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Ice Cube Wife & Seven Other Mysteries About Him


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Who the heck is Ice Cube’s wife? What high school did he go to? Where was he born!? What is Ice Cube’s net worth? The insanity is killing you!? Fret not — we’re here to give you the briggidy-breakdown on your favorite rapper turned mogul’s life.


Ice Cube Wife

What is Ice Cube’s wife’s name? Ice Cube is married to Kimberly Woodruff. How long have they been married? The two have been married since April of 1992 and have been together for quite literally a quarter-century – something completely unheard of nowadays, especially in the entertainment industry and even more especially in the music industry. While Cube has been in the spotlight doing his thing, Kimberly has held down their home and raised their beautiful, successful kids. The couple has four children. O’Shea Jr. was born in February of 1991 and is himself pursuing a rapping and acting career – following in the steps of his father. He also was the son who played Ice Cube in his hit film Straight Outta Compton – talk about favorites, eh?

Ice Cube's Wife


In addition to O’Shea, who is currently 28 years old, Ice Cube has a 26-year-old son named Darrell, a 25-year-old daughter named Kareema, and a 23-year-old son named Shareef. Despite what some would call a controversial history, Ice Cube seems to be a very doting family man and has become quite the media darling since his NWA days.


How Did Ice Cube Meet His Wife?

It is said that Ice Cube originally met his wife while she was in the midst of a relationship. He said that he was instantly struck by her but that the love was pretty much unrequited when it came down to it. However, as fate would have it, they hit it off about six months down the road and out popped O’Shea Jackson Jr. – kidding. Actually, they began dating around 1988 right when his career was beginning to take off with NWA.

Cube was 19 years old at the time and hadn’t even started his solo career. He did, however, receive a hefty $32,000 check due to his music contract – one of which he was extremely displeased with. This conflict, in fact, is what caused him to leave the group and forge his own path as a solo artist – and to think – all the time with  Kimberly by his side – #rideordie.

Yep, they’re kind of sickeningly adorable.

What Is Ice Cube Doing Now?

So, it’s no surprise that rapper Ice Cube is still slam dunkin’ it in terms of finances – pun intended. I mean, the guy has become a full-on business mogul. He’s produced movies, TV shows, won awards, and owns his own freaking professional basketball league.


Cube teamed up with entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz to create the BIG3 —  a 3-on-3 concept that stars NBA former legends. It’s actually ingenious and we’re surprised no one else has come up with the concept sooner. It has been met with a lot of success and has been all the rage in the media.


So to celebrate – we’ve chocked this article full of some little Ice Cube-y bits – giving you the 411 on some of your most asked questions.

When Was Ice Cube Born?

So you’ve been wondering exactly when is Ice Cube’s birthday? Because he looks perpetually thirty? Well, the truth of the matter may surprise you. Cube was born O’Shea Jackson Sr. on June 15th, 1969 to his mother, Doris Jackson, a hospital clerk, and father Hosea Jackson, a groundskeeper at UCLA and machinist.


Where Did Ice Cube Grow Up?

Exactly where is Ice Cube from? Straight outta Compton fool! Duh! Actually, Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles to be exact.

What High School Did Ice Cube Go To?

Ice Cube attended both George Washington Preparatory High School and William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California. Believe it or not – he actually sold his very first song to Eazy- E when he was just sixteen years old! He began working with Dr. Dre shortly after, who signed him on as a writer for his group World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Dre loved his work so much that he made a side group with him called Stereo Crew, and they released their subsequent first album on Epic Records. This was all before he enrolled in college!


When Did Ice Cube Start Rapping?

Ice cube started rapping when he was just a kid. He mentioned he always loved rap and hip-hop and penned his first rap song in ninth grade after being dared to do so by a friend during a typewriting class. He rapped while finishing his degree in architectural drafting and in 1987 released his first single which was produced by Dre with his group C.I.A. Shortly after he was a full-time member with N.W.A. and one of their very first concerts was held at – you guessed it – a local ice skating rink! Ever since then it’s been nowhere but up.


Since then, the original king of rap moved on to acting with the critically acclaimed Boyz n the Hood and Three Kings and has since tried his hand at screenwriting with the mega-successful Friday franchises. He eventually moved to directing as well, with The Players Club being one of his first big successes in that realm. He’s since been a part of dozens of other productions which he spear-headed including the critically acclaimed Straight Outta Compton starring his son and a popular TBS sitcom series starring Terry Crews titled Are We There Yet? — named after a comedic film series he starred in. Additional pursuits include clothing lines, endorsements, other various business ventures and most recently, his very own professional basketball league, BIG3.

Where Does Ice Cube Live?

Ice Cube and his family own a gorgeous mansion in Marina Del Rey, California. The gorgeous 6-bedroom, 11-bath canal-front home came with a whopping $7.25 million price tag and was the previous abode of actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The 7,574 square foot home is the absolute pinnacle of posh, including features such as a home theater, a rooftop swimming pool, a gym, a glass-enclosed staircase, and an elevator. Yes, you should be ragingly jealous right about now. Like — #whatislife, right about now. To rub it in, even more, this is the home he and his wife go to to get away – it’s about 30 minutes from their family home in Encino, CA.


Ice Cube Net Worth 

Many people may not expect him to have a ton of money because he hasn’t released hit music for quite some time, but Ice Cube isn’t a one-trick pony. Thanks to his rap days along with his crazy successful film and TV career, Ice Cube’s net worth is a whopping $140 million.

Ice Cube's net worth

So there you go — and if ya don’t know – now ya know!

Okay—that was actually a Biggie reference, but hey, we tried. That ends our 411 on your favorite rapper/writer/producer/director/business mogul/basketball league owner — Seesh! It’s getting kinda ridiculous buddy – what’s next – a run for President? Slow it down, eh, maybe leave room for some shroud of dignity for the rest of us!

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