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Where Does Brooke Shields Live?

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Brooke Shields House: Inside Her New York Real Estate Portfolio!


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Updated on September 20, 2023

  • Brooke Shields owns a townhouse in West Village, NY and an estate in Southampton, NY
  • Shields has lived at her West Village townhouse since 2009.
  • Brooke Shields offloaded her Pacific Palisades home in 2022 for $7.4 mil.
  • Brooke has been married to director and producer Chris Henchy since 2001.
Brooke Shields House and More on Brooke Shields Net Worth

Brooke Christa Shields is an American-born actress and model that rose to fame at age 12 when she appeared in the controversial film Pretty Baby (1978). Shields has spent the majority of her life in showbiz, between modeling and appearing in numerous films and television shows, she is considered one of the most globally recognized actresses of the 80s, 90s, and beyond. Today, Brooke is still active in Hollywood – starring in both tv series and films. She is happily married with two beautiful daughters and living her best life. Ever wonder where Shields spends her time when she’s not working? Keep reading for all the deets on Brooke Shields house and more on her career!

Where Does Brooke Shields Live?

Brooke and fam currently own two homes in New York – with one being a townhouse in West Village and the other a sprawling residence in Southampton, NY. See more on Brooke’s homes below!

Brooke Shields House West Village, NY (Current)

Brooke Shields House Hamptons, NY (Current)

Brooke Shields House Pacific Palisades (Former)

Brooke Shields House West Village, NY (Current)

Brooke purchased this gorgeous townhouse in West Village back in 2009 for $5.5 million. Given that the home was built in 1910, the 3-story home required a complete overhaul when Shields took over as owner. At the time, it was subdivided into 8 separate units.

In the end, it took a year and a half for Brooke to transform it into the home you see today.

William Waldron | AD
William Waldron | AD

Shields hired the Brooklyn-based design firm MADE as well as friend David Flint Wood to help her create her dream home. The designers behind the renovation carefully worked to preserve as many of the home’s original architectural details as possible.

William Waldron | AD
William Waldron | AD
William Waldron | AD

In addition to preserving what they could, the designers also added a few new things to the 5 bedroom townhouse. One of the coolest additions includes a stone mantel that was salvaged from the Plaza Hotel when it was refurbished in the 2000s.

The dining room also features hand-blocked wallpaper, and the the kitchen boasts a custom-made marble table that’s permanently bolted to the floor.

William Waldron | AD
William Waldron | AD

Brooke continues to call this townhouse home as of 2023 and seems pretty happy with her current living arrangement.

William Waldron | AD
Brooke Shields House West Village and More on Brook Shields Net Worth
William Waldron | AD

Brooke Shields House Hamptons, NY (Current)

Okay, so some reports state that Miss Shields purchased this 6 bedroom and 2.5+ bathroom home in Southampton for $4.3 million. According to property records, however, the star paid $24 million for the home when she purchased it in 2013. Either way, it was worth every penny!


Built in the 1920s, the renovated estate boasts a gourmet kitchen, great room with fireplace, a large terrace, and separate formal living and dining rooms.

Eric Piasecki | Better Homes & Gardens

Sadly, there aren’t many photos available of the home’s interior, but what we do know about the property is that it features amenities such as a library and media room.

Eric Piasecki | Better Homes & Gardens
Brooke Shields House Hamptons NY and More on Brooke Shields Family
Eric Piasecki | Better Homes & Gardens

The backyard also plays host to a large swimming pool and pool house that boasts its own living room, full bath, kitchenette, and laundry!

Brooke still owns this home with her family as of 2023.

Brooke Shields House Pacific Palisades, CA (Former)

Brooke Shields purchased this sprawling 5,345 square foot estate in the Upper Riviera for $3.2 million in 1997.

Brooke Shields House Pacific Palisades and More on Brooke Shields Filmography
Cody Garcia | The Agency

Built in 1982, the home boasts 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms as well as Douglas Fir wood flooring throughout and 3 stories.

Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency

The residence offers ample luxuries – from the multiple living rooms and dining areas, to the chef’s kitchen with marble countertops and Viking appliances – it has it all!

Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency

Upstairs, the landing on the second floor acts as a library and lounge. The master suite nearby features a private balcony (one of many in the home), a fireplace, and a sitting area.

Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency

The master’s ensuite bathroom is a massive space that looks more like a studio apartment than a bathroom – boasting a sitting area with a TV, sauna, fireplace, standalone tub, and steam shower.

Not far from the ensuite, you’ll find the huge walk-in closet with built-in shelving and cabinets that ensure you’ll never run out of space.

Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency

Outside, a large swimming pool, lounge, and spacious deck with a BBQ area make for a perfect entertainment space. Outdoor features not pictured here include a media area, kitchenette, and bar!

Brooke Shields House Pacific Palisades and More on Brooke Shields Filmography
Cody Garcia | The Agency
Cody Garcia | The Agency

Shields decided to part ways with the luxury property in February, 2022 when she offloaded the estate for $7.4 million. Prior to the sale, it was available to rent for $29,500 per month.

Brooke Shields Net Worth

With so many decades in the entertainment business, a popular question we see about Miss Shields is “how much is Brooke Shields worth?”

The longtime actress and model has amassed an impressive net worth of $40 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Brooke Shields Filmography

Brooke Shields has a massive filmography with over 100 acting credits to her name and more on the way! Some of her most talked about titles include:

  • Pretty Baby (1978)
  • The Blue Lagoon (1980)
  • Endless Love (1981)
  • The Weekend (1999)
  • Suddenly Susan (1996-2000)
  • The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
  • Daisy Winters (2017)
  • Jane the Virgin (2018-2019)
  • Holiday Harmony (2022)

As for upcoming films and shows, Shields has two projects in production – Quarter and another titled Out of Order.

Brooke Shields Age

So, how old is Brooke Shields? Brooke was born May 31, 1965 – making her currently 57 years young as of the writing of this article!

Brooke Shields Young

There’s no disputing that Brooke Shields was one of the most beautiful young girls of her time and grew into a stunning woman. While timeless beauty may seem like a gift, it can also have a dark side – something Shields is all too familiar with.

Brooke grew up in the media eye, and her striking good looks meant that she was constantly sought after for films and modeling gigs. Unfortunately, this also meant that she was constantly sexualized – even as a very young child!

At the mere age of 11, Shields was cast as a prostitute in the film Pretty Baby, a role that required her to film a kissing scene with a 29-year-old Keith Carradine.

By the age of 15, she was appearing opposite Christopher Atkins in the film Blue Lagoon – which tells the story of two teens that discover their sexuality while shipwrecked on an island. This film actually required Shields to film seminude scenes and sensual scenes with her co-star. To help sell the film, the director of Blue Lagoon even tried to lie and suggest that Brooke had lost her virginity during production (yeah, talk about sleezy!)

At 16, Shields began modeling for the clothing brand Calvin Klein, a job that had her yet again oversexualized for her age.

A documentary about Shield’s early childhood trauma in the industry, titled Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, recently debut on the streaming service Hulu.

Brooke Shields Height

How tall is Brooke Shields, you ask? She stands at a height of 6’0″ or 6-foot 0-inches!

Brooke Shields Playboy

Brooke Shields never actually posed for Playboy, as some media sources have reported, though she was connected to the publication. The nauseating reality of Brooke’s experience with the magazine is that she was essentially forced to pose nude for the Playboy affiliate magazine, Sugar and Spice, at just 10 years old.

Brooke Shields Young
Heritage Auctions

Despite being a magazine featuring sensuous photos of nude women, Sugar and Spice was somehow deemed more “artistic” than sexual. The 1976 issue of the magazine featured two completely nude photos of 10-year-old Shields in a bathtub – photos shot by photographer Gary Gross. Gross reportedly paid a mere $450 to photograph the child and over the years continued to defend his “artistic” work.

After Shields gained more widespread fame in films, her mother Teri – who had agreed to the shoot in the first place – sued Gross for $1 million in damages over the photos. In the end, however, the case was dismissed and the judge stated that the photos were “not erotic or pornographic” except to “possibly perverse minds.”

Despite her mother’s exploitive nature towards her daughter, Shields has stated in the past that she is still protective of Teri’s memory.

Brooke Shields Family

Brooke Shields is happily married with two beautiful daughters. She was born to actress and socialite, Theresia Shields, and Revlon executive, Francis Shields Jr.

Keep reading for more on the Shields family!

Brooke Shields Mother

Teri Shields was an actress that starred in Wanda Nevada (1979), Endless Live (1981), and Backstreet Dreams (1990). Rather than her career itself, Teri is most often remembered as being the mother of Brooke Shields.

Brooke Shields Mother and More on Brooke Shields Family

Teri and Brooke shared a close, but troubled, relationship throughout Brooke’s youth. Since Teri often pushed her daughter to play in roles that were deeply inappropriate for her age, this caused a painful strain between the two.

Teri passed away in 2012 following a long illness that was related to dementia. Despite their issues, Brooke has expressed a deep love for her late mother over the years.

Brooke Shields Father

Francis Alexander Shields was a businessman and the son of tennis player, Francis Alexander Sr., and Italian princess, Donna Marina Torlonia di Civitella.

Brooke Shields Father and More on Brooke Shields Family
Sonia Moskowitz | Getty

In addition to being involved in big brands such as Estee Lauder and Revlon, Francis also owned his own real estate firm – Frank Shields Associates.

When Teri became pregnant with Francis’s daughter (Brooke) his family paid her a large sum of money to terminate the pregnancy, but Teri went against their wishes and had the child anyways.

Francis and Teri Shields divorced in 1966, when Brooke was only 5 months old. Despite the split, Brooke remained very close to her father. Francis would go on to remarry and have several more children. He passed away from “protracted illness” at age 61.

Brooke Shields Daughters

Brooke Shields has two daughters with husband, Chris Henchy – Rowan Francis (age 19) and Grier Hammond (16). Both maintain an incredibly close relationship with their mother.

The youngest of the pair, Grier, is now interested in becoming a model herself!

Brooke Shields Family and More on Brooke Shields Daughters
Brooke Shields | Instagram

Brooke Shields Husband

Brooke Shields has been married to American producer, director, and screenwriter, Chris Henchy, since 2001.

Henchy has worked on multiple projects alongside comedic legend, Will Ferrell, and some of his most notable projects include:

  • The Other Guys (2010)
  • Funny or Die Presents (2010-2011)
  • The Campaign (2012)
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
  • Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)
  • Get Hard (2015)
  • Daddy’s Home (2015)
  • The House (2017)
  • Holmes & Watson (2018)
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

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