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Walter White House


Breaking Bad House Location: A Photo Tour of the Real Walter White House and Other Filming Locations in Albuquerque

Carissa Moore
Carissa Moore

Updated on February 7, 2022

Some would argue that Walter White is one of the greatest television characters of all time…and we would have to agree. The show’s lead, Bryan Cranston, won four primetime Emmy’s for his role as Walt and the series goes down in history as a favorite of critics and viewers alike. Audiences were captivated with Cranston’s polarizing performance along with Walt’s transformation from chemistry teacher to callous criminal. And trust us – the fanfare associated with Breaking Bad is unlike any other. In the years since the show has concluded thousands of Breaking Bad enthusiasts still make the trip to Walt’s hometown of Albuquerque New Mexico to see the famed Walter White house, the infamous carwash where he worked and the iconic “Better Call Saul” lawyer’s office that he frequented. In fact, one of the most asked questions on Velvet Ropes is ‘where does Walter White live?’ If you want to know everything about the Breaking Bad house location, including the Walter White house address, and all of Walt’s hometown spots, then you’ve come to the right place.

Walter White House

Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque

If you want a truly comprehensive tour of all things Breaking Bad, Velvet Ropes has you covered! Our self-guided Breaking Bad tour features all the best Breaking Bad filming locations throughout Albuquerque as well as some awesome hidden gems you won’t see with any other guided tours in the area!

If you’re looking for the ultimate Breaking Bad locations map, Velvet Ropes’ self-guided tour lineup is a must!

Walter White House

So, where does Walter White live? While most television shows use elaborate sets and mock-up homes for filming, Walter White’s house in Breaking Bad is all real. Located in Albuquerque just like in the show, the home is privately owned by a couple who have lived there for over forty years. They allowed production to rent the property for filming purposes but what they never expected was for it to turn into such a popular tourist attraction. Walter White address on the show may have been 308 Negra Arroyo Lane but that location doesn’t really exist. The actual Breaking Bad house address is 3828 Piermont Drive, Albuquerque NM.

The single-family ranch-style home has 1,910 square feet of living space on top of a 7,318 square foot lot. Built in 1972, the home of Walter White features one bathroom, a two-car garage, and two additional parking spots in the driveway. The house also has a pool in the backyard that was featured many times on the show.

The current homeowner, Joanne Quintana has yelled at fans…

Loyal fans of the series make a point to stop by the house to catch a rare glimpse of Breaking Bad history, but some have overstepped their boundaries by throwing pizzas on the roof of the home in an effort to emulate a classic scene where a frustrated White does the same. After endless amounts of tourists have stopped by the house over the years, the homeowners were forced to construct a fence around the property to keep unwanted trespassers at bay. While some fans argue that the fence ruins the authenticity of Walter White’s home, it’s become necessary to keep overzealous tourists off the land.

Breaking Bad House
AMC / MilesGeek

Where Was Breaking Bad Filmed?

Breaking Bad depicts the tale of Walter White (played by the talented Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher who struggles to cope with his recent lung cancer diagnosis. Doctors gave him only two years to live and White’s entire world turned upside down. With his health in decline and little hope for survival, White becomes desperate and decides to do whatever it takes to give his family financial stability before his demise. With seemingly nothing left to lose, White enlists the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) and together they produce and distribute crystal meth for profit.

If you’re wondering “where does Breaking Bad take place?” then look no further. The show was both set and filmed in none other than Albuquerque New Mexico. There were a number of Breaking Bad locations shown throughout the series that are actual places in town. Even in the years since the show has come to an end, tourists come from all over the globe to experience Walter White’s world firsthand.

Where was Breaking Bad filmed?
Tom Lamb Maps

Breaking Bad Car Wash Address

In addition to Walter White’s house, fans love visiting the car wash that he worked at as a cashier. The Breaking Bad car wash address is located at 9516 Snow Heights Circle and it goes by the name “Mister Car Wash”.

Breaking Bad Car Wash Address
AMC / Google Maps

Jesse’s House Breaking Bad

Another Breaking Bad town hotspot is the site of Jesse Pinkman’s house. On the show, the home was listed at 9809 Margo Street but the actual house can be found at 322 16th St SW in Albuquerque.

Jesse's house address breaking bad
AMC / Eric Trujillo

Breaking Bad Desert Location

The Breaking Bad desert location is also a must-see for die-hard fans looking for an adventure. The filming location is actually the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation and it can be found just west of Albuquerque.

Breaking Bad Desert Location

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Office

Of course, what kind of tour would it be without taking a trip to Breaking Bad Saul Goodman office? The “Better Call Saul” law office is now a sports bar and it can be found at 9800 Montgomery Blvd NE.

Saul Goodman Office Breaking Bad
AMC / Google Maps

Los Pollos Hermanos Location

Finally, no trip to New Mexico is complete without visiting Los Pollos Hermanos! The real location may not sell chicken (it’s actually a burrito restaurant) but you can still get your fast-food fix at 4257 Isleta Blvd SW in good ole Albuquerque.

Los Pollos Hermanos Location Twisters

Breaking Bad Family

Walt’s family plays a pivotal role in Breaking Bad. Although his initial reason for his life of crime and chaos is to provide for his family, Walt’s love of owning a drug empire ultimately supersedes his original intent. Walter White Breaking Bad often uses the line “everything I do is for the family,” so let’s take a look at who he’s talking about.

Walter White Wife

Walter White wife is Skyler White. She is pregnant with their second child, Holly, at the beginning of the series and has a tumultuous relationship with Walt. Skyler becomes fed up with Walt’s web of lies and tries to leave him several times but eventually, she helps him launder money through their car wash business. Skyler gets in too deep with her husband’s dangerous new lifestyle and realizes that things will never be the same for their family.

Walter White Wife Skylar

Walt Jr. aka Flynn

Another fixture in the Breaking Bad family is Walt’s teenage son, Walt Jr. He also has a contentious relationship with his father throughout the series and often drops the name Walt Jr. in favor of being called “Flynn”. He is completely oblivious to his father’s meth business until the final season.

Walt Jr Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman

And then there’s Jesse Pinkman. Jesse isn’t a biological relative of Walt’s – he’s his former student. But through their mutual involvement in illegal activities, they end up forging a bond. Of course, their relationship isn’t smooth sailing, but Walt once mistakenly referred to his own son as “Jesse,” proving that he views Pinkman in a similar light.

Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad RV Tour

With millions of viewers that adored watching Breaking Bad, it’s no surprise that a Breaking Bad RV tour has become a highly sought-after tourist attraction in Albuquerque. The tour encourages patrons to re-live the Walter White experience by traveling the area in an RV similar to the one featured on the show. The tour stops at seventeen famous spots from the series including Walt’s house, Jesse’s house, Tuco’s Headquarters, Danny’s Auto, and Walt’s Car Wash to name a few. The Breaking Bad RV tour is a fully immersive experience that any true fan will appreciate.

breaking bad rv tour

If you’re looking for even more Breaking Bad nostalgia (because is there really such thing as too much?), fans can check out the actual RV used on the show during a tour at Sony Studios in LA. Although the Sony Studios tour features relics from a long list of films and TV shows, the original Breaking Bad RV where Walt and Jesse made their first batch of meth is always a hot commodity.

Walter White Death

After following Walter White’s high stakes life of crime for five seasons, Breaking Bad ultimately came to an end in 2013. If you’re wondering what happened to White in the series finale, here’s a spoiler alert: he died. Although his failing health had been the main reason why he turned to a life of crime, it wasn’t the cause of his death in the final episode. Walt met his maker during a shootout in his meth lab after saving Jesse Pinkman from a group of captors. White took a bullet to the abdomen and the end scene shows him lying dead in his lab when the police arrive. With Walt dead, Pinkman having escaped and millions of dollars missing, it’s safe to assume that Walter White successfully achieved what he set out to do before his demise.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

In 2019, Netflix released the Breaking Bad movie! Written and directed by Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series, the film picks up where the series left off. Let’s just say, Jesse’s on a mission!


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