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Where does Laura Ingraham Live?

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Laura Ingraham House: Her Home & Net Worth Will Surprise You!


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McLean Home
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Laura Anne Ingraham is an American political commentator for Fox News and the former host of the self-titled radio show The Laura Ingraham Show. After graduating from Glastonbury High School in 1981, Ingraham earned her B.A. at Dartmouth College in 1985 and went on to earn a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law. By the late 80s, Laura Ingraham was working as a speechwriter for the Domestic Policy Advisor in the Reagan Administration and served for a brief time as an editor for the magazine The Prospect. After completing law school in 1991, Ingraham acted as a law clerk in New York before becoming a lawyer at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in 1995. The following year, Ingraham would become a host on MSNBC and began hosting the network’s program Watch It! In the late 1990s. In 2001, Ingraham became the host of her self-titled radio show and in 2008 began working for Fox News Channel. She would eventually go on to host The Ingraham Angle in 2017. Ever want to learn more about this controversial talk show host’s life and how big her bank account is? Well, wonder no more! Velvet Ropes has all the details on Laura Ingraham house in Virginia, her family, past romances, and much more!    

Where does Laura Ingraham live?
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Where Does Laura Ingraham Live?

Though commentator Laura Ingraham home town is Glastonbury, Connecticut, she now lives in Mclean, Virginia.

Laura Ingraham house

Built in 1960, Laura Ingraham’s 2-story home on a quiet street in Mclean, Virginia, features 5-bedrooms, 5.5-bathrooms, and 7,869 square feet of living space. The residence sits on 2.1 acres of private, lush landscape and comes with a massive driveway in the front as well as a spacious patio out back that’s perfect for outdoor entertainment.

Other features to the home include an attached garage, lots of windows throughout that provide ample natural lighting, a fireplace, and a luxurious swimming pool. According to, the home was last purchased in 2014 for $1.6 million and is currently valued at $3.3 million.

Laura Ingraham new house photos are tough to come by, but we do have this aerial shot!

where does Laura Ingrahram live?
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Laura Ingraham Family

Laura Ingraham’s parents are James Frederick Ingraham III (died in 2013), and Anne Caroline Ingraham (died in 1999). She has one brother, Curtis Ingraham, whom she is estranged from. More on Laura Ingraham’s family and her marital status below!

Laura Ingraham husband

Is Laura Ingraham married? Though she has been rumored to have dated some fairly recognizable names, such as Keith Olbermann, Dinesh D’Souza (though this one seems unlikely given that D’Souza was getting married at the time of their supposed fling), James V. Reyes, and Robert Torricelli, Laura Ingraham – now in her 50s – has never been married.

Laura Ingraham Children

Ingraham has three children; Maria Caroline Ingraham, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, and Nikolai Peter Ingraham, all of which were adopted.

Ingraham’s steadfast support of President Trump, as well as her frequent rants about immigrants in the U.S., often leave many scratching their heads and viewing Ingraham as hypocritical since she adopted her daughter from Guatemala in 2008 (when the girl was only 3), and her two sons were adopted from Russia. Ingraham described the adoption of her daughter as the “best thing I’ve ever done” and was even learning Spanish to better connect with the child shortly after the adoption.   

Laura Ingraham Kids
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Laura Ingraham Brother

Laura Ingraham’s brother Curtis Ingraham spoke openly about his sister’s controversial views in a 2018 interview with the Daily Beast – calling her “a monster” and attributed much of her ideology to their father, saying “Our father was a Nazi sympathizer, racist, anti-Semite, and homophobe. Like father like daughter?”

In the past, Laura Ingraham has gone as far as comparing same-sex relationships to incest, called transition-related care “child abuse”, and even stated that the public would rather wear “adult diapers” than share restrooms with transgender people (*double facepalm in progress*). Given that her brother Curtis is openly gay and an active member of the LGBTQ community, it’s easy to see why there’s no love lost between the siblings. In fact, Curtis has frequently called his sister out on Twitter.

Laura Ingraham Family

Laura Ingraham Net Worth

Between her radio show, her own talk show on Fox News, and her books, Laura Ingraham has reportedly amassed a net worth of $70 million.   

Laura Ingraham Salary

Ingraham earns a whopping $15 million per year, tying with former Fox News host, Megyn Kelly, before her departure from the network and actually beating out fellow television host, Tucker Carlson, by $7 million.

Laura Ingraham Age

how old is Laura Ingraham? Laura Ingraham was born June 19, 1963 – making her 56 years old as of the time this article was published.

Laura Ingraham Height

So, how tall is Laura Ingraham? Laura Ingraham stands at 5ft 5 ½ inches in height.

Laura Ingraham Controversy

Look up the word “Controversy” in the dictionary and you’re almost guaranteed to find a picture of Laura Ingraham. Ingraham first stirred up controversy in her days working as an editor for Dartmouth Review, a conservative college newspaper, in the early 80s, when it’s said that she sent a news reporter to secretly tape a gay student’s association meeting and then went on to publish excerpts from the gathering where people were speaking openly about their sexual identities.

laura ingraham controversy
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Since then, Ingraham has continued to spark controversy both on her radio show as well as her talk show on Fox News, even spurring advocacy organizations to protest her show on several occasions. In one particular incident, Ingraham featured a graphic on The Ingraham Angle that highlighted figures that she felt were “prominent voices censored on social media” one which was former Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehelen, who is believed to support antisemitism as well as white supremacy.  

Most recently, the host landed herself in hot water again after she publicly taunted David Hogg, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on her social media, leading to numerous advertisers to pull their support of Ingraham. After Hogg spoke out about the need for gun control following the tragic ordeal that left 17 people dead, Ingraham tweeted a link to a report that stated Hogg had been rejected from several California colleges. In her own words, Ingraham even states that Hogg “whines about” his rejections. Some of the most notable brands to pull their ads from Ingraham’s show include TripAdvisor, Johnson & Johnson, Nutrish, and even the Fox-owned streaming service Hulu.

Ingraham is not the only Fox News personality to experience a loss in advertisers – former Fox host Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor lost over half of his advertisers, including Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai, in just one week after sexual harassment claims were made against him.


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