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Julio Jones House: Inside his Slew of Atlanta Homes!


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Sarah Paschall

Updated on April 19, 2021

Quintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones is a professional football player and wide receiver for the National Football League’s (NFL) Atlanta Falcons. An Alabama native, Jones began playing football as a wide receiver and defensive end with the Lions high school football team while attending Foley High School (long before he could afford the crazy Julio Jones house we’ll talk about later). It was here that he would gain recognition and popularity in the sport for his phenomenal statistics on the field. Jones would later attend Alabama University and play with the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team.


In addition to football, Jones also participated in other sports such as basketball, track, and was even the state champion in the triple jump and long jump for two years between 2006 and 2007. In 2011, however, Jones’ dreams of a professional career in football would finally come to fruition when he was drafted into the NFL, being selected by the Atlanta Falcons with the 6th overall pick. Since then, Julio Jones has continued to impress Falcons fans with his outstanding prowess on the field and his overall dedication to the sport.

Where Does Julio Jones Live?

In 2018, numerous media outlets reported that Jones was doing some serious real estate shopping in Atlanta, Georgia. He purchased not one, but three different homes within the span of a week!

The first of his purchases was a completely renovated 4-bedroom ranch-style home in an Atlanta suburb for $532,500. Literally 24 hours later, the professional athlete grabs up yet another renovated home, this time in Atlanta’s Briarmoor Manor, for $555,000. Both these properties, though purchased by Jones, are believed to be meant for relatives and not actually Jones himself.

To add more validity to this theory, Jones has mentioned in the past that he promised his mother, Queen Marvin, both a house and a car if he ever made it to the NFL. This was in exchange for her allowing him to play football in the first place – bet she’s glad she agreed to those terms now.


Now as for Jones’ final property purchase, we’re pretty sure this one is for the big man himself.

Julio Jones House (Current)

Jones dished out $2.3 million for a two-story penthouse atop the swanky Atlanta W Building in 2018. The unit is the largest in the entire building, boasting 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathrooms, and 4,154 square feet of pure luxury living space.

The penthouse also features hardwood flooring throughout, an electric fireplace, all stainless-steel kitchen appliances, and amazing views of nearby Centennial Olympic Park. The building is within walking distance of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and has more than enough luxury amenities to keep its residents happy, including 24-hour valet service, a gym, a heated swimming pool, and even a high-rise helipad – you know, for those days you just feel like taking the old copter to work.


Julio Jones House Buford, GA (Former)

In April 2013, Julio dropped $1.25 million on an insane mansion outside Atlanta. The listing photos say there is no shortage of custom details, from the rec room and theater to the resort-style pool outback.

Julio listed the home in July 2015 for $1.75 million. He closed the sale 2 months later for $1.5 million.


Julio Jones Cars

Jones keeps it both sophisticated and simple, owning a sexy white Ferrari 458 Spider with the classic prancing stallion logo in red emblazoned on the driver’s side of the vehicle as well as red rims to match. It’s believed this customized beauty is worth $270,000.


A lover of all things with 4 wheels, Jones announced in January of 2018 that he would be launching Julio Jones Kia and Julio Jones Mazda car dealerships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Though he’s obviously not going to be at these dealerships all the time, Jones has said that he would be checking in on these locations often. So, if it’s always been your dream to be sold a car by an Atlanta Falcon football player, now may be your chance!


Julio Jones Wife

Julio Jones is an expert at keeping his private life private. In fact, no one even knows if the dude is even dating anyone, much less married!

This shroud of secrecy surrounding Jone’s love life has made way for numerous rumors of alleged girlfriends and romantic flings. A few years back, it was rumored that Jones was dating a Mexican singer by the name of Jasmine Villegas, but (supposedly) this ended up being false. Villegas had a daughter with future husband, Ronnie Banks, in 2016 and would go on to marry Banks in 2017. Honestly, we’re not entirely convinced that the two weren’t romantically linked at one time, since both Villegas and Jones were spotted several times attending basketball games together during the period they were suspected of dating.

Another rumor fresh from the mill is that Jones was dating a woman by the name of Michelle Rodriguez (no, not “Fast & Furious” Michelle Rodriguez) not long ago and the pair called it quits, but this one has ‘hoax’ written all over it, since Rodriguez has reportedly been in a serious relationship with Pittsburgh Steeler’s linebacker, Ryan Shazier, since 2012 and the couple actually got engaged in 2016.

In the end, there’s currently no available, and proven, information regarding any ladies in Jones’ life, or even his orientation for that matter. Like we said before, the guy knows how to keep his life outside the field private.

Julio Jones Son

There is no information to prove or disprove, that Julio Jones has ever fathered a child. If any information regarding this topic comes to light, Velvet Ropes will be the first to let you know!

Julio Jones Net Worth

Julio Jones’ net worth currently sits at a whopping $25 million as of 2019. After playing in over eight seasons, placing him 61st amongst the most active NFL players in 2018, Jones has collected career earnings of $76.61 million. He was the third highest paid Falcon in 2018 right behind Desmond Trufant and Matt Ryan.

Julio Jones Foundation

While you may expect a superstar football player like Jones to be using his earnings on buying mega-yachts, islands, and…whatever else filthy rich athletes buy, you’d be wrong. In truth, Jones has thrown down a staggering $200 million on a mixed-use complex in Buford, near the Mall of Georgia, for local children to use for anything from sports, entertainment, or even just a place to hang out and/or do homework.

Rather than simply placing his name on a foundation, Julio Jones has said that he prefers a more “hands-on” approach to helping his community, also saying that he doesn’t need the media to cover his good deeds (too bad Jones, you’re awesome and we want to let everyone know it).

Julio Jones Foundation




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