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Jeffree Star House Featured

Photo: @jeffreestar (Instagram)

Jeffree Star House: 8 Gorgeous Photos of His Calabasas Compound + His Shocking Net Worth!


Jeffree's House Photos

Calabasas Home

Jeffree's House Photos

Calabasas Home

Jeffree's House Photos

Casper Home
Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on April 19, 2021

Okay, guys, I’m super excited about this one because I definitely have more than a major obsession with none other than Mr. Jeffree Star. Star is absolutely my favorite YouTube personality EVER. And once you see Jeffree Star house photos, you’ll be on my team.

Keep in mind I’m a glutton for beautiful hot messes and much of my obsession is due to the fact that Star is an over-the-top sass queen with absolutely no filter who’s got more beef than Hormel chili. I literally can’t take it – his makeup is always insanely on point and the cosmetics line, folks, is straight #fiah.

If you love any and everything about this YouTube sensation, then you’re in luck – this article is here to give you the #411 on all of your favorite questions surrounding one of the most famous #instacelebs to ever hit the internet.

Where does Jeffree Star live?

Jeffree Star House Hidden Hills

In December 2019, Jeffree Star dropped $14.58 million on an early Christmas gift for himself – a massive Hidden Hills home!

The 19,549 square foot mansion was built in 2009 and sits on nearly 3 acres of prime real estate at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac. Previously owned by a part-time actress and her husband, the former Managing Director of George Soros’ Soros Fund Management, the home is one of the largest in Hidden Hills.

Below are photos and a description of the place, but given what we know about Jeffree’s former home in Calabasas, he’s going to be renovating this place from top to bottom…with lots of pink!

Per Variety, who broke the news:

Set at the very end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the coveted Ashley Ridge section of Hidden Hills, the turret-laden structure was designed in the French Normandy architectural style, per the listing, though it’s perhaps best-described as the ultimate swan song of mid-2000s suburban residential excess.

Out front, the spacious motorcourt can easily accommodate two dozen pink Teslas, and formal gardens of manicured topiaries and Italian cypresses surround the soaring entryway, where the limestone columns and custom doors are guaranteed to impress guests.

Inside, the airplane hanger-sized foyer is topped by a dome with leaded stained glass, while a double staircase with intricate wrought iron detailing ascends to a second-level balcony overlooking a living room with marble floors and three oversized Palladian windows. Beyond that, a wet bar sits just outside a spacious family room with hardwood floors. There’s also a warehouse-sized kitchen with honey-hued cabinetry, a full array of top-notch stainless appliances and two islands, one of them an oddly comma-shaped affair with room for at least eight eat-in diners.

Jeffree Star House Calabasas

Star has a gorgeous house in Calabasas and the only way to describe it is – palatial. Literally. It’s like a huge freaking palace. Star really hit the jackpot with this one. In fact, according to a listing for it, it was the only brand-new construction on the market at the time in the entire city of Calabasas. The 9-bedroom, 8-bathroom, 7,100 square foot home is worth an estimated $4.77 million. Not too shabby given he paid $3.1 million in 2015.

Star’s beautiful abode is located in the gated Calabasas Park & Estates community and includes a 4-car garage with a gorgeous panoramic view of the mountains and valleys. It was originally built just three years ago in 2016 and includes everything from high-end custom closets to gorgeous outdoor loggias, fountains, a BBQ center, library, and four fireplaces.

If you follow him on Instagram or Snapchat (newsflash, you should!), you’ve seen his house – it’s very pink! Here are a few of the listing photos, before he got his hands on it.

And this is what it looks like NOW:

And lastly, here’s a jaw-dropping video from Jeffree’s YouTube channel where he reveals his insane closet, protected by a vault door.

Jeffree Star House Fire

California is notorious for its wicked wildfire season and even celebrities are forced to feel the burn. Star was one of many who were ordered to evacuate in the fall of 2018. At the time, the celebrity was actually in Italy on business, but his mother and dogs were forced to leave their home during the raging fires that swept through the area. Thankfully, his home survived.

Jeffree Star Michigan House

Star also has what he refers to as a “second home” in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Star reported on YouTube that he purchased the home in the area for his boyfriend and his family back in 2017 as a place to “relax”, get away from L.A. for a few days and  “start a new chapter” with his boyfriend and his family.

Try as we might, we can’t find any info on the home’s location, style, nothing! #JustGiveUsTime 😉

Jeffree Star Cars

If you follow this feisty personality as much as I do then chances are you already know Star has a soft spot for a candy painted luxury car – specifically – bubblegum pink. In fact, Star has acquired more than one car in this color. He posted a BMW i8 Coupe in bubblegum pink to his Instagram at one point which was absolutely to die for, but that’s not where it ends. Star has also purchased a Lamborghini Huracan in the same color as well as a pink BMW Z4, a hot pink Tesla Model X, and my personal favorite – a black and pink Rolls Royce Wraith. #Jellyyyyyyyy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree created his very own cosmetics line back in 2014. Star emptied his life savings into this pursuit and thank God he did because without it our sorry little souls wouldn’t have Jeffree Star cosmetics. Seriously though – the line is straight fire. According to, it’s reported that Star makes a massive $7.2 million per product launch.

Jeffree Star Before

Before Jeffree Star was practically a household name, he was just a regular old kid growing up in Orange County, California. When Star was just six years old his father committed suicide, and as a result, Star was raised by his mother for the majority of his life. He started to develop an interest in makeup as a child and eventually was able to convince his mother to let him wear it in junior high.

After Star graduated, he moved to Los Angeles and began supporting himself with his makeup artistry and various modeling and music gigs. He eventually made his way to Myspace and the rest is history.

In his younger years, before the neon hair and looks we’ve come to love, Jeffree was rocking a major goth look. Spiked black/red hair and all. Oh, and maybe a nip and tuck here and there. 😉

Jeffree Star Before and After

Jeffree Star YouTube

Jeffree Star, ironically enough, started to initially gain popularity on the platform Myspace. Back in the early 2000s star began to amass quite a following on the channel and eventually became the most followed individual on the platform back in 2006.

Star may have begun promoting his cosmetics line in 2014, be he had been a seasoned veteran on Youtube’s platform by this time. His very first video, in fact, was uploaded in 2008 and was titled “Jeffree Star Speaking Just the Facts…”. The video has gained 1.7 million views to date. Since then, he’s uploaded over 300 videos, most of which have reached millions of views.

Jeffree Star Age

Star was born November 15, 1985, which makes this sassy superstar a Scorpio.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

What does Jeffree Star make in a year

According to one of our favorite sources on celebrity incomes, the YouTube sensation is worth a whopping $50 million. Based on his YouTube statistics, it’s estimated that Star makes around $4,000 per day from his streaming alone. This translates to $1.5 million per year. But that’s just his YouTube income folks. Most of you already know that Star has several side projects including brand deals, modeling, singing/songwriting, and real estate, but perhaps his most profitable is his cosmetics line. According to Cosmopolitan, the internet sensation told David Dobrik back in 2018 that his actual net worth is $150 million.

How Jeffree Star Started His Company

Star has had numerous entrepreneurial pursuits, and in 2014, he started his own e-commerce cosmetics line and then decided to start promoting it on YouTube. Star’s initial investment was his life savings so at the time it was an extremely risky endeavor. Needless to say, it paid off.

Star had already been a pretty massive internet celebrity at the time thanks to Myspace, and even though his music career flopped, he still made a name for himself. Star began relentlessly promoting himself and his new line on YouTube and became hugely successful due to his spunky personality, expert makeup skills, and celebrity guests. As of today, he’s amassed a whopping 15 million followers on the platform and uses it to continue to grow his massively successful cosmetic empire.



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