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Heather Dubrow House

Heather Dubrow House: Inside her Massive Orange County Chateau!


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Heather Dubrow House

Where does Heather Dubrow live?

Heather Dubrow’s house was built by the Dubrow couple from the ground up, and every area was specifically designed to their unique requirements. The driveway is lined with matching water features and perfectly groomed plants. As you step into the entranceway, you will be greeted with a variety of brightly colored flowers (which are changed weekly of course), along with glass furniture, marble floors, and grey walls. Throughout the spacious home, you will see the marble, grey, brown and white theme across all the rooms.

SO CLOSE …..getting so excited !!! #homesweethome

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The master bathroom has its own seating area and separate areas for ‘him and her’. And what home is complete without its very own beauty salon? Heather has her own complete with a shampoo sink and two makeup stations. There’s also a huge home theater which fits up to 20 movie viewers. The living room has a HUGE couch, even with the whole family of 4 kids and two parents, there’s still room for many more.

Our favorite feature in Dubrow Chateau? The Ring-For-Champagne Button. And yes, it actually works. The button is found in Heather’s closet and when pressed, it rings down to the kitchen. The walk-in closet is ginormous and is organized into color-coordinated sections, oh and complete with a rolling library ladder. Champagne and designer shopping in Heather’s closet anyone?

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather’s love of champagne is further evident, as she even has an entire wall which displays over 60 bottles of Veuve Clicquot! She posted a picture to her Instagram page which showed the reality star unpacking around 15 cases of the champagne. At $50-$100 a bottle, we’d hate to think how much she has spent on champagne alone. They are displayed behind a glass case on the wall.

When speaking about their new home, husband Terry said, “I think this house is not going to just blow away anything we’ve done before, but this house is gonna be one of those homes, like a Mohamed Hadid home where you walk in and your jaw just drops, both from a design element point-of-view and a scale home point-of-view.”

Even though they have already moved in, Heather is still working on making it PERFECT. That’s why just recently there was a crane in the driveway. According to her Instagram caption, she wanted to drop in a few trees to soften the entrance.

The COMPLETED home was finally featured in Architectural Digest in October 2018, following all the teasing on her social media, and the results are astounding. LOVE!

The Dubrows former home was in Newport and sold in December 2012 for $16.45 million. The 14,372 square foot home has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and spanned ¾ of an acre. This home has a separate wing for the kids as well as a cinema room, games room, bar, gym and space to park 6 cars.

How old is Heather Dubrow from Real Housewives?

Born on 5 January 1969, Heather Dubrow is 49 years old as of this post.

How tall is Heather Dubrow?

Heather Dubrow is 5 ft 6” (1.71m).

Who is Heather Dubrow married to?

Heather Dubrow is married to Terry Dubrow, a very successful and well-known plastic surgeon turned TV personality. Terry co-stars in Botched on E! and is also known for appearing in The Swan and The Real Housewives of Orange County, alongside Heather. The good-looking couple has been married for an amazing 18 years! They celebrated by taking a luxurious trip to Utah (really?) last June. #JK #WeLoveUtah

Who is Heather Dubrow married to?

How old is Heather Dubrow’s husband?

Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow, was born on September14th, 1958, making him 59 years old as of this post, and 10 years Heather’s senior. Some fun facts about Terry Dubrow are that he originally wanted to become a heart surgeon rather than a plastic surgeon, he’s an author, and his brother Kevin Dubrow was in the rock band Quiet Riot.

How much is Heather Dubrow net worth?

Reportedly, she is worth around $30 million. How is Heather Dubrow rich? She has been an on and off again actress since the 90s, and she landed guest roles in TV series such as Married With Children, Early Edition, Jenny, Norm and Life With Roger. The main route of her wealth? Her starring role in The Real Housewives of Orange County, of course. In 2012, it was said that she was earning $30k for her first season, and that was 5 years ago! Her salary is bound to have increased pretty substantially since before she left the cast in 2017.

Does Heather Dubrow work?

Since leaving the reality show that she appeared in for many years, Heather is keeping herself busy with many projects. Husband Terry told Bravo TV, “Heather, honestly, is busier than ever,” She’s got two new projects that are going to come out soon, but she still does Heather’s Closet. She’s got the No. 1 female podcast on the No. 1 podcast network in the world, which is Podcast One and Heather Dubrow’s World, and she’s got so many projects.”

Heather’s Closet is on Dubrow’s YouTube channel, which shows her showing pieces from her prized possession, her closet! The episodes focus on designer pieces which she showcases to over 51k subscribers!

What episode is Heather Dubrow in Hot in Cleveland?

In 2013, Heather Dubrow guest starred in the American TV drama Hot In Cleveland. She acted alongside famous names including Betty White, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves. In the episode, she took on the role of Emmett’s wife Nikki, and became furious when she found her husband and enemy Victoria (Wendy Malick) in bed together. The episode aired on January 23rd, 2013.

What has Heather Dubrow acted in?

Heather has acted in:

Young & Hungry (2017), Sequestered (2014), Hawaii Five-0 (2013), Hot In Cleveland (2013), Malibu Country (2013), Surviving Suburbia (2009), Now You Know (2002), That’s Life (2002), Stark Raving Mad (1999-2000), Norm (1999), Early Edition (1999), Jenny (1997-1998), Life With Roger (1996-1997), Men Behaving Badly (1997), Nowhere Man (1995), Roseanne and Tom: Behind The Scenes (1994) and Married With Children (1994).

What other shows has Heather Dubrow been in?

In regards to reality shows, Heather has appeared in The Real Housewives of Orange County, According to Chrisley, The Doctors, Kocktails with Khloe, Bethenny and Botched.


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