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Celebrity Addresses: Where to Find Them

Celebrity Addresses: Here’s EXACTLY How to Find Them

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Celebrities addresses. The two go together like Jimmy and Choo. We want to live vicariously through the richest and most famous people in the world. We want to see what the Hollywood lifestyle is like. We want to see the luxury and we can’t get enough, can we?


Celebrity Addresses

Celebrity bus tours and Celebrity home address maps are some of the most popular tourist services in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is the most known area of the rich and famous and that’s where most tours stay exclusively, however more areas like Calabasas are starting to be explored.

But what about if you just want to mail a fan letter to your favorite celebrity. What if you want them to send you a headshot with their autograph? Oh, there are lots of sites these days that will give you all the info you need. Do you want a tour? Do you want to send mail? You got it. In this post, we’ll show you the best ways to do both.

Where Can I Find Celebrity Addresses?

So, right off the bat, I have to ask, have you checked out the Velvet Ropes app yet or signed up for the same app like features on the website? You want to talk about luxury, this is like searching for celebrity home addresses while you’re getting a spa treatment next to Jessica Simpson.

The app and site access has a map of all the celebrity houses with beautiful professional pictures of the curb appeal and interior pictures from architectural magazines. Where else can you find all of this in one place? You can’t. You would normally have to search around different luxury real estate blogs.


Velvet Ropes has done it all for you, and it’s free! You can see the general vicinity, pictures of the house – George Clooney’s listing has a great picture of him enjoying his cup of morning joe – and for a premium membership you can actually get the address!

They also have a section where you can find out the most popular hangouts for celebrities. This increases your chances of seeing a huge actor or musician, which come on, that’s one of the reasons you came to Los Angeles in the first place.

What’s not to like here? It serves both the curious tourist and the fan who just wants to make contact in some way.

There are other sites that offer similar information in different ways. It’s harder to find a site with celebrity information that is as organized and sleek, however, there are some great sites like It’s a useful site that does the trick…but it’s not the prettiest.


Most celebrity address sites will list it out for you with a picture here and there and a little blurb. That’s great. It’s helpful, for sure, but it’s not an experience. And when you are on the hunt for celebrities and wanting a sneak peek into their lifestyle, you want that experience from the search of the map to the tour of the streets.

Speaking of being on the hunt. Now that you are armed with the plethora of information being a member of Velvet Ropes offers, you can happily go on a celebrity tour bus and know exactly which house is who’s before the tour guide even gets the name out.

Don’t worry, the tour guide still serves his purpose by offering unique and interesting stories of each celebrity and their experiences of spotting them and waving to them through the years as the tour bus will eventually catch a celebrity leaving their home or walking on the street.

TMZ has a famous celebrity tour in Hollywood but it doesn’t include celebrity homes. Look around because there are quite a few that offer different experiences. A lot of them cater to Beverly Hills stars’ homes but some of them will go to more than one area. You could also always try more than one!

Celebrity Home Addresses and How to Find Them

How to Get Celebrity Addresses?

So, you don’t have a trip to Beverly Hills or Los Angeles planned anytime soon? You just want an autographed headshot. All you need is their address or even just an email address. You don’t ask for much. Can you just look for fan mail addresses for celebrities? Is there hope for you? Absolutely.

One of the first ways to go about looking for your favorite celebrities’ addresses is by searching public records. This can be very helpful and fruitful but it can also be frustrating and lead nowhere, it all depends on how the celebrity bought their house…and also how dedicated you are you sifting through data.


Looking up the public records of home sales and mortgages has been a time-honored tradition of the uber fan. However, celebrities have become hip to this kind of thing and they are now mostly buying their properties under Limited Liability Companies that they open specifically to make their large purchases more private. It also helps them save money with the tax man.

Do give it a try, though. Older celebrities are often still on record under their own names. Some celebrities use LLCs that might have recognizable names. You never know what you might find.

Public records can be telling, but let us save you the hassle. Seriously, why do you think we here at Velvet Ropes have searched every public record known to man? It’s so you don’t have to!

How to Find a Celebrity Address?

If you don’t have any luck with the public records, there are a couple of other avenues to try.

Celebrity Agents might help you out with celebrity addresses to get an autograph. It’s probably best not to hold your breath, though. They are pretty busy and most agents these days are representing a ton of actors, personalities, and other celebrities. However, if you want to give them a try, the best place to find your favorite celebrity’s agent contact information is on IMDB Pro.


A celebrity’s manager is a different story if you’re wondering how to get autographs. It might take a while, depending on the manager and their workload, however, the manager is much more on the ball when it comes to interacting with fans. IMDB Pro is again a very good source to find this information but there is also a website with a paywall called Who Represents starting at $12.99 a month vs. IMDB Pro’s $15.95 a month.

Don’t want to pay? That’s okay, you’ve still got options. Check out, it’s a great resource, it’s also free! They also let you know the last time the listing has been updated and have a forum for people to let each other know when they have successfully made contact.

Celebrity Email Addresses for Autograph Requests?

Can you get celebrity autographs through email? Absolutely, you can find the email address to your favorite celebrity’s agent, manager or fan club through the resources discussed above; IMDB Pro, Who Represents and FanMail.

It can be a bit more challenging to get a hold of somebody through email depending on the representative or the way the fan club is managed, but it is always worth a try! If a management team is organized well and understands how important it is to interact with the fans, you have hit a jackpot. Most of the bigger stars will have a management team who gets this.


Getting in touch with your favorite celebrities or their teams in one way or another is a huge demand of any celebrity’s audience. So much so that it has become a big, booming business.

This is great for those who make celebrities their hobby or for that preteen daughter who is obsessed with Harry Styles. Finding a way to feed that celebrity hobby or obsession has never been easier and it’s only going to get better.


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