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Hollywood Boulevard a Waste of Time? Here’s Our Take

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Updated on July 17, 2024

Looking for things to do in Hollywood and Los Angeles this summer? Thinking of taking a look at the plethora of Hollywood attractions at your fingertips? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of absolute musts for everyone visiting the area. If you were ever confused about what to do in Hollywood or what to see in Hollywood – fret no more! We’ve got you covered!

hollywood boulevard attractions
The corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland – called Hollywood & Highland Center.

Now, if you plan on visiting Central Los Angeles anytime soon, hands down the number one place you need to make a day for is the Hollywood and Highland Center. This place is every tourist’s dream. It’s pretty much heaven and packs all the awe and visual wow of a trip to Las Vegas.  Located in the Hollywood District, the massive center contains a shopping mall and a huge entertainment complex fit for a king.

Highland Avenue is a major north-south road that runs through the city parallel to La Brea Avenue. The southern end is where it all begins with the Hollywood and Highland Center and the infamous Dolby Theater, formerly known as the Kodak Theater, which has been the venue of the Academy Awards for almost two decades.

Let’s first start off with the visuals here because they’re absolutely insane. I mean this place is like something out of a movie! ::ba-dum-tsss!::

Okay, that was bad – I’m one step closer to mom joke purgatory.

hollywood boulevard hollywood and highland center courtyard
Hollywood & Highland Center Courtyard

So the point is that you could spend hours literally just walking around and sightseeing because it is so gorgeous. This is selfie stick land and if you have an excuse to use one anywhere (you don’t), this would be the hypothetical spot to let it all out and do so. As if it isn’t gorgeous enough of a site by itself, this place lights up like a Christmas tree at night making pictures even more gorgeous.

Additionally located in this area is the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater – an amazing sight to be seen that is located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. This would be a great location to catch a film and hang out around all day due to the plethora of options and activities available at your disposal.

hollywood boulevard graumans chinese theatre
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard
hollywood boulevard graumans chinese theatre interior
The interior of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard

This quintessential Hollywood movie theater has been around for near a century – it was built in the mid-1920’s by Sid Grauman. Ever since then it has hosted hundreds of high profile premieres including The King and I  in 1927, as well as the 1977 premier of Star Wars and three Academy Awards ceremonies. The theater contains 932 seats in total and includes one of the largest movie screens on the continent – yes, you heard right – on the entire continent.

If you’re headed to Hollywood for a vacation you absolutely cannot forget to hit up the Hollywood Walk of Fame either. This is a must-see for pictures and fun where you will be able to take an up-close and personal look at over 2,605 stars. How long is Hollywood Boulevard you ask? Well, it’s about 4.5 miles, from Hillhurst Avenue to Laurel Canyon Blvd, but obviously, only about one mile of that stretch is really worth seeing (the rest is just plain old normal, everyday road). The stars themselves are located on 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and even include three blocks of Vine Street since recent expansions.

These stars serve as permanent public monuments to the entertainment industry and are comprised of various actors, producers, musicians, directors and musical theater groups as well as other random things such as fictional characters. Did you know that it’s administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce? The location also hosts several star ceremonies which you can find on their website, so if you plan your trip the right way, you may just be able to score yourself a trip in time for one of them.

Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame
Mariah Carey posing at her star ceremony.
Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame
Donald Trump posing with his family at his star ceremony.

Madame Tussauds is probably the most famous wax museum in the world and is famous for its replications of well-known celebrities. The museum has always garnered a ton of media attention from the press especially with its timely unveilings of relevant stars.

It has several locations around the country including Nashville, Washington, DC, Las Vegas and more, but the Hollywood one is perhaps one of the better known of them in the United States. Several celebrities have been known in the past to also pose as their wax figures as publicity stunts in order to shock incoming tourists.

hollywood blvd attractions madame tussauds
Madame Tussauds Hollywood
hollywood blvd attractions madame tussauds
Jane Lynch posing with her “Glee” character Sue Sylvester at Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Another relevant tourist attraction is the Hollywood Wax Museum located not too far from the famous Madame Tussauds. Fun fact: The Hollywood Wax Museum is the oldest wax museum in the United States and has been in the area for over 45 years sporting celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Elvis and more. With its age comes less impressive wax figures, though. It’s worth a visit though. After all, it’s the original.

Hollywood Boulevard wax museum
Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard wax museum
Angelina Jolie wax figure at the Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Boulevard.

Looking for something similar and you could head south to the Hollywood Museum which is located in the famous Max Factor building. This museum, which was originally founded by Donelle Dadigan, who still currently serves as president, is full of awesome collections of items for the history and film buff in everyone and is always a sure thing in terms of entertainment.

Another tried and true famed attraction to check out is the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum. This museum, which has been around since 1991, is filled with all kinds of fun, quirky and eccentric memorabilia and information and is a must-see for those visiting the area.

If museums aren’t necessarily your thing and you’d rather take a trip around the city then tours might very well be the place to start for you. There are tons of options available at your disposal — lucky for you.

Local area tours range in terms of theme and route but most of them take you to the main attractions listed above and include tours of famous celebrity homes and neighborhoods. Perhaps one of the more famous and well known of them are Starline Tours located on Hollywood Boulevard. Other popular ones which tend to receive high markings in ratings include Another Side of Los Angeles Tours, located on LaCienega Boulevard, as well as Bike Tours & Hike Tours Los Angeles located on Santa Monica Boulevard. Also check out the TMZ Tour, which loads at Hollywood & Highland. It’s not a celebrity houses tour, but a salacious look at infamous LA locations, with an occasional celebrity sighting!

Hollywood Boulevard tours
Starline Tours celebrity homes tour van
Hollywood Boulevard tours
Starline Tours’ double-decker bus.
Hollywood Boulevard tmz tour

Whatever your reason for visiting what could arguably be the coolest city around, one thing is for certain – you are guaranteed to have a blast. Getting an up close and personal view of Hollywood Boulevard and the uber luxe and famous area that is the home of our entertainment industry is definitely a bucket list item that you cannot forego.

The city is lively, fun, warm, welcoming and chock full of interesting and eccentric attractions and destinations that will keep you on your toes the entire time. So get your selfie on! Who knows – you might just see your favorite star walking up the Boulevard and get a chance to snap a photo, becoming kinda sorta #instafamous with all of your pals. The talk of the town, we say! A regular local celebrity!

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