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Hollywood Stars: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Stars: The Scoop On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on April 18, 2018

Los Angeles is a beautiful, warm city located in Southern California. This is a city where you can find diversity like nowhere else. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the heart of all-American entertainment.

Hollywood Stars: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Aside from being known for movies, wild fashion, and parties, Hollywood is home to many theatres, studios, and other history filled tourist attractions. One of the most notable of these is the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ever want to know how to be a Hollywood star? Well, we can’t exactly give you a fool-proof plan, but what we can do is tell you everything you could ever want to know about the Hollywood Stars. #winkwink

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to the famous Hollywood Stars. Many different celebrities in many different areas of entertainment are featured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame is full of entertainment history, featuring both today’s most modern celebrities and the most influential celebrities of the past. People who shaped television, movies, music, radio, and performance are featured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It is a long, exclusive process to even be considered for the Walk of Fame. Anyone who actually is awarded a star on the Walk of Fame should feel incredibly honored, as only the most influential contributors to entertainment make it. It is a true indicator that someone has made it to fame once they are awarded a Hollywood Star.

E.M. Stewart is credited by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for the original idea of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. By 1955, the basic design and concept of the Walk of Fame were agreed upon and sent to the Los Angeles City Council.

It was in March 1956 when the design for the Hollywood Stars was agreed upon, finalized, and approved. Between the spring of 1956 and the fall of 1957, over one thousand nominees were selected by committees.

Construction of the Hollywood Walk of Fame began in 1958. The official groundbreaking of the walk took place on February 8th, 1960. This was the birth of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This is who decides on who is awarded stars every year. It is maintained by the self-funded Hollywood Historic Trust.

The Walk of Fame maintenance is funded solely by donations and fees. Each star on the walk is composed of coral-pink terrazzo five-point stars rimmed with brass, which is laid into a charcoal colored terrazzo background.

Each honoree’s name is cast in brass. Below the letters, a brass emblem is placed, representing what category the star was nominated for. A classic film camera represents motion pictures, a television receiver represents television, a phonograph record represents music, a radio microphone represents radio, and comedy masks represent theatre/live performance.

Hollywood Stars Categories

We are going to answer some common questions tourists may have about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hopefully, this can be used as a guide for those excited fans planning to visit Los Angeles. After all, the Walk of Fame is one of the world’s most notable landmarks.

No tourist would want to miss this. Keep the following in mind when visiting Los Angeles and getting the most out of the Walk of Fame will be a breeze.

Where to find stars in LA?

The Hollywood Stars can be found on the Walk of Fame, located in Hollywood. For those people who are not familiar with Los Angeles, Hollywood is located in the central region of Los Angeles, near Griffith Park.

This is home to the famous Hollywood Sign. In fact, many popular tourist locations in Hollywood are located along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When you are visiting the Walk of Fame, you will also come across many popular tourist attractions that could be interesting to anyone.

Hollywood Stars Map

How many stars are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to over 2,600 stars, spreading out over 18 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Every year, around 20 stars are added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

What street are the Hollywood stars on?

The Hollywood Stars are spread out along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, and 3 blocks of Vine Street. The Walk of Fame goes on for 1.3 miles along Hollywood Boulevard, all the way from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue.

There is also a short segment of the walk that goes along Marshfield Lane, running diagonally from Hollywood Boulevard to La Brea Avenue. 0.4 miles of the Walk of Fame runs along Vine Street from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood Boulevard is home to many of the Hollywood stars. Hollywood and Highland is the main intersection of the Walk of Fame. This is where you can find the Dolby Theatre, which is practically the center of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is also where the “Friends of the Walk of Fame” plaques are located.

Where are the stars on Hollywood Boulevard?

There are stars located along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, however, Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue is the intersection most attractive to tourists.

This is where the Dolby theatre is located, along with other popular attractions such as the Hollywood Wax Museum. When visiting, one can expect this area to be very busy as it is one of the most popular tourist locations in Los Angeles.

How do you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

There are quite a few steps involved in getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While anyone can technically be nominated, only the best of the best are selected. With that being said, the first step to getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is actually being nominated.

Celebrities are typically nominated by a fan club, recording studio, or other sponsor involved with the nominee. Nominees are required to have at least five years experience in one of the five categories, which are television, movies, music, radio, and live theatre. Nominees must have also made charitable contributions throughout their entertainment career.

Each application must include a written statement by the nominee stating that they want the star, and agree to appear at the unveiling ceremony if they are awarded a star. Not agreeing to appear at the unveiling ceremony makes someone ineligible for a Hollywood Star, and many notable celebrities have been denied stars for this reason. Julia Roberts is an example of this.

Finally, all applicants are required to pay a fee of $40,000 – which was increased from $30,000 in 2017. This fee is used to pay for the creation and installation of the star, along with the general upkeep of the entire Walk of Fame. The fee is one of the main ways that the Hollywood Historic Trust funds the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Every year, an average of 200 nominations are submitted to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Selection Committee. At a meeting each June, the committee selects around 20 of the nominations to be awarded a Hollywood Star.

In retrospect, this is only about 10 percent of the nominations. Any nominees not selected for a star are rolled over for reconsideration in the following year. If a nominee goes two years in a row without being selected, they are dropped from consideration. However, one can be nominated an unlimited amount of times.

Who has a Hollywood Star? Who is on the Walk of Fame?

There are currently over 2,600 celebrities with a Hollywood star. This number is increasing every year. Celebrities who have made unchallengeable contributions to television, motion pictures, music, live theatre, and public broadcast radio are featured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some honorable mentions include Buzz Aldrin (television), Muhammad Ali (live performance), Tim Allen (motion pictures), David Bowie (music), and Larry Elder (radio). Some animated characters also have a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, such as Mickey Mouse.


There are special categories that recognize achievements by non-entertainment groups, such as corporations. Victoria’s Secret and the Los Angeles Dodgers are two examples of special stars. These monuments display their logos.

Who has the most stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Sometimes, the selection committee will choose to honor an entertainers contributions to multiple categories with multiple stars. While there are around 45 people with multiple stars, Gene Autry is the only celebrity to have a Hollywood Star for each category, meaning he has five stars.

Hollywood Stars: Who has the most stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Who had the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

A common misbelief is that Joanne Woodward was the first celebrity to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, technically there was no “first” star. The original stars were installed as a continuous project.

Woodward was one of eight celebrities whose stars were used a temporary prototype near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Many people believe that Woodward was the first to have a star because she was the first celebrity to be photographed with her star. The first permanent star was completed on March 28th, 1960, which belonged to director Stanley Kramer.

When did Marilyn Monroe get her star on the Walk of Fame?

Marilyn Monroe’s face is one that defines Hollywood. When one thinks about Hollywood’s vast history, Marilyn Monroe is always one of the first figures that come to mind. It is no surprise that she has a star awarded to her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Monroe was awarded her Hollywood Star on February 8th, 1960.

Where is Britney Spears’ star located?

Britney Spears has made many contributions to modern pop music. She has influenced an entire generation of pop music. Anyone who has listened to the radio since 1999 is aware of Ms. Spears. Spears was awarded her star on November 17th, 2003.

Her star is located on the north side of the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard, which is right at the Hollywood & Highland intersection. This is a prime location for the Hollywood Stars.

What is new in Hollywood with the stars?

The recipient line-up for the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017 has recently been released. Some honorable mentions include Chris Pratt, Jeff Dunham, and Adam Levine. The late singer-songwriter Selena Quintanilla also received a posthumous star. Every year, new nominations are awarded stars and this year’s picks were honorable.

When something has been around as long as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is going to need some serious work done at some point. In 2008, a long term restoration project began on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This project began with an evaluation of every star. Stars that have cosmetic issues, or have been damaged to the point of becoming a hazard to the public, will be replaced.

At least 778 stars will be replaced throughout the duration of this project. The “Friends of the Walk of Fame” program was initiated to bring in funding for this project. Each corporation that donates will receive an honorary plaque adjacent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, near the Dolby Theatre. This is another way that the Hollywood Historic Trust funds the Walk of Fame.

Tourists visiting Los Angeles should be sure to include the Hollywood Walk of Fame to their to-do list. The Walk of Fame features an incredible amount of history that tourists of all ages and backgrounds will appreciate.

With over 2,600 stars on the walk, anyone could find their favorite stars. As it is located right in the middle of Hollywood, tourists will also witness other Los Angeles style features, such as fashion, parties, and social scenes. Not to mention, celebrities have been known to frequent Hollywood, so there’s always a chance of sighting your favorite. Don’t miss an opportunity to get a real taste of Hollywood.

With over 18 blocks of stars to see, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must see destination. Not only is the Walk of Fame home to the stars, it also features many different tourist attractions such as the Museum of Wax and the Dolby Theatre. A walk through the Walk of Fame is a walk through the heart of Hollywood’s deep history. This is the heart of American entertainment, and visiting here is a full-access pass to the root of American culture.


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