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Nashville Tours of Stars Homes: This DIY Nashville Celebrity Home Tour is So Worth It

Aleks Simmons
Aleks Simmons

Updated on November 20, 2023

While most celebrities will choose to live in places such as Los Angles or New York City,  Nashville has been a laid-back place for many stars to live. That’s why a need for reliable Nashville homes of the stars tour was so important to us. With a full arrangement of culture, food, and country music, Nashville is considered to be one of the best places to kick back, drink sweet tea, and enjoy life. Our beloved Nashville tours of stars homes are available to all who are visiting. We guarantee it’s the most up-to-date Nashville Celebrity Homes Tour and it’s do-it-yourself. No bus tour hassle, just good ‘ole fun!


Nashville Tour of Stars Homes

Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, is known as one of the most paparazzi-free places for celebrities to live in. It’s also a haven for aspiring musicians who want to rub elbows with the rich and famous. It is the home of many major record companies, music publishing houses, the famous Ryman Auditorium, and recording studios because of its successful history of pushing out music stars. As a result, many country music stars call Nashville their home. This is the perfect Nashville Star Tour!

Driving Tour of Nashville from Velvet Ropes!

Planning on visiting Nashville and want to see the celebrity homes for yourself? We’ve curated an awesome tour to make all your celebrity home and hot spot visiting a breeze! See below for all the Nashville celebrity home tour details!

Where Do the Stars live in Nashville?

Where does Tim McGraw live?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill live in a custom-built mansion in Nashville. It’s tucked far off the street and looks castle-like!


Check out Tim McGraw & Faith Hill House Photos here!

They are also selling their second property located just south of Nashville. The estate includes a log cabin, a southern antebellum home, as well as four other houses and a 12-stall stable on the property. Most recently they had it on the market for $18.5 million.

Where does Carrie Underwood live?

There’s something about Franklin that keeps pulling Ms. Underwood back. America’s sweetheart purchased a relatively modest 3,099 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a half-bath in Franklin, Tennessee for $384,000 a few years back. She eventually sold that one and built a custom estate with her hubby Mike Fisher situated on 400 acres of land in the area. 

As this is being built they are living in a neighboring barn/cottage-style home on the property, which you can see here: Carrie Underwood House Photos!


Where does Luke Bryan live?

Luke Bryan has also emerged as a top tourist site for visitors to see. He currently owns a farm sitting on 150 acres. Luke reportedly designed and constructed the home himself and even included a 1,800-square-foot guest home in the estate, allowing his family to move in or come and go as they please. The guesthouse is said to include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a front porch, and a media room. The estate even has its catfish pond, inspired by his own experiences living in the country catching catfish as a young man.


Check out Luke Bryan House Photos here!

Where does Taylor Swift live?

Taylor has a lot of awards under her belt, including being honored at the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame back in 2009. She received the award alongside Toby Keith; Taylor Swift, however, is the only of the two to still reside in Nashville. In 2009, Taylor Swift invested $2 million in a penthouse apartment in Midtown, Nashville, near Downtown Nashville. Located in the expensive Adelicia complex, the stylish apartment was featured by Katie Couric in 2012. Taylor gave the hostess a tour of the home and said that her design was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, giving off a cozy feel while also keeping it quirky and unique. The penthouse has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, as well as a balcony on both sides. This is the place where Taylor escapes from the high life of LA to take it easy down south.


Check out Taylor Swift Nashville House – The Penthouse here!

Taylor also owns a home in the suburbs of Nashville. It’s unclear who lives there, perhaps she does at times, but based on our research, she stays at her penthouse most of the time when in Music City.

Where does Kid Rock live?

Kid Rock is the most unusual out-of-the-country music star. Despite being considered a millionaire, he sold his Malibu mansion for $9.5 million and swapped it for a doublewide trailer in June of 2017. Kid Rock chose simplicity over luxury and bought the trailer because he fell in love with the view. But don’t get it twisted, he has a rather large real estate portfolio with a few mansions mixed in.

Kid Rocks Nashville Home

There are many other big names that we can list that live in the music city; Martina McBride, Jack White, Ronnie Milsap, Dierks Bentley, Reese Witherspoon, Kix Brooks Ronnie Dunn, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood, Lady Antebellum, and more all have homes in the state capitol.

Nashville Celebrity Homes Tour

One of the best-known activities you can do to learn more about the country music stars is to take a stars tour using Tommy’s Tours. Guided by Charmin’ Tommy Garmon, who is a considerably funny tour guide, Tommy Tours is a three-hour Nashville tour of Downtown Nashville, letting visitors see the celebrity hot spots and the culture of country music.

Another well-known stars tour is the Gray Line Tennessee. This larger company has Nashville tour guides that know the ins and outs of what a Nashville tour should be for its visitors. Gray Lines Tennessee has been running for over 40 years and offers some of the best prices out there for all exclusive access into the neighborhood.

But, maybe we’re biased, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND going the self-tour route and driving yourself. Why? Many of the homes are a bit out of town, so instead of being stuck on a bus, drive yourself using our map (with easy-to-navigate links!) and go to only the homes you care about!


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