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Where does Joe Biden live?

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Joe Biden House: From His Delaware Digs to His Rehoboth Retreat


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Wilmington Home

Joe's House Photos

Rehoboth Beach Home

Joe's House Photos

Washington Home
Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall

Updated on April 20, 2021

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is a United States politician who held a senate seat from 1973 to 2009 and was the 47th Vice President of the United States during Barack Obama’s presidential term from 2009 to 2017. Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and raised in New Castle County, Delaware, Joe Biden was the firstborn of Catherine Eugenia Biden and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Before we get to the details of Joe Biden house and the highly sought-after Joe Biden home photos, let’s recap where this political icon came from…

Joe Biden Home
John Minchillo | AP

During his school years, Biden attended Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware and excelled in the high school’s football team as a wide receiver. After graduating in 1961, he would go on to earn a bachelor’s in 1965 at the University of Delaware with a double major in political and history science, all the while still participating in college sports. Biden was interested in becoming involved in politics at a very early age, aspiring to be a U.S. senator by age 30 and eventually make his way to the white house. After earning his law degree at Syracuse University College of Law, Biden spent 6 months as a clerk at Wilmington law firm before becoming a public defender in 1969. Later that year, he would launch his first political campaign for New Castle County Council and ended up winning by 2,000 votes. In 1972, with almost no funds and a near-zero chance of winning, Biden ran for U.S. Senate in Delaware. He enlisted the help of his sister to manage his campaign, while also using papers and face-to-face meetings with locals to sway voters. His campaign at the time focused on the environment, taxes, the withdrawal from Vietnam, health care, and civil rights. Despite the lack of funding and his slim-to-no odds of winning, Biden won the election and became the 6th youngest senator in U.S. history. Currently, Joe Biden is one of the presidential candidates running in the 2020 election. Though “middle-class Joe” started with humble beginnings, it seems his future political ventures paid off well – but don’t just take our word for it, keep scrolling for an inside look at the Joe Biden house, his net worth, and his family. 

Where Does Joe Biden Live?

So, where does a former VP/ possible future President of the United States go after a long day of doing…political stuff? Here’s a sneak peak into some of the impressive real estate that Joe Biden has called home!

Joe Biden House Delaware

Located in an upscale neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe and wife Jill Biden’s stunning lakeside mansion is no joke! The Colonial-style estate, built in 1998, comes with 6-bedrooms and 7-bathroom as well as 5 fireplaces, a basement garage, and 5,748 square feet of living space.

The residence sits on 4.17 acres of land and features plenty of lush vegetation that provides not only privacy but lots of gorgeous atmosphere for nature lovers. The backyard features a swimming pool, ample outdoor entertainment space, and a crystal-clear view of the bordering lake. According to property records, the Biden family purchased the Delaware home in 1996 for $350k and its current estimated worth is around $961k. 

Where does Joe Biden live?
The Main House | Google Maps
Where does Joe Biden live?
The Guard Gate, Secret Service Blocking the Driveway | Google Maps

Joe Biden House Rehoboth

Boasting 6 bedrooms (3 of which are masters), 5 bathrooms, and 4,786 square feet living space, this beautiful home, just north of Rehoboth Beach, was picked up by the Biden’s back in 2017 for $2.7 million. Built in 2007, this beach house features views of Gordon’s Pond and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Interior amenities to the Joe Biden home include a large gourmet kitchen (if you’ve ever tried to cook in an apartment-sized kitchen, you’d consider this an amenity too!), 3 indoor fireplaces, and an elevator. As for outdoor activities, the home features multiple decks, a stone patio with fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen perfect for cookouts with family and friends.    

Where does Joe Biden live?
Michael Bacher | Jack Lingo

Joe Biden House Washington DC (Former)

While the Biden family no longer calls this mega-mansion home, we thought it still deserved a shoutout. This massive Victorian home, built in 1893, has been the residence of not just Joe Biden, but 6 other Vice Presidents! Each family who has been granted the privilege of staying in this historical home has left their mark on the residence in some form or other – from Joan Mondale’s pottery still decorating the estate’s interior to the Gore’s indigenous and native greenery planted outside – every single square inch of this property houses some piece of American history. The mansion sits directly within the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory, located in Northwest Washington, D.C. 

Features include a spacious foyer, library, formal dining room, and a sunroom that overlooks the property’s lush garden. Additionally, there is also a galley kitchen on one of the upper levels (restored by the Cheney family), a luxurious master suite on the second floor, 4 bedrooms on the third floor, and a heated pool in the backyard. The Biden family moved out of the mansion in 2017 to make way for current vice president, Mike Pence, and wife Karen.

Where does Joe Biden live?
David Lienemann | Mark Wilson-Getty | Charles Dharapak-AP

Is Joe Biden a Democrat?

Yes! Since his very early beginnings in the world of politics back in 1970, Joe Biden has associated himself with the Democratic Party. As the Obama Vice President from 2009 to 2017, you better believe he’s a Democrat 😉 

Was Biden in the military?

At the height of the Vietnam War, Biden received a draft deferment while still attending school and by 1968 he was reclassified as being unable to serve in the military due to suffering from asthma in his teens. 

Joe Biden Family

Despite Joe’s success in politics, things have not always been easy for the Biden’s – there’s actually been a lot of tragedy behind the scenes. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the former Vice President’s family.  

joe biden young

Jill Biden, Joe Biden Wife

Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden is the wife of former Vice President Joe Biden and served as the second lady from 2009 to 2017. Born in Hammonton, New Jersey, Jill wed Joe Biden in 1977 and became the stepmother of Joe’s two sons Beau and Hunter. The couple would welcome their daughter, Ashley Biden, in 1981. During her school years, Jill earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware, a master’s from both West Chester University as well as Villanova University, and a doctoral degree from the University of Delaware.

Following her education, Jill went on to teach high school reading and English for 13 years and also acted as a teacher for children with emotional disorders at a psychiatric hospital. Not content with simply living in luxury as the wife of a Vice President, Jill is believed to be the only second lady of the United States to actually work a full-time job while her husband served as VP during that time. Since 2009, she has dedicated her time to teaching writing and English at Delaware Technical & Community College and has also been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College.

Neilia Hunter

Neilia Hunter was Joe Biden’s first wife and the mother of their three children: Beau, Hunter, and Naomi Christina. Tragically, in December of 1972, both Neilia and her daughter Naomi died in a car accident while out shopping for Christmas presents. 3-year-old Beau and 2-year-old Hunter were also in the vehicle at the time but survived the accident.

Beau Biden

Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III was an attorney, politician, officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and the eldest son of Joe Biden. Beau was born in Wilmington, Delaware on February 3, 1969, and died of brain cancer on May 30, 2015 at the age of 46. During his school years, Beau Biden graduated from Archmere Academy, the very same high school his father attended, and went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania and then Syracuse University College of Law (also where his father graduated). Beau would go on to pursue a career in law, acting as a clerk for Judge Steven McAuliffe of the District Court of New Hampshire and then eventually became a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office. He would later take on the position as Delaware’s attorney general. In 2003, Beau joined the Delaware Army National Guard and was deployed to Iraq in 2008. During his year of active duty, Biden earned a Bronze Star Medal and after his death would be awarded a Legion of Merit medal for his service.

Hunter Biden

Robert Hunter Biden is a lobbyist, lawyer, and youngest son of Joe Biden. Like his father and older brother, Hunter attended Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware. He went on to graduate from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s in history before serving as a volunteer Jesuit at a church in Oregon. It was here where he would meet Kathleen Buhle, the woman that he would end up marrying in 1993. After spending a year at Georgetown University Law Center, Biden transferred to Yale and graduated from the law school in 1996. Currently, Hunter Biden acts as a board member at Burisma Holdings Limited, a holding company for a group of energy production and exploration companies at the center of yet another political scandal.

joe biden young

Joe Biden Net Worth

Maybe you’ve been wondering “how much is Joe Biden worth?” or “what’s Jill Biden’s net worth?” keep reading for all the deets.

According to a 2019 estimate from Forbes, Joe and Jill Biden have collectively amassed a net worth of $9 million, with most of the wealth coming from book royalties and public speaking events. Between 2017 and 2018, Mr. and Mrs. Biden earned around $15.6 million from royalties and paid speaking engagements alone.

Joe Biden Age

As of March 2020, Joe Biden is 77 years old. Despite his age, however, the former VP shows zero signs of slowing down and continues his presidential campaign across the country.

Joe Biden Birthday

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942. So, for you star sign lovers out there, that would make Mr. Biden a Sagittarius.


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