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Floyd Mayweather House in Beverly Hills Featured

Floyd Mayweather House Pics Prove He’s Still ‘Pretty Boy’


Floyd's House Photos

Beverly Hills Home

Floyd's House Photos

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Floyd's House Photos

Miami Beach Home
Emma Farrow
Emma Farrow

Updated on April 19, 2021

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is arguably the greatest boxer in the world today, and perhaps even the best boxer in history. Mayweather, who is also known as ‘Pretty Boy’ and more recently as ‘Money Mayweather’ holds an impressive 50-0 record after beating the notorious Conor McGregor in September 2017. After the highly anticipated fight was over, and $100- $200 million in prize money later, Mayweather declared his retirement from his beloved sport and bought a massive Beverly Hills mansion. Yep, Floyd Mayweather house in Beverly Hills is the ultimate retirement purchase. However, this is the third time he claims to have retired, so we wonder if he could be tempted by another super fight soon…just one more?

Floyd Mayweather House In Beverly Hills

Where does Floyd Mayweather live?

Mayweather has spent recent years living in Las Vegas, but in September 2017 he purchased a $25.5 million house located in Beverly Hills, California. Floyd Mayweather house just steps away from the famous Beverly Hills Hotel was purchased in September 2017 after he defeated MMA fighter Conor McGregor in the world’s most anticipated fight of the year.

He certainly wasted no time in spending the winning big bucks! He also splashed an incredible $500,000 on decorating the interior.

How big is Floyd Mayweather house?

Floyd Mayweather’s house in Beverly Hills is an impressive 15,096 square feet and was originally built back in 1992, but was overhauled by famed developer Nile Niami in 2015.

The outside features a stunning white exterior with a French modern design. And what French designed home is complete without french doors? Well, this one has 10 sets of them! There is a peaceful outdoor pool which is accompanied by surrounding black and white marble, sun loungers, a large sofa area with a central fireplace and of course, a pool house.

The home has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, an exceptionally spacious living area which is open and airy and complete with white and black furniture, wooden floors and indoor plants.

The kitchen is nothing short of beautiful, and according to the Hilton & Hyland listing, it is actually a gourmet kitchen imported all the way from Italy. It has glass cabinets running down the side displaying glasses that look untouched. Wooden floor, marble tops, and white walls continue on in the kitchen to match the living areas.

Next, we see a full-on cocktail bar which has a glass case wine cellar with what looks like hundreds of bottles of wine displayed.

The master bedroom or suite should we say, is large and beautifully decorated and features magnificent walk-in wardrobes which are fitted with Italian cabinets. The bathroom has not one but two double bathtubs and even a private terrace.

And what’s a multi-million dollar mansion without its very own guest house, right? The home’s guest house features a home movie theater which can fit up to 20 guests, and it has to have its own concession bar! As well as the guest home, the residence also has a suite specifically for staff, a fully equipped gym, oh and of course a four-car garage for just part of Mayweather’s car collection.

Floyd’s home theater is EPIC. See the full gallery of home photos here!

Floyd Mayweather House in Las Vegas

And his Las Vegas is pretty spectacular too. Costing around $15 million and covering 22,00 square feet the home has plenty of super cool features. It was even featured on MTV Cribs, so it’s got to be good!

Floyd Mayweather House in Las Vegas

One of the living areas has amazingly high ceilings which allow the room to show of the brick wall on the interior and some pretty tall windows that run from top to bottom. The other living room (celebs always have more than one right?!) has a calmer vibe, will soft looking couches and a large and sparkling chandelier.

The kitchen is state-of-the-art and features its very own Viking stove.

Outside you’ll find a large pool with accompanying sun loungers, cabanas and an outdoor dining area, as well as yet another couch/slouch area to chill out in the shade. There’s also a hot tub, water features, a sauna and a massage area which come with personal masseuses.

Floyd Mayweather House in Las Vegas

There is a garage that displays and houses some of his insane collection of cars which reportedly includes 16 Rolls Royces, two Ferraris, three Bugattis, a Lamborghini and a McLaren. I mean, does Mayweather even know how many cars he has, or where the keys to all of them are?! He probably has someone take care of that no doubt.

One of the most impressive features of the home, and one Mayweather most frequently likes to show off, is his impressive collections of belts, watches, jewelry, and shoes in his 600-foot walk-in wardrobe. His most prized possession of all is the glass cabinet that proudly holds his 6 winning belts.

Floyd Mayweather House in Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

May people write him off as just a boxer, but Floyd has invested heavily in young entrepreneurs and talent.  Thanks to that paired with his hundreds of millions of dollars made from boxing and endorsements, Floyd has a net worth of $1 billion. Although many outlets still say $700 million, we’re inclined to believe he’s reached that billion mark.

The 40-year-old has spent a great 20 years in the sport and is said to have earned almost close to a billion dollars through prize money and endorsement deals throughout his career. One billion dollars is almost unheard of for a star in the sporting industry and there are only very few who make it this big, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to name a few.

His fight against Manny Pacquiao dubbed the ‘fight of the century’, saw Mayweather earn around $300 million in sponsorship deals, pay per view revenue and prize money. Speaking about the fight he said, “Before I even stepped into the ring I was able to rake in $25 million.”

floyd mayweather conor mcgregor

Mayweather has been named ‘PPV King’ due to the insane amount of pay-per-views he attracts to every single one of his fights. His fight against Canelo Alvarez, for example, sold $2 million pay-per-view buys and generated an incredible $150 million in revenue. Although we are impressed by the sound of that, these figures actually seem juvenile in comparison to his battle against Pacquiao, which saw $4.6 million in PPV buys and a staggering $400 million in revenue. And the total over his career? Just a mere $19.5 million PPV buys and a revenue of $1.3 BILLION (with a B)!

Mayweather is also an avid gambler and is known to have spent, and made, multiple millions on sporting bets for games in basketball, football and of course, boxing. He’s obviously even bet on himself. I mean, with his winning record, who wouldn’t?


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