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Mr. Chow Beverly Hills: The Best Chinese in Town

Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Mr. Chow Beverly Hills is the premier Chinese restaurant in all of Los Angeles, in our humble opinion. Not to mention in the top five must visit restaurants in  Beverly Hills. Here’s all you need to know!

Who Owns Mr. Chow?

Mr. Chow Beverly Hills is a Chinese Cuisine who’s concept was created in 1968 in London. If you ever wondered who owns Mr. Chow or who is Mr. Chow? Well, it all began with Mr. Michael Chow, a renowned restaurateur who’s replicated this model of restaurants for lovers of great Chinese food all around North America.  Other locations include Mexico City, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and of course, Los Angeles.


In 1974, six years after opening the London location, Michael opened Mr. Chow Beverly Hills from where he’s continuously enjoyed a pool of devoted clients from diverse industries be it Art, Music, Fashion or Entertainment.

The Los Angeles Times once described Mr. Chow as a restaurant that “defies all odds and remains an impossibly chic spot that still draws the rich, famous and well-heeled decades after opening.”

Located right in the heart of Beverly Hills, Mr. Chow Beverly Hills’ cuisine is a fine dining style sort of restaurant,  with a dress code set as smart casual. No tux needed but don’t think you’re getting a table while wearing board shorts and flip-flops.

Operating hours are also convenient: Lunch from Monday–Friday serves between 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm while Dinner from Monday–Sunday serves from between 6:00pm-11:30 pm.

How much is Mr. Chow?

So exactly how much is Mr. Chow? This depends on what you want to have and at what time. However, if you can budget $30-$50 entrees, you will have yourself full on great Chinese delicacy menu that’s enriched with elegant European style service.

For a snapshot on the Menu, they have everything from chicken curry puff, to spare ribs and glazed prawns with walnuts. The menu is extremely diverse and of course tiered depending on your particular taste or the amount of dough you plan on putting down. However, with all of the aforementioned entrees costing you under $25.00, we think it’s safe to say you can get in and get out without necessarily breaking the bank.

Mr. Chow is built on a traditional Chinese family concept where every meal is considered as a social event that’s meant to be experienced with friends and family. This is precisely the reason why the food at the establishment is served and shared in a communal setting where all guests at the table get to enjoy the taste of everything served.


Time and again, different clients have reviewed Mr. Chow Beverly Hills as an establishment with elegance, with some saying that it’s 100 times better than the Las Vegas location due to consistently great food and top-notch service. Alan Richman of GQ Magazine reiterates this sentiment by saying, “Mr. Chow is an establishment that cannot be defined by customary standards but must be appreciated for its sheer fabulousness.”

Chow has not been able to draw the rich, famous and well-celebrated persons by sheer luck, but has accolades earned from hard work and ability to harness the talent and convert it to service delivered to its clients. Anyone looking to be “seen” wants to make sure they are doing so at a hip, cool place, but also somewhere that is genuinely good. Mr. Chow has kept it’s high-end, famous clientele by up keeping all those things.


Among many Chinese restaurants, Mr. Chow has received several awards both as an entity and for its highly trained staff. Just to mention a few, the Beverly Hills kitchen is run by the award winning Executive Chef Yi Jia Qian. This is one of the most respected names among chefs in the Chinese cuisines fraternity.

In the Young Chef Culinary Competition held at the 2006 Shanghai International Restaurants Expo, Yi emerged as the youngest chef to receive the special Gold Award. He was featured in publications like Zhang Jia Daily News, China Food, and a contributor to the cookbook, Famous Chef.

The American Academy of Hospitality Science honored Mr. Chow with a 5-Star Diamond Award as a result of its excellence in service and food.

The Beverly Hills location opened second amongst Mr. Chow’s chain of restaurants. With over four decades experience, they’ve perfected the art of cooking continuously delicious food while working to create an atmosphere that welcomes the rich and famous while also maintaining an attainable vibe as to not turn away everyday folks.

Dining at Mr. Chow

Michael Chow, with the help of his passionate and experienced chefs and by a combination of skills from steaming to roasting, created Chow’s signature dishes Ma Mignon, Chicken Sat, y and MR CHOW Noodles – some irresistible delicacies.

Whether it’s a birthday or bridal party, couple’s night out, a souvenir dinner, company meeting, or a high profile business meeting to be held in Beverly Hills, Mr. Chow is the place to be. It’s the kind of place where you’ll always find what you want.


The menu is quite a sight. With a mix of authentic Bejing and original recipes, the food will not disappoint. They even have a Pasta Chef who demonstrates the traditional hand-made noodle making every night, an awesome sight.

Their food is great and their service impeccable. Those who’ve been here before, always find a reason to come back.

HINT: Take a walk after dinner over to Rodeo Drive. It’s only one block away!

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