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Carrie Underwood House

Carrie Underwood House: Exclusive Pics of Her 400-Acre Farm


Carrie's House Photos

Franklin Home

Carrie's House Photos

Brentwood Home
Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on July 3, 2024

My girl Carrie. I mean what is there really to say? She’s kind of fabulous — not to mention my absolute fav particular brand of white girl crazy based on nothing more than her first music video. And did I mention the Carrie Underwood house craze is for real?! So in celebration of this country diva, we’re giving you everything your little heart could desire on this special gal as well as all the deets on her estate!

Carrie Underwood House

Where Does Carrie Underwood Live?

Where does Carrie Underwood live right now? Nashville! Of course, it’s fabulosity at its best. After the fall that saw Carrie undergo around 50 stitches in her face, people began showing up at the couples’ Brentwood property, and apparently, the neighbors were actually letting people gain access to the Underwood estate through their adjacent properties.

They ended up selling that home and moving to a custom estate in Franklin, TN that comes with a whopping 400-acres, an orchard, cows and plenty of room for horses to play!

Carrie Underwood House Nashville (Current)

Carrie Underwood House Nashville (Former)

Carrie Underwood House Brentwood TN (Former)

Carrie Underwood House Ottawa Canada (Former)

Carrie Underwood House Nashville (Current)

Carrie Underwood and hubby, Mike, purchased a 354-acre plot of land in Franklin, TN for $3 million in 2011. Following the purchase, they would buy an additional 50-acres near the property, creating a massive 400-acre plot to build their dream home on.

The modern-farmhouse features an all-white exterior with a grey shingled roof and dark shutters on the windows. As for the property itself, there are multiple buildings, including a detached garage and horse stables!

As previously stated, this was where Underwood and fam relocated after Carrie’s scary fall that led to her having to undergo surgery and receive around 50 stitches to the face. #ouch!

Carrie Underwood Nashville Farm
Photos: MEGA & RadarOnline

Below is the most recent aerial of the property following its construction!

Where Does Carrie Underwood Live? | More on Carrie Underwood House Franklin TN!
Google Maps

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Carrie Underwood House Fire

In June 2024, firefighters were dispatched to Carrie’s custom home after a fire broke out on the property at around 9:40 p.m. Due to the home’s remote location, the county sent all 8 of their stations to the property.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered the fire in the home’s detached garage and quickly got to work extinguishing the flames. The home features a 10,000 gallon water tank, which was a massive help as responding crews were able to tap into the tank and swiftly knock out the fire.

Carrie Underwood House Fire | More on Carrie Underwood House Franklin TN!
Williamson County Fire/Rescue

After the main fire was extinguished, the crew of firefighters remained on the property for several hours since the flames had gotten into the walls and continued to flare up with hot spots.

Fortunately, no one was harmed during the fire and the primary residence sustained no damage. Following the incident, investigators have been trying to determine if the fire was started by a UTV parked beside the garage. There are currently no updates on what caused the fire.

Carrie Underwood House Nashville (Former)

This gorgeous 2-story Nashville home was purchased by Carrie back in her American Idol days. The singer paid $384k for the place back in 2005. The semi-humble abode boasts 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms as well as 3,099 square feet of interior living space.

Carrie Underwood House
Carrie’s Nashville Home Following her Idol Win

Inside, we find a cozy kitchen with all-white cabinetry and a small center island. Nearby, the family room boasts a fireplace and massive floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the yard. In addition to a breakfast nook, the home also boasts an additional dining area that appears to be next to the living room.

Outside, the residence features gorgeous lush shade trees as well as a deck big enough to facilitate a BBQ area and dining space.

Where Does Carrie Underwood Live? | More on Carrie Underwood House Nashville TN!
Leanne VandeKamp | Parks

Carrie Underwood House Brentwood TN (Former)

After the success of her first album, Carrie did a little upgrading and purchased a place in Brentwood, TN for $1.35 million in 2007. The French country-style home boasts 4 bedrooms and 6 baths as well as 7,083 square feet of living space.

Following the accident on the property that led to her surgery, Carrie reportedly was ready for a change of scenery and ended up relocating to her custom estate in Franklin. She sold this place for $1.4 million in March 2019.

Where Does Carrie Underwood Live? | More on Carrie Underwood House Brentwood TN!
Southern Life Real Estate

Carrie Underwood House Ottawa Canada (Former)

Fast forward to the Mike Fisher years and BOOM! Baby girl has a sweet pad in Ottawa, Canada sitting on 11 acres, complete with 5 bedrooms and a chef’s kitchen.

Some amenities include a wine cellar, wet bar, gym, home theater, and an enclosed porch complete with a fireplace! They built the custom home in 2010, when Mike got a hockey contract in the area. It was their then-dream home but it didn’t last long.

Carrie and Mike ended up listing the home in 2013 for $2.2 million. After being unable to find a buyer, however, they lowered the price to $1.95, which was what it ended up selling for.

Carrie Underwood House Ottawa CA | More on Carrie Underwood House Brentwood TN!

Was Carrie Underwood Born in Oklahoma?

Yes, Underwood was born in Oklahoma — the land of tornados and rodeos — in a town by the name of Checotah on March 10, 1983. This makes her a Pisces for all of my Zodiac fiends.

FYI Pisces women are known for being kind, very sensitive (they get their feelings hurt easily), creative, romantic and extremely easy-going.

What Did Carrie Underwood Get Her Degree In?

This girl is no space cadet for those of you out there who thought differently. Underwood actually graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.

Carrie Underwood House

…And to sprinkle a little cherry on top – she graduated magna cum laude back in 2006 and spent one of her summers being a page for an Oklahoma State Representative.


How Old Was Carrie Underwood On American Idol?

Underwood auditioned for American Idol’s 4th season in 2004. The season aired in 2005 when Underwood was just 22 years old.

How Much Is Carrie Underwood Worth?

According to our fav source on celebrity net worths (aka, Underwood is worth a whopping $140 million buckaroos.

Where Does Carrie Underwood Shop for Clothes?

Well, her own online store of course!

Let’s be real here — this girl is worth $140 million. So, while I’m sure she does her good share of shopping the truth of the matter is that most celebrities of her stature have their own personal shoppers.

Furthermore — personal stylists are totally a thing (all hail to the queen of personal stylists — Rachel Zoe).

Underwood’s goes by the name of Trish Townsend, a celebrity stylist who’s worked with tons of country stars.

Other than that we see her out grocery shopping quite a bit. She must be a foodie…

What Size Shoe Does Carrie Underwood Wear?

According to CelebrityInside, Underwood rocks a size 7.5 — which ironically enough — is the same size as yours truly.


I think not.

Is Carrie Underwood Married?

Yes! Carrie has been married to Canada-born former pro hockey player Michael Fisher! The couple started dating in 2008, became engaged in 2009, and finally tied the knot in 2010!

Where Did Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Meet?

So *sips tea* this is totes cute.

Apparently, Fisher had a thing for Underwood for quite some time and as a result, her bassist Mark Childers tried to set them up since he was a mutual friend. Much to his dismay, Underwood wasn’t really feelin’ it at first because she almost refused…until finally caving in.

The two met at a backstage meet-and-greet following one of her concerts and the rest is history, y’all.

Carrie Underwood House

What is Carrie Underwood’s son name?

Carrie and Mike share two adorable sons – Isaiah Michael Fisher (2015), and Jacob Fisher (2019).

You can imagine the excitement the parents felt to welcome a second child into their lives. Underwood and Fisher had struggled for quite some time to get pregnant again, enduring a total of three miscarriages in under two years.



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