Where does Megyn Kelly live?

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Megyn Kelly House: Manhattan to New Jersey, Her Life is A Mystery

Megyn Marie Kelly is an attorney and former Fox News anchor from 2004 to 2017 as well as a former morning show anchor for NBC News from 2017 to 2018. Over the years, Megyn Kelly has maintained a successful career as a correspondent, television host, and news anchor. In 2014, she was even recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Prior to her career in television, Megyn Kelly worked as an associate at the law firm Bickel & Brewer LLP, before becoming an attorney at the international law firm Jones Day, where she remained for 9 years. By 2003, Megyn was working as a general assignment reporter for the ABC affiliated network WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. She would go on to be hired by Fox News in 2004, hosting and co-hosting numerous talk shows and news segments on the network throughout her time there. During her time on television, Megyn Kelly has earned her fair share of fans and critics, but one thing is for certain – for better or worse, she keeps people talking. If you’ve been hoping for an in-depth look at Megyn Kelly’s life, her family, her generous net worth, and Megyn Kelly house photos we wish we had, Velvet Ropes has got you covered!

Where does Megyn Kelly live?
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Where Does Megyn Kelly Live?

So, even after doing extensive (and we mean EXTENSIVE) research into the Megyn Kelly home, we still couldn’t find any details regarding her current residence. Rumors online have circulated that she may have a place in Beach Haven, NJ, but after doing some digging, we’ve been able to discover that Megyn’s in-laws have a property out there that she and her hubby visit from time to time. Some sources have claimed that she lived at 71 Broadway, New York City, NY, but neither her nor her husband’s name appear in any property records for the building. Currently, it’s believed that Kelly is living with her family in Rye, Westchester County, NY – reportedly somewhere near Egg Harbor.

This woman seriously knows how to keep her private life private, at least as far as her property portfolio is concerned. Once Velvet Ropes is able to discover more about the Megyn Kelly house, however, you’ll be the first to know!

Megyn Kelly Family

Megyn Kelly’s parents are Edward and Linda Kelly. Edward was an associate professor at the State University of New York at Albany, and Linda was a homemaker. In 1985, Edward passed unexpectedly from a heart attack when Megyn was 15, just 10 days before Christmas.

Megyn Kelly has 2 siblings – her older brother, Pete Kelly, and her sister, Suzanne Crossly, who are reportedly 5 and 6 years older than Megyn. Keep reading for more on Megyn Kelly’s family!

Megyn Kelly Husband

Megyn Kelly’s husband is former tech company CEO, turned full-time author, Douglas Brunt. Brunt is a Philadelphia native and graduate of Duke University. He was the president and CEO of Authentium, Inc, a FL based security software company until 2010 – when he sold the company for around $8 million. His primary reason for selling his company was so that he could focus on his writing career. Since then, Brunt has published 3 novels, with one of his books Ghosts of Manhattan being a New York Times Bestseller.

Megyn Kelly Family
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Megyn Kelly and future husband Douglas Brunt’s relationship started out fairly ordinary, with the couple meeting on a blind date in 2006. Megyn has admitted that the trait she found most attractive about her Douglas at the time was his genuine interest in what she had to say as well as his sincere personality. Despite the sparks flying between them, however, the couple did hit some rough patches during their dating years, mainly due to the fact that they were forced to have a long-distance relationship since Megyn was working in D.C. at the time while Douglas was still operating out of the Sunshine State. Despite the issues, the couple’s relationship remained intact and Brunt would go on to propose to Megyn Kelly in 2007 – and she said yes (if that wasn’t obvious yet). The pair got hitched in 2008.

Prior to her marriage to husband Douglas Brunt, Megyn Kelly was married to a pain management physician and anesthesiologist by the name of Dr. Danial Kendall, whom she wed in 2001 and ended up divorcing in 2006 (the divorce occurred shortly before meeting Douglas Brunt). There’s been speculation in the past that Kelly’s decision to end her first marriage was due to her ex-husband being unfaithful, but thus far there’s been no solid evidence to prove this was ever actually the case.

Megyn Kelly Children

Megyn Kelly has three children with husband Douglas Brunt: their oldest son Edward Yates Brunt (age 11), daughter Yardley Evans Brunt (age 9), and their youngest son Thatcher Bray Brunt (age 7).  *Ages as of January 2021.

Megyn Kelly Net Worth

As of 2020, it was estimated that Megyn Kelly’s net worth sits at a comfy $45 million. Much of this comes from her former TV salary, rumored to be around $23 million a year. With the recently launched Megyn Kelly podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, remaining in the top spot on Apple Podcasts since its launch, we can only imagine the advertising revenue is rolling. No doubt her net worth will keep climbing.

What Happened to The Megyn Kelly Show?

Megyn Kelly began hosting her own self-titled morning show, Megyn Kelly Today, on NBC in 2017. After only a year on air, however, the network pulled the plug on Kelly’s show in October of 2018 after Kelly stirred up controversy when she questioned why blackface was offensive today while in decades past, according to Kelly, it was considered an acceptable homage. She claimed she was simply wanting to have a conversation about it, but that didn’t satisfy NBC. After months of negotiations between the network and her lawyers, she was paid a rumored $30 million to buyout what was left of her $69 million contract.

Megyn kelly House and Life
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Did Megyn Kelly really support blackface?

During a particularly uncomfortable discussion on her show regarding controversial Halloween costumes, Megyn Kelly stuck her foot (high heel included) in her mouth when she began speaking on the topic of blackface used in costumes, asking “But what is racist?” and continuing with “Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was okay, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

Following the immediate backlash both Kelly and the network faced after the episode aired, Megyn Kelly released a statement attempting to apologize for her comments, but the damage had already been done – a fact made evident when NBC News announced they were pulling the plug on Megyn Kelly Today.

This wasn’t the first time that Megyn Kelly has been accused of racism for her remarks. While she was still working on the network Fox, she once proclaimed that “Santa just is white,” and followed up the remark with “Jesus was a white man, too.”

Megyn Kelly Jane Fonda Controversy

It all started when Jane Fonda and actor Robert Redford appeared on a 2017 episode of Megyn Kelly Today to promote their latest film Our Souls At Night. During the interview, Megyn starts by complimenting Fonda’s appearance, but quickly makes things awkward after mentioning Fonda’s past comments about undergoing plastic surgery, a topic that both Fonda and critics deemed inappropriate and awkward since it held no relevance to the subject they were there to cover.

The trouble didn’t start, however, until a short time after the interview, when Jane Fonda was asked by ET Canada about the uncomfortable interview and she called the moment “weird” and said in regard to the topic of whether she’s had plastic surgery “I have, and I’ve talked about it, but it just seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.” Several months later, when Jane Fonda appeared on Today alongside Grace and Frankie co-star Lily Tomlin, the topic was brought up again after Tomlin joked with fond about knowing her “Before her first facelift,” to which Fonda jokingly retorted “Who are you, Megyn Kelly?” Following the interview on Today, Fonda was asked by Variety if she would consider returning as a guest on Kelly’s show, to which Fonda said yes…but also said that Megyn Kelly’s interview with her showed that she was not very good at interviewing (ouch!)

Months later, Megyn Kelly addressed her interview with Jane Fonda on her talk show, defending her line of questioning at the time and explaining how her question was relevant to the film. Completely off the topic of her interview with Jane, Megyn Kelly went on to speak about Fonda’s controversial past involving the Vietnam war, calling her “Hanoi Jane”, and then went on to state that Jane Fonda was still not proud of America – citing a statement Fonda made during an interview with BBC in which she was asked whether she was proud of the United States today, and Fonda replied “No,” but going on to say that she was proud of the resistance people were displaying over President Trumps actions during his 4 years in office.

Megyn Kelly Fox News

Megyn Kelly began working for Fox News in 2004 and continued to contribute to the network in some form or other until 2017, when she announced she would be leaving Fox to join NBC’s Today. Her most prominent roles with Fox included hosting America Live 2010-2013, The Kelly File 2013-2017, and acting as a moderator for the 2016 Republican presidential debate, where she is most notably remembered for addressing Trump’s disrespectful remarks towards women.

During her time at Fox News, Megyn Kelly was also recognized as being one of the women who publicly confirmed she was sexually harassed by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Her admission came after it was revealed that several other female Fox News cast members had made sexual harassment complaints against male co-workers, Ailes included. The situation was so bad at the network that it even went on to inspire the biographical drama Bombshell (2019), which tells the story of the women who publicly spoke out about the harassment they endured from Roger Ailes at the time. Megyn Kelly was played by actress Charlize Theron, while Nicole Kidman co-starred as Gretchen Carlson.    

Megyn Kelly Fox News
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