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Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Updated on January 25, 2022

JoJo Siwa, the 16-year-old YouTube and Nickelodeon star with loads of merch and money, purchased a home in Los Angeles in June of 2017. But what does Jojo Siwa house look like? More on that in a few.

Initially making her appearance on the big screen through Lifetime’s show Dance Moms, JoJo Siwa brings enormous amounts of energy and life to her audiences, amassing over 9.7 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, Its JoJo Siwa, where she posts all kinds of ridiculousness.


So, how did such a girl come to be in the spotlight? How was she able to get her mansion at 14 years old? Here, we’re going to give you the basic outline on this teenage star and maybe unintentionally develop a little bit of envy for loads of success she’s made over the past few years.

Where does JoJo Siwa live?

From a small town girl living in Omaha, Nebraska to a celebrity living in Los Angeles, JoJo Siwa has made quite a living for herself with her music videos and merchandise. Although not many sources weren’t been able to pinpoint the exact location of her house, she bought a new mansion at the end of 2019 and we found it! Whether she’s babysitting for Kim Kardashian’s child North West or hanging out with Jake Paul, she has leveraged her proximity to the most famous people in the world. And folks like Kim K recognize JoJo has a passionate fans base that are much younger…which means collaborating with her introduces them to a whole new crowd. Ok, back to the house…

JoJo Siwa House Tarzana Los Angeles (Current)

In December 2019, JoJo dropped $3,425,000 on a brand new mansion in Tarzana, CA. Variety’s broke the news after seeing JoJo’s new house tour on YouTube and they summed it up perfectly:

Gated and camera-watched for privacy and security, the half-acre property features a generous motorcourt — perfect for parking an attention-grabbing Tesla or “Beamer” adorned with Siwa’s signature wild custom paint jobs — and an attached three-car garage that will likely be converted, as in Siwa’s Sherman Oaks starter home, into a merch “warehouse.”

The Mediterranean-style palace offers more than 6,000 square feet of living space, including a grand double-height foyer with marble floors and an elegantly curved staircase. There’s a gourmet kitchen with two islands, high-end appliances and an adjacent family room with a jet black fireplace. The formal dining room easily seats 10, and the snazzy living room opens directly — via French doors — to a covered outdoor loggia. There’s also a convenient wet bar trimmed in some sort of exotic wood, though Siwa has already converted that into an age-appropriate candy bar, with jars filled full of sugary goodness.

Other luxe amenities include a study and a lavish master suite with two custom closets, another wet bar, private patio and spa-style bath. Three more ensuite bedrooms and a laundry room complete the upstairs, while the property’s backyard offers a half-court sports court, outdoor kitchen and swimming pool with inset spa and Baja shelf.

Where does JoJo Siwa live?


JoJo Siwa House Los Angeles (Former)

Now, what about this girl’s house that makes it so unique? Well, while usually celebrities and YouTube stars have mansions, they have modern, sleek decorations that bring awe to the minds of dreaming adults… but JoJo Siwa, on the other hand, is all about the candy, the colorful bows, and everything pink and glittery.

Her former mansion shocked the world and was basically covered with posters and wall decorations with her face as the prime spotlight. From what you can see from the tour of her house, the estate has a living room with a fireplace, an expansive kitchen with an island, a staircase, a family room, and of course, her bedroom and bathroom. The mansion, however, looks a lot bigger than what JoJo Siwa shows her audience. It’s most likely because she’s still an underage teenager and protecting her home from fans is a top priority for her parents.


JoJo Siwa House Tour (video)

Her house tours are loved by her fans and it’s the easiest way to gain insight into her lifestyle given the difficulty in finding real estate listing photos or anything of the kind. During the Thanksgiving/Christmas tour of her house, the tour of her house included so many JoJo Siwa themed decorations, including stickers on the walls and tables, lollipops on the kitchen walls, a giant Christmas tree containing merch, gum and candy dispensers, a nacho machine, a toy claw machine, and just so much more.

If you can imagine a little girl’s dream home, then this would be it. Glitter, unicorns, pretty pink bows, you name it. If you want the full experience, check out the video below to fully understand the level of crazy this girl lives in. I guess her parents are cool with it given she is now the breadwinner? 



Who is JoJo Siwa?

JoJo Siwa, born as Joelle Joanie Siwa, grew up in Omaha, Nebraska with her parents. Her father is a chiropractor, and her mother is a dance instructor. Growing up homeschooled, her first real appearance on live television came when she first appeared on the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms. Dance Moms centered around larger than life dance coach Abby Lee Miller, where girls in their preteens would face the ruthless instruction and dance-offs of the now embattled dance teacher.


JoJo Siwa, with her bright personality and expressive manners, made it up to the Top Five finalist until she was eliminated during season 2. She then went on to continue her YouTube career, creating her first music video “Boomerang,” which has accumulated over 705 million views!

How Old is JoJo Siwa?

As of this being published, she’s 16-years-old. Her age doesn’t dissuade her from keeping up that kiddy appearance, though!

How tall is JoJo Siwa?

She’s 5’ 9”! In one of her most recent videos, she answered googled questions about herself. When the topic of her height came around, she looked up the Wikipedia biography of her and noticed it labeled her as 5’ 7”, to which she corrected it, saying she was “more like 5’ 8 and a half” or 5’ 9”. Since then, the internet has been losing it over her height, trying to find comparison and seeing if this is true. Well, it is. The most significant proof of this was through one of her photos on Instagram when she posed with YouTube star Ryland Adams after visiting him, who is reported to be 5’ 8”.

Does JoJo Siwa have siblings?

She does have siblings! Her brother, Jayden Siwa, is also a vlogger, although he doesn’t have as many subscribers as his little sister. Admittedly, he creates vlogs on food, travel, and his interactions with his little sister. While he isn’t as popular as his sister, he’s pretty dedicated at keeping up with his modest fanbase and maintaining the community he has. From the looks of things, Jayden and JoJo have a really close relationship. 

Jojo Siwa Brother Jayden Siwa

JoJo Siwa Net Worth

Depending on the source, JoJo Siwa is worth over $12 million. How do the numbers break down? According to Socialblade, her main channel Its JoJo Siwa, she earns between $16.9k-$270.4k a month (that’s between $202.8k to $3.2 million a year) depending on how her videos perform. That said, those numbers are the bare minimum. She is likely with a YouTuber agency who’s making her much more than that. Her other YouTube channel, JoJo Siwa Vlogs, brings in between  $67.5k to $1.1 million each year.

In addition to her YouTube presence, JoJo is also monetizing her other social media through brand deals, as well as her incredible lucrative merch lines at Walmart, Target, and Claire’s.








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