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Logan Paul House: YouTube Star with Luxury and Controversy


Logan's House Photos

Los Angeles Home

Logan's House Photos

Mountain Center Home
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Jessica Frye

Logan Paul, an internet celebrity with over 19 million subscribers, hasn’t been canceled despite all the hate he gets online. His fans love him, the media loves to talk about him, and Logan Paul these days makes a career out of the controversy he brings. But hey, these Logan Paul house photos below prove he’s not worried.

How did Logan Paul get so famous? Through successful ventures in marketing and business, YouTube star Logan Paul has been able to make an internet empire out of merely making vlogs and selling merchandise. Now, with a luxurious Encino house to party in, Logan Paul now seems to have the upper hand in terms of his internet sparring with his younger brother and youtube star Jake Paul.


Where does Logan Paul live?

For all those who wish to be in the know about what the Paul brothers have been doing lately, well you’re in luck! Both brothers have been in the real estate market over the past few years and purchased beautiful mansions that are to die for!

Before their shopping trips for new homes, both brothers had lived in an apartment in West Hollywood. Logan Paul, out of sheer competition with YouTube star Jake Paul, decided to take the opportunity to use his YouTube money to purchase a new home, and oh boy did he certainly make an excellent choice in regards to style.

Logan Paul House Encino, CA

Logan Paul new house is a gated estate, initially built in the 1970s with influences from the Robert Byrd design. The mansion sits within a highly sought-after neighborhood and has undergone extensive renovations. The 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom estate has a modern farmhouse look, with vaulted ceilings, wine cellars, four fireplaces, a movie theater room, and a kitchen with a large island.

How much is Logan Paul’s House? Logan dropped a whopping $6.55 million on the 8,698 square foot home that is believed to have been previously owned by Hollywood comic and actor Ryan Stiles. Logan Paul certainly made an upgrade from their mediocre apartment in Los Angeles.

It’s often referred to as the Maverick House. Why? That’s the name of his merch brand. Both brothers have influence when it comes to social media and entertainment, whether it be burning things, putting pranks on their members, or just causing internet drama.  However, their money comes from specially designed merchandise and limited time sales to gain revenue. Logan Paul launched his merchandise Maverick back in 2017, named after his parrot, and his clothing line has been estimated to value up to $10 million in annual revenue.

Logan Paul House Photos


Check out Logan Paul Address Encino here!

Logan Paul’s Old House

So, what about that old home that he and his brother YouTube star Jake Paul lived in? And what about Jake Paul’s new place that he purchased two years later? Well, the apartment that both brothers lived in and operated their YouTube careers from was 4,000 square feet with five bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, two family rooms, and a chef’s kitchen. The outdoors has a private outdoor BBQ, sunbathing deck, saltwater pool, and spa.

While it was Logan who moved out first, Jake Paul followed right after with his mansion to show off.

While living in the apartment, YouTube star Jake Paul caused a lot of trouble for his Hollywood neighbors, setting fires and all sorts of pranks that created a whirlwind of chaos for everyone involved. This, along with provocative statements referencing the Disney Channel in his song “It’s Everyday Bro,” led him to end his partnership with Disney Channel, as he was a former star for Disney. Jake Paul, after purchasing his wealthy estate in Calabasas, California a year later, has since been continuing his escapades for trouble, within most recent news him getting accused of drugging a party member at his new estate.

Jake Paul hosted a house party on Saturday, May 4, to celebrate the birthday of rapper Desiigner. After the party in Calabasas, which hosted many celebrities and fans, a girl along with eight other girls ended up in the hospital drugged and incoherent, according to the girl’s mother. Reports from news sources such as People, The Daily Mail, and TMZ all report that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that “a possible single occurrence of unwillful impairment related to a party attended on May 4.” While reports say that YouTube star Jake Paul has not been accused of anything, his attorney Larry Stein told TMZ, “We take this claim very seriously, and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth.” Yikes!


Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul’s current net worth is estimated to be about $19 million. If compared to Jake Paul, their net worth is about the same! If you love the way these two brothers, fight, then follow them on their social media to keep up with their antics!

Logan Paul’s Dog

He has a few! And yes, they have Instagrams. 

To start, there’s the Red Tibetan Mastiff, Ginger the Giant. She’s got one of the most beautiful red/brown coats, and by the looks of Logan’s Instagram, she thinks she’s tiny. She loves being in his lap!

Then there’s King Broley Blue, a husky with an unreal set of eyes. OMG. As Logan’s puts it, King is carrying on the legacy of his dearly departed Kong da Savage.

Sadly, Kong da Savage, his previous pomeranian and member of the Mavericks, got attacked by feral coyotes and died back in April. 

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Is Team 10 still a thing?

Logan Paul gets a new puppy; Jake Paul is losing his Team 10 members. Team 10 is Jake Paul’s social media management and talent agency, but it has always consisted of his group of friends that take part in his antics and fun. However, due to some of the core members leaving due to “internal disputes” about business management, many say that Jake Paul’s franchise and business ventures are falling apart at the seams.


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