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Emma Farrow

P. Diddy, also known by his other stage names Puff Daddy, Puffy or Diddy, is an American rapper, singer, producer, and entrepreneur. But what you really want to know is, how is he so famous, and why is he so rich? Where does he live and what is his family life like? What does Diddys house look like? Let’s find out the in’s and out’s of the superstar rapper’s personal life.

Where does P Diddy live?

P Diddy House Beverly Hills

Diddy has a $40 million mansion in Beverly Hills, LA which he bought in 2014. He originally moved to Los Angeles ‘for the kids, the family, the weather.’  The home is a European style villa which covers 17,000 square foot. It spreads even further with the 3,000-foot guest house on the ground, too. There is an incredible one acre of land, which includes a swimming pool and adjacent grotto, which are connected by an underwater swimming tunnel. It also includes a movie theater which can seat 35 people, a wine room, a beauty studio, a massage room, and a sauna. If it were me, I would never leave this house!

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P Diddy House Atlanta

In 2003, Diddy bought a 7 bedroom property in Dunwoody, a suburb of Atlanta. As with his LA home, this one is also a European style mansion. It features 5 garages, 11 bathrooms, an outdoor pool and pool house, and tennis courts…because what mansion is complete without a tennis court?

The mansion cost $2.6 million and is set on 7 acres of land. It is set back down a long driveway, but can still be seen from the road. It is all white with a grey roof, and is accompanied by a beautifully cut and well-manicured lawn, which sprawls across the front and back of the house, and lines the driveway too. While in Atlanta, he owned several restaurants that have since closed.

P Diddy House New York

Diddy owned a three bedroom apartment in the Park Imperial area of New York. It was on the market for 5 years and was eventually sold for $5.7 million in March 2017. The original asking price was $8.5 million, which was reduced to $7.99, then $7, then $6.5 and then finally $5.7 million when it was sold. He still paid a profit though, as it was actually bought by the rapper for $3.83 million in 2005.

Features of the stylish apartment include a wet room bathroom, a media room (one of the bedrooms), high ceilings, wooden floors and stunning views of the city. The apartment is spread across 2,300 square feet and is decorated with very modern furnishings and decor.

Where was Sean Combs born?

Sean Combs was born in on the 4th of November 1969 in Harlem, New York but was raised in Mount Vernon, New York. He was born to parents Janice Smalls, a model and teacher’s assistant, and father Melvin Earl Combs, who was a member of the US Air Force. Unfortunately, his father Melvin died after being shot in Central Park when Sean was just 2 years old.

Why is Sean Combs successful?

Sean started his career as a record producer when he established his very own record label known as Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993. Bad Boy Entertainment is responsible for the beginning careers of the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Carl Thomas and Faith Evans. There are many other names associated with the business, too, including Usher, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Aretha Franklin, and TLC.

Later in 1997, whilst still running his record label, Combs recorded his own commercial record named ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’. It was released under his first stage name Puff Daddy, and spent an incredible 28 weeks in the top 100, reaching number 1 at one point too.

His very first album, named ‘No Way Out’ was released on July 1st, 1997 and achieved number 1 status within the first few weeks of release. This album received five Grammy nominations, of which the producer turned rapper won Best Rap Album in 1998.

From there, he continued making music and running his label, creating the empire he now lives luxuriously at the center of.

Why did P Diddy change his name?

Sean started with the stage name Puff Daddy in the early 1990s, and the name came from his childhood nickname Puffy. He was named this by peers because he used to ‘huff and puff’ when something angered him.

Around a decade later in 2001, Sean found himself caught up in some pretty serious trouble after a nightclub shooting occurred and he was arrested on charges of carrying a weapon. In order to attempt to redeem his name and have a ‘fresh start’, he changed his name to P Diddy.

After just 4 years of P Diddy, he decided it was time for a change again, this time dropping the first name altogether and just going by the name Diddy. He spoke of his name change on Today saying “I felt the ‘P’ was coming between me and my fans. We had to simplify it. It was, you know, doing concerts and half the crowd saying ‘P. Diddy’ and half the crowd chanting ‘Diddy’. Now everybody can just chant ‘Diddy’”.

But just one year later in 2006, it was back to P. Diddy again, after a UK based record producer Diddy sued P. Diddy for trading beneath the same name.

What does P Diddy go by now?

In March 2014 Puff Daddy made a comeback. Then, in November 2017, he announced a new name – ‘Love’ or ‘Brother Love’. He let that sink in for a few weeks, but during an interview with Wendy Williams, he admitted that was a joke.

How much is Sean Diddy Combs worth?

As of May 2017, Sean Combs was worth an amazing $820 million. Of course, his earnings from his number 1 albums, as well as his Bad Boy Entertainment venture has helped that number to climb. But in more recent years, Sean has been making big bucks with his partnership with Diageo’s Ciroc. In addition, he has some pretty high stakes in the TV network Revolt, as well as the water brand Aquahydrate and with the Tequila DeLeon. His smart investment sense has helped go from just rich to WEALTHY. Maybe soon enough he’ll have a new nickname to go by…billionaire?

How much does P Diddy make a year?

It has been reported that from 2016-2017, P. Diddy became the number 1 highest paid celebrities on the Forbes list. He is said to have earned $130 million, $25 million more than spot number 2 which was taken by Beyonce.

How did he make that in just one year I hear you ask? Well, it was largely to do with his money-making deal with Ciroc Vodka, as well as clothing line known as Sean John and from his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. $70 million of that $130 million was earned when the company Global Brand Group bought a majority stake in his clothing business.

Is Sean P Diddy Combs married?

The rapper has had his fair share of ladies in the past. And I mean, being top of the Forbes Rich List, an A-list celebrity, and a superstar rapper, what else would you expect?

The first woman who appeared on the scene more permanently was Misa Hylton-Brim. The pair were high school sweethearts and share a child together who was born in 1993 and named Justin Combs.

After Misa and Sean parted ways, along came Kimberly Porter. Kimberly and Sean’s relationship started in 1994 and ended after on-and-off occurrences 13 years later in 2007. Sean adopted her son Quincy, whose father was from a previous relationship. Over the period of their relationship, the couple has 3 more children, including 2 twins. Just five months before Kim gave birth to the twins, news spread that Sean had had an affair, and had fathered another child with a woman named Sarah Chapman.

After the news was that Sean had been cheating on Kim, their relationship ended in the late 1990s. However, the couple remained close, which was ever evident when Kim unexpectedly passed away in November 2018. Diddy held a private memorial at his home in Beverly Hills for her.

After his split from Kim, he started dating superstar singer Jennifer Lopez. Their relationship was a huge buzz in the media but ended after the Manhattan shooting occurred, and after more rumors of adultery were brought to light.

Most recently on the scene is Cassie Ventura, whom Sean started dating in around 2006/2007. Although he was never married to any of his children’s mothers, many fans speculated that Cassie could be the one. However, in October 2018, they split. It was quite a shock for fans as Diddy had recently professed his love for her in an interview, even admitting that he did, in fact, want to marry her.

How many kids does Sean Combs have?

Sean has 6 children, including his adopted son Quincy Brown. Speaking of his three girls and three boys, he says, “They’re really kind, great people. I’m the luckiest man in the world.’ In age order as of this post (Nov 2018), they are Quincy (27), Justin (24), Christian (20), Chance (12), Jessie James (11) and D’Lila Star (11).

When is Diddy’s birthday?

P Diddy’s birthday is November 4th, 1969.



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