Harry and Meghan House: Photos of Their LA Pad Owned by Tyler Perry & Details of Their House Hunt

Where does Meghan Markle live?

While the British royal family is no stranger to controversy, it seems Meghan Markle and Prince Harry still managed to shock the royals and press alike when they announced their plans to give up their respected titles, and sizable salaries, in exchange for a new life free of the monarchy in January 2020. The unexpected move left many scratching their heads, and equally as many craving to learn more about what provoked such a drastic move and where the couple would go from there. In order to combat this ever-growing curiosity, Velvet Ropes has compiled answers to some of the most important questions regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – from why they decided to ditch their royal status, to more details on the Harry and Meghan house (and why they’re spending so much time in Los Angeles). So, sit back, relax, and keep reading for all the juicy deets! 

Harry and Meghan House
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Where Do Harry and Meghan Live?

Since the pair decided to go rogue and ditch their royal titles for the simpler life in January 2020, the internet has been abuzz with questions on their current living situation. No joke, we have gotten weekly emails “Where does Meghan Markle live?” and “Where does Prince Harry live?” Well, we have the juicy scoop and it may surprise you! Now, if you think this “average” couple has been living in some tiny studio apartment somewhere, think again! (here’s a hint, it’s huge) and we’re giving you the full scoop, including Prince Harry house photos and Meghan Markle house details!

Prior to relocating, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived in Harry’s childhood home…a palace (no, seriously, an actual palace), Kensington Palace, to be exact. It was built in 1605 by Sir George Coppin and has been the residence of some of the most prominent members of the royal family for well over 300 years, including Queen Victoria, Mary II, William III, and Queen Anne, to name a few. Early in 2019, however, Meghan and Harry opted for a more private dwelling and moved into Frogmore Cottage, located within the grounds of Windsor Castle. The Cottage, not far from Frogmore House (the location where Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception took place) was where the pair lived until late 2019, when they gave up their royal titles and headed for Canada, where they picked up a gorgeous piece of real estate on the Saanich Inlet, in British Columbia. After a brief stay in Canada, the couple decided to distance themselves even further from Harry’s royal roots and, as of May 2020, began house hunting in the home of Hollywood royalty – Los Angeles. More on their impressive real estate portfolio below!

Harry and Meghan House Beverly Hills

So, how would Tyler Perry and former British royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be connected? (no, Markle didn’t make a cameo in one of Perry’s comedic classics). The truth is that Perry met the couple as through his BFF, Queen of Media Oprah. Somehow they worked out an agreement that Harry, Meghan, and their baby boy, Archie, would stay at Perry’s $58 million Beverly Hills mansion, reportedly RENT FREE, until the couple settled on a permanent residence in LA. The mansion sits on 22-acres of land, in a gated community, offering ample privacy and protection for Harry and fam while they search for their forever home.

The custom-built property boasts 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and features 25,000 square feet of living space. Additionally, it is also believed that the mansion has its own security team that monitors the grounds 24/7. Okay, so real-talk right now – this sounds like the perfect setup for a new movie! Show of hands for who else wants to see “Madea and the Royal Family” be Perry’s next project.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry House
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View the full Meghan and Harry House gallery and address here!

Despite enjoying a rent-free stay as roomies with Tyler Perry, both Harry and Meghan are actively house shopping around Los Angeles. Some sources say that they may just have their eyes on a few possible places already, including a 10,000 square-foot, 7 bedroom abode that features a movie theater, a glass-walled master suite, and even a 200-bottle wine cellar. The home has a price tag of $15 million (which fits perfectly with their rumored $18 million home budget).

Another potential home they’ve been eyeing is a newly constructed, 12,000 square-foot residence in Bel Air that features 6 bedrooms and a massive aquarium. In addition to house hunting in Bel Air, the couple has also been reportedly perusing places in the Hollywood Hills as well as Brentwood. Seriously though – what if they move into Kardashian turf? Can you imagine the popularity wars that would ensue?!     

Harry and Meghan Canada House

Shortly after stepping down from their royal duties, the couple relocated to an absolutely spectacular home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The pair reportedly rented the 11,416 square foot, 5 bedroom, 8 bathroom mega-mansion worth an estimated $18 million from a Russian Oligarch who owns the property. Named “Mille Fleurs” which translates to “thousand flowers” in French, the front and sides of the residence are encased with lush trees, while the back of the home provides a stunning view of the ocean.

Meghan and Harry Canada House Photos

Some of the homes most notable interior features include hardwood floors, a two-story living room, an imported fireplace that dates back to 17th century France, and a pizza oven. Amenities include a game room (equipped with a wet bar), and a wine room. There’s even a 2,349 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom guest house on the grounds that’s perfect for visiting family and friends.

Harry and Meghan Canada House Photos

This place is nuts, and we have plenty more photos and details of now-famous Harry and Meghan Canada House here!

Frogmore Cottage

Built in 1801 under the instruction of Queen Charlotte, Frogmore Cottage sits on the grounds of Windsor Castle and was converted into a single-family home by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2019, who spent roughly $3 million from a Sovereign Grant to renovate (and the couple are expected to pay back renovation cost within the next 10 years). The inspiration for the name “Frogmore” came from the large number of frogs that have occupied the marshy grounds for hundreds of years.

The cottage sits on 33 acres of private gardens and overlooks Frogmore House, the 17th century structure where Harry and Markle took many of their engagement photos and would even hold their reception there in May of 2018. Frogmore Cottage originally consisted of 5 separate structures until it was transformed into a 10-bedroom home for Harry and fam. Though there aren’t many details as to what the interior of the residence looks like since being renovated, what we do know is that it reportedly features a yoga studio, a gender neutral nursery, a vegetable garden, and two orangeries. It’s also believed that the couple had the home soundproofed so as to dampen the noise from Heathrow Airport.

Frogmore Cottage Harry and Meghan
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We’ve got a full breakdown of Frogmore Cottage here!

How Did Harry and Meghan Meet?

No, Harry and Meghan weren’t put together as some sort of political move between families, nor did they meet at some grand royal ball – the couple actually first met in a very modern, and surprisingly ordinary, sort of way…a blind date. In early 2016, while Meghan was still working as an actress, a mutual friend planned for the two to meet for drinks. Markle admitted that one of her top priorities was that Harry was nice. The two met up and apparently sparks were flying since they immediately planned to meet up the next day. During an interview, Harry was asked when he realized Meghan was the lady for him, his instant response was “the very first time we met” (guys that is too cute, stop it!). Less than a month after that first date, Harry was already inviting Markle to join him on a trip to Africa, and on November 27, 2017, the pair announced their engagement.

Meghan and Harry First Photo
The first photo of Harry & Meghan in public, on their way to the West End show The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime | News Group Newspapers

Why Did Meghan and Harry Leave Their Royal Duties?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex parting ways with the royal family was one of the biggest modern scandals within the monarchy. The couple announced their plans early January, leaving other members of the royal family in total shock (and probably pretty ticked).

During a summit in Miami, Florida, Harry explained that he and his wife’s decision to step down was more due to shielding their son Archie from the pressures and mental stress of being a member of the royal family and facing constant scrutiny from British press, much like Harry himself endured throughout his life. Harry even admitted to undergoing therapy for his mental health and the toll that his position, as well as the loss of his mother (Princess Diana) in a highly-suspicious 1997 car accident, had taken on him. In short, it seems Harry and Meghan just want their child to be happy.

Harry and Meghan Today

Though the couple was hoping to get out and enjoy all of what Los Angeles has to offer, it seems they have put most of their plans on ice currently in exchange for quarantine, ensuring the safety of their family during the COVID-19 pandemic that’s effected the globe. Despite being cooped up in their temporary California abode, however, the pair are reportedly happier than ever and making the most of their time together with their son, Archie, and continuing to participate in current events while socially distanced. Most recently, the couple has been getting involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, even speaking with BLM organizers in order to find ways in which they can contribute to the movement.   

Harry and Meghan in LA
Harry and Meghan spotted volunteering in April 2020 with Project Angel Food | P&P | Rachpoot | MEGA












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