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Creflo Dollar House Atlanta

Creflo Dollar House: His 17,000sf Atlanta Kingdom


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Fayetteville Home
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Creflo Dollar is an American pastor and televangelist (using TV and media to communicate the meaning of Christianity) and also the founder of World Changers Church International, a non-denominational church located in a suburb of Atlanta – College Park, Georgia. Let’s just say, this man of God has one hell of a house! Check out all the details of Creflo Dollar house below.

Creflo Dollar House Atlanta

Where does Creflo Dollar live?

Creflo Dollar’s house is in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in a suburb named Fayetteville. Situated on his 182.9 acres of property (he owns 2 adjoining properties), the unbelievably massive 17,017 square foot home has a large circular driveway in the forecourt and an impressive entranceway to welcome family and guests.

Creflo Dollar house Atlanta worth an estimated $3.4 million and is surrounded by a large fence and stone walls. The backyard has a pool and large fountain to accentuate the large field of land. It is set far back down a long driveway which gives the family their much-needed privacy.

The home was originally built in 1996 and has since been renovated by the Dollar family. The original home was not the current “U” shape. When they purchased the home is was MUCH smaller. They added the 2 wings on either side.

Itching for even more? See Creflo Dollar House Address and Photos Here!

They also own a condo in Buckhead, Atlanta which has 5 luxurious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a master suite with a private spa and a separate dressing area and a ceiling to floor marble fireplace.

The Dollar family also have a home in Bergen, New Jersey which is situated on a private estate and cost $2.1 million. Although it is a mansion, it has 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an elevator, a pool, floor to ceiling windows and a well-equipped kitchen and a beautiful living area.

And they previously owned an apartment in New York too.

Who is Creflo Dollar?

Creflo Dollar was born on January 28th, 1962 in Georgia. He was raised by Christian parents but did not actually give his life to Christ until after his Freshman year of college (West Georgia College).

Although his lifelong dream was to become a professional football career, he became injured and was actually unable to play for most of college. Instead, he and his college roommate, Ken, decided to set up Bible Study sessions in their dorm room and that is where his career as a minister truly began.

It was in 1986 that Creflo took his ministry to the next level when he opened the World Changers Ministries Christian Center. It started off small (just 8 people attended the first worship), but it grew very quickly, and a few years later it became known as the World Changers Church International.

What does Creflo mean?

The word Creflo actually means: quick-minded and versatile, and is often given as a name to someone who will become creative, adaptable and expressive in all walks of life.

Does Creflo Dollar preach today?

Yes! Creflo Dollar is still very active in his ministry. He preaches still today and has no outward plans of stopping anytime soon. Members all across the United States and other selected areas can attend a World Changers Church and tune into the sermons via live stream.

Does Creflo Dollar preach today?

Where is Creflo Dollar’s church?

Creflo Dollar’s main church is in College Park, which is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. The church in GA serves around 30,000 members. He also has a World Changers Church in New York, which hosts over 6,000 members.

People who aren’t close enough to attend either of these locations can attend one of their selected locations to watch the ministry via a live stream. These are known as satellite churches. Creflo’s satellite churches spread across many states in America, and carry on within Canada. You can even attend a satellite church to watch the sermon stream in London, England and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Where is Creflo Dollar's church?

What happened to Creflo Dollar and his daughter?

In 2012, Creflo’s 15-year-old daughter allegedly reported that her father had grabbed her by the throat, choked and slapped her in their family home located in Sandy Creek Road, Fayette County, GA. The report also says that he pushed her to the ground and beat her with his shoe.

Although Creflo himself denies the offense, his 19-year-old daughter did confirm the occurrence, saying he had put both his hand round the young girl’s neck for around 5 seconds. The altercation was ended when the older child went to call her mother into the kitchen.

Creflo has a different story, which is that he tried to restrain his daughter from hitting him and then wrestled her to the floor, spanked her and sent her to her room after she was ‘acting up’. The older daughter later changed her story to align more with her father’s version of events.

The names of Creflo’s children are Gregory (son), Jordan (daughter), Alexandria (daughter), Jeremy (son), and the youngest (the one in the above incident) Lauren (daughter).

Did Creflo Dollar get arrested?

Yes, he was arrested on the report of domestic abuse and taken to Fayette County Jail at about 1am on a Friday morning. He was bonded out of the jail later that day.

Did Creflo Dollar get arrested?

What is Creflo Dollar net worth?

Creflo Dollar’s net worth is around $27 million. Some of his assets include a private jet (remember how he infamously asked his congregation to donate over $60 million for a new one? HA!), two Rolls Royces, and three multi-million dollar homes.

Creflo Dollar House

His private jet is one of the very best jet’s money can buy. It is a Gulfstream G650, it is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious and most technologically designed jet in the world. Creflo was able to buy his dream jet when members of his ministry contributed around $300 each to who they call ‘the man of God.’

And his cars – he says that one Rolls Royce was given to him as a surprise gift by members of the church, and the other he purchased himself, which cost around $500,000.

What happened to Creflo Dollar today?

Creflo Dollar still continues to preach in Atlanta and New York, and hosts conferences and satellite sermons on a regular basis. The priest also owns the Creflo Dollar International Covenant Association and Arrow Records. He is also the publisher of Changed Magazine which has over 100,000 readers across the United States.

He also spends a lot of time with his big family and enjoys spending time at his huge Georgian mansion.


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