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Where does Johnny Depp live?

Johnny Depp House in LA: It’s Very ‘Jack Sparrow’!


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Jessica Frye

Updated on March 7, 2024

Johnny Depp is one of the hippest people alive and has been since he came on the scene in the late eighties. Not many actors can pull off that mystique for decades and he continues to do it. (Don’t mention Amber Heard. Don’t mention Amber Heard.). Ok, moving on. Below are all the Johnny Depp house details you could ever need!

Johnny Depp House

With so many of us still enthralled and engrossed in the life of one of the greatest actors out there, we put together answers to some of the most asked questions about this freakishly awesome man. From Johnny Depp’s house, where he lives, to his ancestry, we have your ultimate Johnny Depp guide right here!

Where Does Johnny Depp Live?

Depp has had real estate all over the world. He has property in Los Angeles, France (he owns a village, guys!), and the Bahamas (he owns an island, guys!). Recent reports state that Depp also recently purchased an estate in Somerset, England in 2023 – though nothing about the property has been revealed yet.

Johnny Depp Penthouse Los Angeles (Former)

Johnny Depp’s Los Angeles real estate holdings have consolidated in recent years, as he has sold off multiple penthouses in Downtown LA in the Art Deco Eastern Columbia Building. One of the units, which he sold in 2017 for $1.425 million, was a 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo.

The unit featured vaulted ceilings and exposed brick walls in the master suite as well as a marble bathroom and a lounge area. How big is the condo, you ask? It’s 1,839 square feet of luxury living space.


Johnny Depp Castle Hollywood Hills (Current)

His main residence is located on a tiny street in the Hollywood Hills and resembles a gothic castle and boasts 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Where does Johnny Depp Live?

Johnny Depp bought the property in 1995 for $1.8 million. It’s reported that the compound has 5 houses. What we can confirm is the size of the main house. It’s a whopping 7,430 square feet.

The estate is protected by a large privacy fence and is surrounded by lush tropical trees and other greenery.


More Photos of Johnny Depp’s House in Los Angeles

What Race Is Johnny Depp?

This is a bit of a loaded question as Depp himself has claimed that he was told he was Cherokee Indian or Creek Indian. It’s possible but those who research celebrity ancestry – and they are very thorough – can’t find anything about it on record in his family history.

He is mainly of European descent; however, there is a bit of an interesting detail in the background of his ancestry. He can be traced back to a black slave named Martha whose daughter was the first female slave to free herself using the legal system. Elizabeth Key’s father was a white Englishman and she used the fact that she had an English father as her defense to win freedom for both her and her son.

This ancestry puts Johnny Depp in the 3/2048 African range. And what a unique piece of history to be related to. Is there anything about Johnny that isn’t cool? (Let’s not mention that divorce.)

Where Was Johnny Depp Born?

Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. This gives Kentucky more cool points with both Depp and Jennifer Lawrence hailing from there.

Where was Johnny Depp born?

What Movies Has Johnny Depp Played In?

This is a very long list. Our guy has a prolific career with both huge movies and independent film. At this point, he is probably most known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean but there is just so much more. You can view the full list on his IMDB page.

What movies has Johnny Depp played in?

Does Johnny Depp Have a Twitter Account?

No, he does not. I’m thinking he had enough of social media when he had his MySpace account. What did Tom do to him?

Where Does Johnny Depp Live in France?

Depp owns a village in the South of France. Ever heard of the French Riviera? It’s practically paradise! Below, we get a glimpse of the small restaurant and other buildings in the village.

Where Does Johnny Depp live in France?

It’s called Le Plan-de-la-Tour, France and is ten miles from Saint-Tropez, France. Depp purchased a 37-acre estate in 2001 which included an entire village built in 1812. After purchasing the village, Depp threw down an additional $10 million to restore and update many of the stone buildings on the estate.

There are over a dozen structures that collectively measure over 10,000 square feet and boast a whopping 15-bedrooms and 14-bathrooms. Some of the most notable features to the village include a church that Depp converted into a guest house, a swimming pool, a private restaurant named “Cafe Marcheline”, and an art studio.

Where Does Johnny Depp live in France?

As of July 2016, it was on the market for $55 million. As of 2024, the property is still reportedly on the market.

What Type of Hat Does Johnny Depp Wear?

Most of the time, Johnny Depp wears a fedora because he’s a cool cat like that. He has so many different styles and colors. One fedora for every day of the year, it seems.

What type of hat Does Johnny Depp wear?

Does Johnny Depp Use Eyeliner?

Most of the time, yes. Yes, he does. And he rocks that eyeliner. It’s part of what makes him look so mysterious.

Where Does Johnny Depp shop for Clothes?

Johnny boy mainly visits a store called Mister Freedom for his threads. Mister Freedom is owned by a French man located right next to the iconic Beverly Cinema. The French Connection does not go unnoticed. Did his ex Vanessa Paradis introduce him?

Does Johnny Depp Smoke?

He does. He has smoked for years. People often wonder if he finally quit or switched to E-cigarettes but as of April 2017, he was caught still smoking the tobaccy with one of his infamous hand-rolled cigarettes on his way to the set.

Does Johnny Depp smoke?

How Many Times Has Johnny Depp Been Married?

He has actually been married twice. Once when he was 20 for three years to a makeup artist before he became famous and then to Amber Heard (shhh, don’t say her name too loudly). He has been engaged quite a bit, though. Quite a bit.

What Charities Does Johnny Depp Support?

From Children’s Hospital and animal shelters to international aid foundations, Depp has been involved with various charities throughout the years. He has a huge soft spot for sick children. He supports many different charities that help sick kids and he will do surprise visits for them in hospitals all over the world.

How Old Was Johnny Depp in Platoon?

Platoon was at the very start of his career. He was around 23 years old when he was in Oliver Stone’s brilliant film. Here is a clip for your viewing pleasure.

How old was Johnny Depp in Platoon?

Does Johnny Depp Sing in Sweeney Todd?

Yes, he does! Everybody in the cast does. The Depp we know and love who takes his job seriously, self-trained at home. #Dedication

Does Johnny Depp Own an Island?

Yes, yes he does, in the Bahamas. Named “Little Hall’s Pond Cay”, the island is 45 acres and features 6 beaches, which Depp named Paradis, Lily Rose, Jack, Brando, and Gonzo. Visitors of the islands can expect to find lush vegetation, gorgeous white sands, and crystal clear waters awaiting them.

There’s even a scuba diving spot not far from the island that Depp calls “Heath’s place” after the late actor Heath Ledger. The island has been Depp’s private slice of paradise since 2004, but it was recently listed for sale as he is trying to liquidate his assets at the moment. He finally decided to trust his accountant and management when they said he had to downsize a bit. Must be tough giving up an island.

Does Johnny Depp own an island?

It’s all good, though because his business managers and partners pushed him to get rid of his $18 million yacht, so he sold it to JK Rowling! This sale also included a $350,000 a month upkeep. Yikes, JK!

How Many Oscars Has Johnny Depp Won?

He has been nominated for three but hasn’t won the coveted statue yet. He is the Susan Lucci of hip, fedora-wearing actors.

What College Did Johnny Depp Go To?

Johnny Depp never went to college. He actually didn’t even finish high school. He quit when he was 15 to pursue a career in music. Things went a different way, we hear.

What kind of Sunglasses Does Johnny Depp Wear?

Depp is definitely known for his style and his slick shades are a huge part of that considering he wears them on the red carpet all the time. Our insider tells us that Lemtosh Sun from Moscot is his preferred sunglass of choice in recent years. Not too shabby. By the way, our insider happens to be Moscot themselves who have a page dedicated to him here.

What kind of sunglasses does Johnny Depp wear?

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