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Jared Goff House Featured

Photos: Robert Hanashiro (USA Today Sports)

Jared Goff House: Photos of His Hidden Hills Home


Jared's House Photos

Hidden Hills Home

Jared's House Photos

Hermosa Beach Home
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Updated on January 25, 2022

Jared Goff house is in a wildly famous neighborhood. Below are all the details! Although he was a draft underling, Quarterback Jared Goff leads the Rams to their first Super Bowl during their first year back in Los Angeles, having come from St. Louis. While Jared has initially been the overall pick for the Pro Bowl, his lead into the Super Bowl helped open the door for other quarterbacks in next Sunday’s all-star game. Jared Goff has been steadily rising among the ranks as an influential quarterback, backed up by his youth, dedicated practice, and camaraderie among his LA Rams teammates. The watchful eyes of the NFL have been gradually keeping up to date on his progress, and with this year’s Super Bowl, he may be able to win it all for his Los Angles Rams fans.

Where does Jared Goff live?

Jared Goff has lived in California since childhood, but in more recent years of NFL fame, he lived with Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears during the offseason because they were both training in Newport, California. More on that home later.

Jared Goff House Hidden Hills (Current)

In May 2018, Jared Goff purchased a home in Hidden Hills, CA for $4,050,000. Little is known about the property, other than it’s 4,992 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. His neighbors are INSANE!

Jared Goff House Hidden Hills (Neighbors) 2

Hidden Hills is a haven for celebrities – the entire “city” is gated, creating a super-secure area. That’s why so many Kardashian’s live here, too. Goff’s property is roughly 1.24 acres on a prime corner lot. Though the home was built in 1953, it has been updated more recently. The only images of the home are really old, from a previous listing, but they give a peek into the home that we’re pretty sure Jared has updated.

He purchased the home via a trust, but we dug into property records and found his name on the records. We were 99% sure we had the correct home, but this discovery sealed the deal.

Check out the interior here: Jared Goff House Photos and Address! 

Jared Goff House Hermosa Beach, CA (Current)

With a fresh $134 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Rams, Jared Goff plopped down $5.8 million on a beach house in LA’s Hermosa Beach. According to our friends at, respected developer RJ Smith Construction built the 3,282 square foot home that sits only a block from the beach. Little is known about the home because the deal was made off-market, but Dirt says RJ Smith is known for “their warm contemporary take on interior decor, with chic gourmet kitchens and open-plan living spaces, plus plenty of large windows for an abundance of natural light.”

Check out all the details of Jared Goff’s Hermosa Beach getaway here!

Jared Goff Oak Park Home (Former)

In May of 2018, Jared sold his Oak Park, CA for $1.775M. The 4,315 square foot, single-story home features distressed wood floors, high ceilings, and fireplaces in the living room, family room, and game den. He originally paid $1.6 million for the home, which has a kitchen with a large island,  5 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, a covered patio, built-in barbeque, a custom swimming pool and spa, and a gated courtyard.

Jared Goff House Newport Beach (Former, shared with Trubisky)

Now, back to that house, he shared with Trubisky. According to Goff, during an interview with Barstool Radio, he said they met through the process, where they get to spend time together and hang out at the beach. Trubisky paid $950,000 for a six-bedroom, 5,577 square-foot home that includes two fireplaces, a grand foyer, a two-story family room, a walk-out basement with a wet bar and recreational room. The house is located as a subdivision of a golf course near the Independence Grove Forest Preserve.

Jared Goff Net Worth

Rams quarterback Jared Goff has a net worth of $16 million. However, while his net worth may seem huge, it’s quite small if you were to look at the comparisons of other quarterbacks in the NFL. According to Spotrac, Rams QB Jared Goff salary is $2,989,788 along with a $4,629,577 signing bonus. According to many sports analysts, Goff’s contract is a rookie contract, which makes sense since he’s only been in the NFL for a few years. The contract is worth $27,937,673 and carries an $8,889,260 cap hit. Goff is only halfway through the contract and many consider his contract to pale in comparison to many other seasoned players.

Many had also critiqued his in-game performance, becasue before the big announcement of his success into the Super Bowl, he was faulting in his area of expertise. His performance this year was critiqued hard by professional sports analysts, stating that his games in December of 2018 were considerably terrible, statistically speaking. Many critics, such as Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talks, stated that his performance had been terrible and that although he’s considered to be a good football player, being good doesn’t always make the cut.

Apparently, he listened, making his way out of the Pro Bowl games and into the famed Super Bowl. As Rams QB Jared Goff contract for the Rams heads into its final year, the LA Rams will be picking his fifth-year option for the 2020 season, paying him an amount of $21 million that season. Nevertheless, Goff won’t hit free agency until 2021 and will most likely reinstate his contract for another year or so, thus leading his future in the Superbowl to be a game-changer in his sports career.

Where is Jared Goff from?

Rams quarterback Jared Goff grew up in Kentfield, CA, where he played for the Marin Catholic High School football team. His plays in high school helped him become the first freshman to start as quarterback for the University of California Golden Bears. From there, in 2015, he led the California Bears to their first winning season, giving him the chance to become a professional NFL quarterback at a very young age. The NFL Draft chose him for his 20 school records, which he achieved by the end of his junior college season, he was then declared an overall pick for the 2016 NFL draft.

Jared Goff Taylor Swift

So, fun fact about Jared Goff: he likes to listen to Taylor Swift before the start of each game. According to a report by Yahoo! back in 2016, Goff says Taylor Swift is cool, a great performer, and she’s fun to listen to. His teammates like to tease him about this at times, and Goff hopes to catch Swift’s attention once he reaches a level of fame.

His teammates even support the idea, calling her out on Twitter for potential hookups, hoping she’ll slide into his DMs. In fact, he may have caught her attention with his 2019 Super Bowl appearance. For those wishing that Taylor Swift could perform at the Halftime show, sadly it isn’t the case.

Taylor Swift isn’t playing for the halftime show, but instead, it’s the pop-rock band Maroon 5 this time with their hit songs such as “This Love,” “Payphone” and “Sugar.” Who knows, maybe she can just look past his tiny, but growing hands and see what connections will be made after everyone sees the final results of this year’s Super Bowl LIII.


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