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David Dobrik House: Exclusive Photos of The Vlog Squad House!


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Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on April 19, 2021

David who? Don’t worry. If you’ve never heard of this guy in your life and you’re over the age of 25, then you get a pass. For those of you who are unaware, David Dobrik is a Slovakian-born YouTube personality and the “de facto leader” of the Vlog Squad whose claim to fame began with the video platform Vine in 2014. Since then, this internet sensation has transitioned to the platform YouTube and amassed a whopping 12 million subscribers. Oh, and David Dobrik house is proof of his insane success.

He’s kind of a big deal. Just saying.


So, if you’re interested in learning more about this internet sensation and his life, then look no further than these next few lines because we’ve got the exclusive scoop to keep you in the loop.

Where does David Dobrik live?

As of 2019 David Dobrik lives in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, California.

David Dobrik house

Dobrik purchased his Studio City home in April of 2017 and considering he is the leader of the Vlog Squad, it currently serves as the vlog squad house. The group had a previous home they used as the official vlog squad house a few years back but have since moved the vlog squad house to Studio City.

The home itself was originally built in 1953 and has drastically risen in value since just 2012 alone. In fact, according to reports, the home rose an insane $2 million in value in just 7 years.

The home is 2,887 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. It’s a modern Mediterranean style, gorgeous single-story home with a 2-car garage, an open floor plan and luxury features such as French oak hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, and quartz countertops. The home additionally has full view pocket sliding doors in order to create the perfect outdoor/indoor living space, a chef’s gourmet kitchen with professional series appliances and a custom built-in wall fireplace. Dobrik additionally expanded on the property and added a pool in the backyard area once it was purchased.


Check out the Vlog Squad House Address Studio City here!

David Dobrik Net Worth

Dobrik is getting that Vlog Squad money. According to recent estimates, the popular YouTuber is worth an estimated $15 million. This all comes from a combination of the social star’s successful YouTube channel, his various acting endeavors, and of course – his merch shop.

David Dobrik’s Wife

For a few years, Dobrik dated fellow YouTube star Liza Koshy, however, the two amicably parted ways in 2018. In May of 2019 Dobrik legally married his YouTube buddy Jason Nash’s mother (who is easily 40 years his senior) for one of his videos. He did this after Jason dared Dobrik to find someone to marry him at which point Dobrik said he was going to marry Jason’s mother because he wanted to become his stepdad.


Some people speculate that he may have married her due to the fact that his immigration status is still shaky. He currently is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, however, it requires constant renewals and that he remains out of trouble in order to stay in the U.S. — something that’s pretty difficult for a YouTube star whose popularity is based on shock and awe to do. Regardless, it was obviously a prank and if you watch the video it’s kind of hilarious.

David Dobrik First Video

Dobrik uploaded his first YouTube video on July 20, 2015, and titled it “PUTTING A PUPPY IN THE MICROWAVE!!”. It’s easy to see right off of the bat why it received so much attention. The 5-minute video consists of an introduction where Dobrik lets everyone know that it’s his first video and pretty much mostly consists of him and his friends just hanging out and having fun around the town. He doesn’t put a puppy into the microwave at all, but he does hold it up in front of the microwave to get a good thumbnail picture for the post. To date, there have been over 8 million views David Dobrik has received on this video.

What is the Vlog Squad?

The vlog squad is essentially a group of popular YouTubers that also happen to be a part of David’s social circle. A lot of them became popular through David’s vlogging efforts, however, a few of them were independently famous on social media before teaming up with David. These include personalities such as Gabbie Hanna (who has been nominated for several Streamy awards), Liza Koshy (his former girlfriend and popular YouTube star), John Nash (the older guy who is also a stand-up comedian) and Josh Peck, who is well known due to starring in the Nickelodeon television series Drake and Josh when he was younger. Scotty Sire and Toddy Smith are also pretty popular vlog squaders.


How are David Dobrik house parties?

If you’ve taken a moment to check out any of his videos then you’ll find that David Dobrik has a lot of house parties. The crew are pretty much always up to something at any given time and often film their parties and the various pranks they pull on people during them. However, despite this fact, Dobrik has managed to stay out of the spotlight in terms of negative publicity unlike many of his contemporaries. Generally speaking, the crew tends to have a good time but you don’t see them causing too much trouble with the law.

David Dobrik and Olivia Jade

You may have heard the recent buzz around David Dobrik due to his connections with Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade. Recently his name has been coming up in the news due to the fact that Jade was seen partying it up recently at his house in the midst of her parent’s high-profile legal case. Her mother and father are facing up to 20 years in prison due to the college bribery scandal and Olivia was filmed hanging out at Dobrik’s party despite the fact that she requested that attendees didn’t film while she was there. Well, needless to say, when you attend a party full of YouTubers, you’re bound to get caught up in some footage at some point and that’s exactly what happened.


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