics. Olsen was fired from the station after her outspokenness was taken too far on air when she rowed with actor Leon Acord-Whiting.

Now, Olsen works as an acting coach in California, runs animal welfare advocacy campaigns and runs a legal marijuana growing business with her husband, as you do.

Greg – Greg was played by Barry Williams. Williams spent the next 6 years starring in the show 70’s Music Celebration on Branson Strip, Missouri. After the show came to a close, Williams decided to stay in Missouri and now owns a home in Table Rock Lake with his wife.

He is also a spokesman for MeTv, has involvement in his local farming community and tours the country with his band the Traveliers.

Peter – Peter, the middle son, was played by Christopher Knight. Knight then pursued a career in computing and IT, and as an account sales manager, for around 20 years. After growing tired of the industry, he decided to move back to LA and give acting another go. He appeared in several shows but most recently, he is starring in a comedy stage show called Dinner at Five, which takes place in Palm Desert at the Indian Wells Theater.

Bobby – The youngest Brady child Bobby was played by Mike Lookinland. Following the Brady years, he appeared in several TV shows including Little House on the Prairie, The Stand, and The Towering Inferno.

Today, Lookinland owns his own concrete worktop business named Just Add Water, where he works with his son Scott. The family now live in the quiet area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Brady Bunch House: How many kids were in the Brady Bunch?

What were the names of the Brady Bunch family (the cast)?

The names of the Brady Bunch family are Carol and Mike (parents) and 6 children, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter, and Bobby.

What breed of dog was Tiger on the Brady Bunch?

The Brady’s family dog, Tiger, was a bearded collie.

What breed of dog was Tiger on the Brady Bunch?


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