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Where does Jamie Foxx live?

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Jamie Foxx House: Inside His 17,000sf Hidden Valley Home & Infamous Party Pad in Tarzana


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Thousand Oaks Home

Jamie's House Photos

Los Angeles Home
Carissa Moore
Carissa Moore

Updated on April 20, 2021

Jamie Foxx is a man who wears many hats. He sings, he acts, he does comedy, and frankly – he’s really good at all of it. From Grammy Awards to Academy Awards and everything in between, it seems like everything Jamie Foxx touches turns to gold. Most of us already know that Foxx has starred in box-office sensations including Ray, Ali, Baby Driver, and Ray. He’s also had multiple hit songs and comedy specials that have added to his long list of successful ventures in Hollywood. What some may not know about Jamie is that he’s purchased a few incredible homes throughout LA that are must-sees for any Foxx fan. Want to take a look inside Jamie Foxx house? We have everything you need right here!

Where does Jamie Foxx live?
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Where Does Jamie Foxx Live?

Jamie Foxx’s main residence is in the Hidden Valley area of Los Angeles. He previously had a home in Tarzana, CA, and grew up in his childhood home in Terrell, Texas.

Jamie Foxx House Hidden Valley

Jamie Foxx loves to entertain guests by throwing lavish parties…and there’s no better spot other than his monstrous mansion in the Hidden Hills / Thousand Oaks area! Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, Jamie Foxx mansion is impressive enough to make anyone wish they could trade places with him. The Oscar-winning actor purchased the Mediterranean-style villa in 2007 for $10.5 million. Built in 1995, his 17,000-square foot square foot home sits upon more than 40 acres of land with panoramic mountain views. Foxx’s sprawling mansion consists of 10 bedrooms, 12 baths, a formal living room and dining area, a game room, a gym, a gourmet kitchen, and a library. Jamie’s house also has a remarkable master suite with a sitting room, two fireplaces, dual master baths with a sauna and balcony, and an impressive five-car garage.

Where does Jamie Foxx live?
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Jamie’s Hidden Valley property also features a grand Olympic swimming pool with outdoor cabanas, tennis courts, double guest houses, and a fully customized basketball court complete with stadium-style seating. Aerial shots of Jamie Foxx home show that there’s always plenty of activities to keep his kids busy including two large trampolines, an outdoor playhouse, table tennis and ample trails to ride bikes. But Foxx’s favorite spot of all must be his private recording studio, where stars including Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Swizz Beatz, Drake, and P. Diddy have all recorded music. At one point, Katie Holmes even relocated from New York City into a nearby mansion to be closer to Jamie’s Hidden Valley residence. Another interesting tidbit about this property is it’s where Foxx rescued a young man from a burning vehicle after a car took place in front of his home in 2016.

Jamie Foxx House Thousand Oaks
Jeff Rayner | Coleman-Rayner | Daily Mail

Jamie Foxx House Tarzana

There’s no party like a Jamie Foxx party! It’s true that Foxx’s plush pad in Tarzana was once the hub for some of the most epic star-studded parties in all of Los Angeles. Jamie Foxx house parties became incredibly popular and his bachelor pad in Tarzana became the hot spot for a never-ending list of celebrity guests, and we’ve got everything you need to know about where it all went down!

Jamie Foxx purchased the infamous single-story home in 1997 for $930,000. Located in the now-celebrity-filled neighborhood, Foxx’s former party pad was built in 1949 and sits on a 0.79-acre lot. His amazing former abode features 5 beds, 6 baths, a game room, and a spacious outdoor deck next to a giant pool and a pool house. Jamie’s Tarzana house also has more than one sports court, including a basketball court with the name “Foxxhole” permanently etched onto the pavement. The outside of the property is adorned with plush palm trees and meticulous landscaping. While Jamie’s master suite features a private entrance, a steam shower, and two fireplaces, the rest of the home also boasts a large living room, a dining area equipped with an aquarium, and a theater room with a wine case. But that’s not all! The gourmet kitchen also features a cozy breakfast area, state of the art appliances and marble and granite countertops for good measure. Foxx owned the 5,428 square foot residence until 2008 after listing it for $2.3 million.

Jamie Foxx House Tarzana
Engel & Volkers LA – South Bay

Jamie Foxx House Terrell TX

We’ve talked all about his luxurious mansions throughout LA, but what about where he grew up before he found fame? Foxx grew up in Terrell Texas. There’s not much information that can be found about the actual location of Jamie Foxx childhood home, but he did mention his hometown during a 2007 interview. While Foxx flourished in Terrell as the star of his high school football team and an active member of his community, he realized that his dreams were much bigger than his small-town roots. In regard to the size of his hometown, Foxx said, “Living in Terrell at one point seemed so like being on an island. It was 12,000 people; railroad tracks separated the north and south sides.”

Jamie Foxx Family

If you want to know all about Jamie Foxx, you must want to know all about his family and his upbringing. Jamie Foxx was born to Darrell Bishop and Louise Annette Talley Dixon. As an infant, Foxx was adopted by his mother’s adoptive parents, Esther Marie Nelson and Mark Talley. Foxx also has two sisters, Deidre and DeOndra Dixon. 

Jamie Foxx Kids
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Jamie Foxx Children

If you’re wondering about Jamie Foxx children, we’ve got you covered! How many children does Jamie Foxx have? He has two daughters from previous relationships. He and retired Air Force veteran Connie Kline share a daughter named Corinne Foxx, born in 1994. Foxx and ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis also share a daughter named Anelise who was born in 2009.

Jamie Foxx Wife

And as far as Jamie Foxx wife goes…he doesn’t have one. The multifaceted star has dated some famous women over the years, but it’s safe to say that Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes relationship was the most talked about in the media. Foxx and Holmes dated off and on from 2014 up until 2019 and things seemed serious. There were rumors of an impending engagement but neither of them formally confirmed that they were even a couple (even though it was pretty obvious!).

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes
Kevin Tachman | MG19 | Getty Images

Jamie Foxx Oscar

Has Jamie Foxx ever won an Oscar? Jamie Foxx has been nominated for and received many awards over the many years he’s been in show business, but 2005 was a particularly pivotal point in his career. Jamie Foxx movies did phenomenally well that year and he was up for two Academy Awards: Best Actor for his lead role as Ray Charles in the biopic, Ray, and he was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work on the film Collateral, in which he starred opposite Tom Cruise. Foxx was lucky enough to take home the coveted Academy Award for Best Actor and it’s crystal clear that he was deserving of that Golden Globe.

Jamie Foxx Ray

Where is Jamie Foxx From?

Want to know where Jamie Foxx grew up? As we briefly touched on earlier, Foxx was born and raised in Terrell, Texas. In his teenage years he served as a pianist and choir leader at New Hope Baptist Church in his hometown. Foxx attended Terrell High School, where he earned recognition on the basketball court and the football field as the star quarterback. Foxx remained in Texas until he decided to pursue comedy and acting. Looks like moving to LA was a risk worth taking!

Jamie Foxx Real Name

What’s in a name? For Jamie Foxx, a whole lot! Jamie Foxx was actually born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967. When Foxx started doing stand-up comedy in 1989, he realized that female comedians were frequently called first to perform, so he wanted a new moniker that was memorable and would benefit his career. He chose the first name “Jamie” because it was a name used by both men and women and felt like there wouldn’t be any biases that went along with it. He then chose the surname “Foxx” as an homage to comedian Redd Foxx. And that’s how the legendary Jamie Foxx came to life!

Jamie Foxx Height

We’ve already learned a lot about Jamie Foxx, but we haven’t yet gotten to his height! Jamie Foxx is an average height for an American male, measuring 5’9 tall. 

Jamie Foxx Net Worth 

Foxx has been steadily moving up in the Hollywood ranks since his debut as an entertainer in the early 1990’s…and he has a substantial net worth to show for it! After getting his start on the sketch comedy show In Living Color, Foxx starred in his own show, The Jamie Foxx Show, which ran successfully for five seasons. Jamie Foxx also appeared in a string of movies around this time including Toys and Any Given Sunday. Foxx went on to bigger and better things when he starred in major motion pictures like Ali, Breakin’ All The Rules and Collateral, which grossed over $217 million worldwide at the box office. By this point Jamie Foxx was already a full-fledged star and he took his career a step further with his breakout performance as Ray Charles in the film Ray. Foxx also lent his acting talents to a bevy of movies including Stealth, Jarhead, Miami Vice, Dreamgirls, The Soloist, Law Abiding Citizen, Django Unchained, White House Down, and Baby Driver.

In addition to his lengthy list of credentials as an A-list actor, Foxx is also an award-winning recording artist. To date, he has released five studio albums. You may have even heard a few of his singles on the radio. How about “Blame It” featuring T-Pain (which earned Foxx a Grammy Award). Perhaps “Slow Jamz” by Twista featuring Jamie Foxx rings a bell. Or maybe you’ve heard Foxx featured on Kanye Wests’s “Gold Digger” track once or twice. And let’s not forget he’s also had several stand-up specials over the years, including Straight from the Foxxhole, Unleashed and I Might Need Security. So, how much money has all of Jamie’s hard work earned him? Jamie Foxx has a sizable net worth estimated at over $100 million.


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