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Mary Tyler Moore's home

Photo: Mary Tyler Moore – From Gams to Glitz

Mary Tyler Moore House: She Leaves Behind A Jaw-Dropping Home

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Updated on March 7, 2020

Television icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away on January 25th, 2017 surrounded by friends, family, and her husband of 33+ years, Dr. Robert Levine.

Mary Tyler Moore rose to fame as a member of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s she launched “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and although many believed it would be a flop, the show thrived for seven massively successful seasons. Her kind-hearted spirit was known throughout the industry, but it’s said that no one ever questioned who was in charge – Mary Tyler Moore called the shots.

In a rare 1991 interview with Architectural Digest, Mary opened up about her sprawling New York compound where she felt most free: playing in her garden, riding her horses, and shuffling furniture to make space for her latest antique purchase.

The main house is to the left and the pool house to the right. Her favorite time of year was Fall, buat at the time of the interview, she had always been away working and missed the peak of leaf changing. One of the more notable features to the home’s well-manicured grounds was the small pond that was located not far from the house.

Her master bedroom is lit by a uniquely oval window and decorated with her favorite 19th-century trinkets. The wood flooring and almost gold-colored walls gave the bedroom and aged, rustic charm.

Here, an Amish quilt is framed and accompanied by a collection of miniature chairs as well as a 19th-century Virginian cupboard holding a carved eagle sitting atop a cannonball.

The designer of the home, Timothy Macdonald, calls this “the heart of the home.” Just off the kitchen, a 19th-century table sits next to a massive stone hearth.

“It’s a carp, and that’s an Oriental sign of good luck,” says Mary Tyler Moore about the fish statue near the pool.

In her library, the actress’s ancestor, Captain John Moore, is depicted in a 19-century portrait by Elizabeth Moore Reid.

She and her husband’s marriage contract hangs over their antique dining room table, a circa 1850 rug hangs over the mantel and a 19-century tiger from Kentshire sits on the living room table.

These two 19-century portraits of her ancestors greet visitors in the entrance all.


In 2013, Mary guest starred on “Hot In Cleveland” where the original cast of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” reunited for their last interview. It was sadly one of Mary’s last public appearances as well.

Lastly, these are the three most asked questions about Mary Tyler Moore:

1. Where to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Although you can find snippets on YouTube, these are the three places where you’ll find full seasons:  iTunes, Amazon Video, and Vudu.

2. Where Is Mary Tyler Moore’s House?

The home we’ve shown you above is located in Upstate New York, which she purchased in the late 90’s.

The home shown in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally built in 1900, the Queen Anne Victorian provides a spacious 9,500 square feet of living space and boasts 7-bedrooms and 9-bathrooms. The gourmet kitchen features wood floors as well as white counters and glass-front cabinets. In the attic, where Richards called home in the series, there’s a turreted studio/office.

Lots of bay windows throughout the house offer an abundance of natural lighting as well as views of the property’s grounds. The master bedroom is massive and has its own fireplace as well as an adjoining sitting area that can be accessed from either a wood-framed entryway in the suite or the nearby French doors directly across the hall from the bedroom’s main entrance. It stayed on the market for a whopping 5 years until finally being sold to an anonymous buyer in 2017 for $2.895 million. Check it out here.

mary tyler moore show house

3. Where Is the Mary Tyler Moore statue?

The statue is located in the heart of Minneapolis. In 2002, Minneapolis and TV Land revealed the Mary Tyler Moore statue at Nicollet Mall to commemorate the moment in the opening credits of the show when Mary Richards throws her hat into the air after a fantastic day of shopping.

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Jessica Frye
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Jessica Frye

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