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Eminem House Photos: His Michigan Mansion

Eminem House Exclusive: His Two Michigan Mansions Revealed


Eminem's House Photos

Clinton Township Home

Eminem's House Photos

Rochester Hills Home
Ashley Weyler
Ashley Weyler

Updated on April 19, 2021

Eminem, AKA Marshall Bruce Mathers, has been a household name since 1997 when he blew up the hip-hop world with his debut album, Slim Shady EP. With over 20 years in the entertainment business, including millions of records sold, 15 Grammy Awards, and an Oscar under his belt, there are no signs of stopping, not even on the real estate front. One of Eminem house in Michigan has been sold, but we were curious, where does he live now? Would the real Slim Shady house please stand up?

Eminem House Photos

One of Eminem house in Michigan has been sold, but we were curious, where does he live now? Would the real Slim Shady house please stand up?

Where does Eminem live?

Eminem House Detroit Area (Current)

Though he was born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1972, he grew up in Detroit, Michigan. That is where he has lived through much of his career.

Eminem house is in Clinton Township, Michigan. The 8,900 square-foot home was built in 1996, but Eminem purchased it in September 2000 for $1,483,500.

Eminem House Photos: His Michigan Mansion

Eminem House

There isn’t much known about the interior of his home, but from the outside, it looks grand. A large driveway with a fountain leads up to the primarily brick home. Ariel views of the home show that the house is large and has many dimensions. Like whoa, so many different roof lines!

How many houses does Eminem have?

Eminem did have two homes, but he just sold one. Even though his Clinton Township home serves as his primary residence, Eminem also owned a mansion in the Rochester Hills section of Detroit for 14 years.

How much is Eminem’s house worth? The rapper originally bought the home in 2003 for $4.75 million. In August 2017, he listed the house for just under $2 million, and it sold the following month. He lost a ton of money on this one!

How big is Eminem’s house? The 17,000 square-foot estate is also known as the “Kmart Mansion,” because its former owner was Charles Conaway, the previous chairman of Kmart who ran into legal issues when his crooked financial dealings led Kmart to bankruptcy.

What does Eminem’s house look like? The compound is heavily secure, perfect for celebrities. That’s because it has a guard house right outside of the main entrance.

The home includes six bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms, and each bedroom is a suite.

The outdoor space is just as stunning and includes many amenities, like tennis courts, a waterfall pool and spa, an entertainment cabana, and a guest house with its very own game room. Sign me up for the next pool party, please!

Even though Eminem lives in his Clinton Township home the majority of the time, this even bigger Rochester Hills mansion served as his occasional getaway.

How many kids does Eminem have?

The simple answer is that Eminem has three children, all daughters. But here’s how his becoming a father came to be.

Eminem met Kim Scott in high school and began a romantic relationship with her. Kim and her twin sister, Dawn, both ran away from home and by 1989 were living with Eminem and his mother. Eminem and Kim had a baby, Hailie, born on Christmas Day 1995.

How many kids does Eminem have?

Eminem was married to Kim from 1999 to 2001. They reconciled in 2006 and were remarried in January of that year, but were divorced again by April.

Who are Eminem’s daughters? How old are Eminem’s children?

Eminem adopted Kim’s daughter, Whitney, from another relationship and also Dawn’s daughter, Alaina.

Hailie, who the rapper wrote many songs about including the 2004 hit “Mockingbird,” is now 22 years old and attends Michigan State University.

Adopted in 2006, Whitney is now 12 years old. Though her real name was Amanda, her name was changed to Alaina after she was adopted by both Eminem and his ex-wife Kim. He treats both Whitney and Alaina as if they were his own daughters.

How many kids does Eminem have?

Who has Eminem dated?

Many rumors have swirled over the years that Eminem has dated some of the most gorgeous Hollywood and music starlets, like Mariah Carey, Tara Reid, Britney Spears, and the late Brittany Murphy.

Who is Eminem currently dating? As of December 2017, the real Slim Shady’s dating life is slim to none. He told Huffington Post that he hadn’t had much success dating since his divorce. He’s had a few dates that just never panned out to anything, so he felt it wasn’t right to take things public.

He also said that he was on Tinder and Grindr, but his rep later confirmed he was joking. Or was he? Who knows, maybe you’ll find him one day while you’re swiping!

Did Eminem finish high school?

The short answer is no. Eminem attended Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan. Surprisingly, he failed the ninth grade three times and dropped out of high school at 17.

Despite his struggles with school, he still studied the English language on his own, even admitting at one point he would study the dictionary. He would eventually turn his love of words and languages into a hip-hop career, so I guess you can say it worked out for him!

How long was Eminem in rehab?

Though he’s been clean for years, Eminem had a near-death experience in 2007 from a methadone overdose. He had been addicted to prescription pills for much of his adult life, and at one point was taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin a day, which created holes in his stomach. And to help relieve his pain, he would eat exorbitant amounts of unhealthy food, which led to him weighing at one time 230 pounds.

Eminem checked into rehab in 2008 and, although had one relapse, has been living a sober life since. Seeking guidance from fellow musicians like Elton John and T.I., he has been able to stay sober, even creating his 2010 album Recovery, about his path. He dropped nearly 80 pounds by becoming an avid runner and participating in workouts like P90X and Body Beast.

How long was Eminem in rehab?

Did Eminem ever attempt suicide?

Back when he was dating Kim Scott, and they were having problems, she tried to keep his daughter from him. And due to his emotional troubles of abandonment set in place by both of his parents, he attempted suicide by taking a lethal dose of Tylenol. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful.

What is Eminem’s Zodiac sign?

Eminem’s birthday is October 17th; therefore, his Zodiac sign is Libra. He joins other famous Libras like Gwen Stefani, Naomi Watts, Ryan Reynolds, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Will Smith.


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