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Where does Kendrick Lamar live?

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Kendrick Lamar House: A Photo Tour of His Property Portfolio!


Kendrick's House Photos

Calabasas Home

Kendrick's House Photos

Manhattan Beach Home

Kendrick's House Photos

Compton Home

Kendrick's House Photos

Eastvale Home
Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall
  • Kendrick Lamar paid $523,400 for a home in Eastvale, California but never actually lived there.
  • Lamar purchased a $9.7 million mansion in Manhattan Beach, CA in an off-market deal.
  • The rapper has earned an estimated net worth of $75 million.
  • He was born and raised in Compton, CA.
  • In 2018, Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper to receive a Pulitzer Prize in music.
Kendrick Lamar Net Worth

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is an award-winning American rapper and lyricist who began his music career by recording mixtapes under the name K-Dot. At 16, Lamar signed his first contract with record label Top Dawg Entertainment and went on to release hit albums and singles that skyrocketed him to global fame. At just 34 years old, Lamar has managed to win around 45 awards (including a Pulitzer) in recognition for his musical talent and has been dubbed “The New King of the West Coast” by legendary rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Kendrick Lamar, Velvet Ropes has all the material you need right here! From his net worth to his family and the Kendrick Lamar home in Los Angeles, keep reading for all the deets below!

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?

There has been a plethora of misinformation as to where Kendrick Lamar actually calls home currently. Some reports have stated that he lived in Eastvale, California, but his real home is actually a 5,350 square foot spread in Manhattan Beach!

Kendrick Lamar House Manhattan Beach CA

Kendrick Lamar has built an impressive real estate portfolio over the years, but his place in Manhattan Beach, California has to be our favorite!

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Mark Norton | Palm Realty Boutique

Purchased in an off-market deal back in 2019 for a little over $9.7 million, this absolutely stunning 5,350 square foot boasts 4-bedrooms and 7-bathrooms.

Kendrick has done a great job of keeping this place under wraps, so there aren’t any interior photos of the residence available sadly.

Kendrick Lamar House and Net Worth
Mark Norton | Palm Realty Boutique

What we can say is that the 3 story home features a sleek contemporary design as well as a 3-car garage, a wraparound terrace, and a sea of glass that allows for fantastic views and plenty of natural lighting.

Kendrick Lamar House Eastvale CA

Kendrick Lamar purchased this 3,500 square foot home in the Los Angeles suburb of Eastvale for $523,400 in 2014, but never actually lived there!

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Luigi Stopani and Nazar Kalayji | Provident Real Estate

In reality, Lamar snapped up the spacious property for the sole purpose of moving his family there, not himself.

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Luigi Stopani and Nazar Kalayji | Provident Real Estate

Boasting 4-bedrooms, 2.5-bathrooms, and a swimming pool, the residence was built in 2006 and sits on a 7,841 square foot lot, giving the family plenty of space during their stay in the home.

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Luigi Stopani and Nazar Kalayji | Provident Real Estate

In 2021, for reasons unknown, Kendrick decided to put the spacious property back on the market, this time for a whopping $800,000.

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Luigi Stopani and Nazar Kalayji | Provident Real Estate

Don’t feel bad for the Duckworth fam though, because Kendrick hooked them up with an uber swanky, 5,400 square foot mansion in Kardashian Town – aka Calabasas! (photos below).

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?

The new family home is actually an investment property owned by Kendrick and is said to be worth $2.65 million. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 3,529 square feet of living space. Amenities include a swimming pool, spa, gym, and massive home office!

Kendrick Lamar House Compton

Kendrick Lamar home in Compton, aka his childhood residence, is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Compton, California.

Where Does Kendrick Lamar Live?
Ernst & Haas Co.

While the residence is substantially more modest than Lamar’s recent property investments, many fans of the rapper still flock to this address for a peek at Kendrick’s old family home.

One of the main reasons why this place is his most popular is likely due to it being featured on the front cover of his album Bad Kids Chill City.

The home features 1,200 square feet of living space as well as a 2-car garage, decent sized kitchen with stainless steel fridge, and 2 full bathrooms each with its own bathtub.

Kendrick Lamar House and Net Worth
Ernst & Haas Co.

The Compton-based casa was up for rent back in 2016 for $1,895 a month, but property records indicate it’s currently off the market.

Kendrick Lamar House Shoes

While Kendrick Lamar has never been deeply involved in style trends over the years, his new Nike Cortez “House Shoe” has gain serious traction with fans.

Kendrick Lamar House Shoe and Net Worth

Featuring an orange stripe down the middle with the words “House Shoe” and a grey tongue, the design is meant to be as comfortable as a house slipper but as functional as any other casual footwear.

If you want to own a pair of these stylish kicks, however, it’s not going to be cheap – they’re currently going for around $150+ online.

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth

Between his successful music career to his own brand of shoes and other business ventures, Kendrick Lamar has earned quite the net worth in recent years. As of 2021, Lamar is estimated to be worth an impressive $75 million!

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth and Albums
Kendrick Lamar | Humble

Kendrick Lamar Superbowl

Fans of Kendrick Lamar will be excited to know that the rapper is currently signed on to perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI halftime show in 2022!

Other highly anticipated performers at the show will be rap legends Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem.

Kendrick Lamar Albums

Kendrick Lamar has released 1 compilation album, 4 studio albums, 5 mixtapes, and 1 EP. Lamar’s first big project that gained widespread notoriety was his 4th mixtape, Overly Dedicated, released in 2010 and peaked at #72 in Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop chart.

Since the launch of his first studio album, Section.80, in 2011, Kendrick Lamar has become a household name in the music industry and created some of the most popular songs of his genre in recent years. 

Kendrick Lamar Car

Kendrick Lamar’s first car was a 92 Cadillac Seville with Lamborghini suicide doors that was originally his father’s. The 1996 Chrysler Town & Country featured on his album Good Kid, MA.A.D City was actually his mother’s van that he often borrowed as a teen.

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth
Theo Wenner | Rolling Stone

While Lamar has been pictured posing with some seriously incredible cars in the past for music videos, he’s not about to blow all his money on a fleet of extravagant wheels IRL. Currently, it seems Lamar may be driving a Ferrari and a Corvette.

Kendrick Lamar Family

Ever wanted to learn more about rapper Kendrick Lamar’s parents and siblings? Below is a breakdown of his nearest and dearest, from his parents to his wife and more!

Kendrick Lamar Wife

Kendrick Lamar is engaged to a lovely lady by the name of Whitney Alford (33). The couple have known eachother since childhood and started dating while attending Centennial High School in Compton.

Kendrick Lamar Wife
Christopher Polk | Getty Images

Kendrick had initially stayed tight-lipped about his relationship to Alford early in his career, but the pair finally made their public debut at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Only a year after going public, Lamar would propose, and Alford said yes!

Kendrick Lamar Kids

Lamar and fiancé, Whitney Alford, welcomed their first child in July 26, 2019, but have yet to release their new baby daughter’s name to the public.

Kendrick Lamar Parents

Kendrick Lamar’s parents are Kenny Duckworth and Paula Oliver. Lamar’s parents relocated to California from Chicago in 1984, 3 years before Kendrick’s birth.

During their time in Chicago, Kenny was running with the street gang Gangster Disciples. After an ultimatum from Paula about his dangerous lifestyle, however, the couple packed their belongings into 2 trash bags and left for California with $500 to their name.

Kendrick Lamar Parents
Left: | Right: Rolling Stone

The couple moved between motels and sleeping in their car for their first couple of years in California. After saving up enough money to rent their first apartment, they would go on to have Kendrick.

Paula gave their son the name Kendrick Lamar in honor of singer Eddie Kendrick from The Temptations

Kendrick Lamar Sister

Kendrick Lamar’s younger sister is 22-year-old Kayla Duckworth. Kayla is a married mother of two and very close to her older brother.

Being the awesome big bro he is, Kendrick purchased his sister a brand new Toyota Camry as a high school graduation present in 2017.

Kendrick Lamar Sister
Kayla Duckworth | Instagram

Where Did Kendrick Lamar Grow Up?

Kendrick Lamar grew up in a rough Compton neighborhood. His parents had actually moved there originally to escape the high crime and violence in Chicago.

Where Did Kendrick Lamar Grow Up?

While growing up in Compton was difficult for Lamar, it seems he still has fond memories of his hometown. One of his favorite pastimes as a child was riding bikes with friends and doing stunts off rooftops.  

Kendrick Lamar Height

Rapper Kendrick Lamar stands at 5-feet 6-inches.

Kendrick Lamar Age

Kendrick Lamar was born June 17, 1987 – making him currently 34 years old as of 2021.


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