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DeAndre Hopkins House | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!

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DeAndre Hopkins House: Photos Inside His Arizona Estate!

Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall
  • DeAndre signed a two-year contract with the Tennessee Titans worth $26 mil in 2023.
  • DeAndre Hopkins has amassed a net worth of $40 mil as of 2023.
  • Hopkins was suspended for 6 games in 2022 after traces of Ostarine were found in his system.
  • Prior to his professional career, DeAndre attended Clemson University in SC.
  • DeAndre offloaded his only known estate in Arizona 2 months after signing with the Titans.
Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Net Worth!
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DeAndre Rashaun Hopkins, AKA DHop, is an accomplished American football wide receiver currently making waves with the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. Hopkins’ journey into professional football began during his years at Clemson University. The Houston Texans were quick to recognize his immense talent, selecting him in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. With an impressive five Pro Bowl appearances and five All-Pro team selections, Hopkins has consistently showcased his exceptional skills on the field. So, ever wonder where an NFL player like Hopkins calls home? VR has all the deets on the DeAndre Hopkins home and more!

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live?

As far as his most recent real estate goes, DeAndre Hopkins was reportedly living in Paradise Valley, Arizona in 2023. He picked up an uber modern estate in the area back in 2020, though he may be on the lookout for some new digs here soon. Get the full scoop below!

DeAndre Hopkins House Arizona (Former)

DeAndre Hopkins House Arizona (Former)

DeAndre Hopkins reportedly purchased this stunning desert retreat for $5.1 million in 2020. According to property records, the concrete estate sits on 1.72 acres and boasts 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Google Maps

Featuring an open floorplan and around 12,000 square feet of living space – the interior of the home perfectly combines glass and exposed concrete to achieve its minimalist design. The large white tiles that make up the floor only add to the aesthetic.

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Aazami / Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty

Natural lighting is a big theme here – the home was carefully designed to offer ample natural lighting by way of glass walls and skylights, but the structure itself was built to ensure the light doesn’t overpower the home’s interior.

Below, we see the desert estate’s formal dining room that overlooks the backyard!

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Aazami / Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty

Outside boasts views of the CamelBack Mountains as well as lush trees that surround the property. Despite being pretty much entirely glass throughout various parts, the home offers residents a surprisingly private place to live!

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Aazami / Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty

The backyard offers plenty of space for outdoor entertainment potential and a large 25-meter lap pool. Seriously, if you’ve ever been to Arizona in the summer – you know having a good swimming pool is a must!

Where Does DeAndre Hopkins Live? | More on DeAndre Hopkins Contract!
Aazami / Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty

According to the most up-to-date records on the home, it seems DeAndre Hopkins sold this sprawling estate in early September 2023 for $12.9 million. Given that the sale came only 2 months after Hopkins signed with the Titans, it’s likely he’ll be house shopping in Tennessee very soon!

DeAndre Hopkins Net Worth

DeAndre Hopkins’ current worth stands at an impressive $40 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

DeAndre Hopkins Contract

DeAndre Hopkins inked a lucrative two-year, $26 million contract with the Tennessee Titans, boasting a hefty $9.815 million signing bonus and $10.98 million guaranteed. His average annual salary stands at $13 million, and in 2023, he’s slated to receive a base salary of $12 million.

Hopkins, hailing from Central, S.C., was originally drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013, later traded to the Arizona Cardinals in 2020, and eventually signed with the Titans as a free agent in July 2023.

DeAndre Hopkins Contract | More on DeAndre Hopkins Net Worth!
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DeAndre Hopkins Injury

DeAndre Hopkins has battled through various injuries during his NFL career. In his Titans debut, he suffered an ankle injury on the final offensive snap. His injury history includes a concussion in 2015, a hand wrist ligament tear in 2014, and multiple instances of head and thigh injuries.

Notably, he missed several games due to a knee MCL tear in 2021. In 2022, his knee strain sidelined him for Weeks 17 and 18, adding to his injury-ridden journey in the NFL.

DeAndre Hopkins Suspension

In 2022, DeAndre Hopkins faced a suspension from the NFL, missing the first six games due to a positive test for Ostarine, categorized as an anabolic agent. Ostarine is known to inadvertently appear in various products, potentially leading to false positives in athlete drug tests.

Speaking on the subject, DeAndre himself said that there was only 0.1% of the substance found in his test, adding to the contamination theory.

DeAndre Hopkins Age

DeAndre Hopkins was born June 6, 1992 – making him currently 31 years of age at the time this article was published.

DeAndre Hopkins Height

DeAndre Hopkins stands at a height of 6’1″ or six-foot and 1-inches.

DeAndre Hopkins College

DeAndre Hopkins attended South Carolina’s Clemson University from 2010 to 2013. The football player left school early when he was signed by the Houston Texans.

DeAndre Hopkins Contract | More on DeAndre Hopkins Net Worth!
Mike Ehrmann

A decade after leaving, however, DeAndre has now re-enrolled at Clemson in 2023 and is pursuing his degree via virtual classes!

DeAndre Hopkins Family

DeAndre Hopkins’ parents are Sabrina Greenlee and Harris Steve Hopkins. Harris sadly passed away in a car accident when DeAndre was only 6 months old.

DeAndre Hopkins Mom

DeAndre Hopkins mother is Sabrina Greenlee. Sabrina is an inspiring figure known for her resilience and advocacy work. She overcame a traumatic acid attack that resulted in her losing her vision over 20 years ago.

The horrific incident occurred in 2002 after Sabrina’s car went missing. She immediately tracked down who had stolen the vehicle and went to the man’s house, where his girlfriend then attacked her with acid.
Despite the challenges, Sabrina has become a celebrated community activist, domestic violence survivor, and inspirational speaker.

DeAndre Hopkins Mom | More on DeAndre Hopkins Family!
Sabrina Greenlee | Instagram

She founded the non-profit organization S.M.O.O.T.H, which is dedicated to empowering women and children through mentorship and transformative programs, while also raising awareness about domestic violence through various initiatives. Her strength and faith have been a source of inspiration to many.

DeAndre Hopkins Wife

So, is DeAndre Hopkins married? As of 2023, the NFL star is currently not married to anyone – though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a special woman in his life!

DeAndre has been rumored to be dating social media influencer, BreAnna Young, since around 2021!

DeAndre Hopkins Wife | More on DeAndre Hopkins Family!
BreAnna Young | Instagram

DeAndre Hopkins Kids

Okay, so this is an interesting one – several sources online state he is the father of 3 children with 3 different women, though that is all anyone can say on the subject. There are no details on names, ages, or even the mothers themselves.

So, either DeAndre is really good at keeping his private life private, or the details on his children are simply rumors.


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