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OJ Simpson Murder House

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Nicole Brown Simpson House: Was The OJ Simpson Murder House Really Torn Down?


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Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall

Updated on August 30, 2022

  • Nicole Brown Simpson married OJ Simpson on February 2, 1985.
  • Brown and Simpson divorced after 7 years of marriage.
  • Nicole Brown was brutally murdered on June 12, 1994, alongside her friend, Ronald Goldman.
  • OJ Simpson was the prime suspect in Nicole and Ron’s murder but, controversially, was acquitted.
Where Did Nicole Brown Simpson Live?
Brown Family Photo Collection

Nicole Brown was born in Frankfurt, West German, on the 19th of May 1959 and relocated with her family to Garden Grove, CA as a child. Unfortunately, little is known about Brown herself, and her name is forever synonymous with the tragedy that befell her on the night of June 12, 1994, when she was brutally murdered outside her condo in Brentwood, CA. Simpson was the ex-wife of NFL player and primary murder suspect, OJ Simpson. While it’s easy to see Nicole as simply a name in the press, it’s important to remember that she was also a young woman and mother whose life was snuffed out in the worst way imaginable. Below, we’ll break down details of Nicole’s murder and explore where the Nicole Brown Simpson home is today.

Where Did Nicole Brown Simpson Live?

At the time of her murder, Brown was living in a 3,405 square foot condo/Rowhome coop in Brentwood, California, with her children. This was also the site of her murder, which changed the media landscape around celebrities and the courtroom.

Nicole Brown Simpson House (aka OJ Simpson Murder House)

Built in 1991, Nicole Brown Simpson’s 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom townhouse was where she and her family were living at the time of her tragic death.

OJ Simpson Murder House
Google Maps

Sadly, there isn’t much in the way of photos inside Nicole Brown Simpson house, but just from seeing the outside, you can imagine 3,405 square foot townhouse is pretty nice. Given its location in Brentwood, the place could have incredible curb appeal if not for its history as the site of a double homicide.

As a means to try and discourage tourism and try to give the building new life, the owners of the home even changed the address, but that has done little to keep onlookers away.

Nicole Brown Simpson House
Google Maps

Following the events that transpired at the home, a plethora of tropical plants and trees were added around the home. Just past the back gate, at the base of the stairs to her home, is where Nicole’s body was found.

What Happened to Nicole Brown Simpson’s House?

A major misconception about the Nicole Brown Simpson home is that it was demolished after her murder, but it was actually OJ’s home in Brentwood that was taken down, not Nicole’s.

According to property records, Nicole’s former townhouse was last sold for $1.7 million in 2016.

Where Is Nicole Brown Simpson House?

For those wondering about the Nicole Brown Simpson house address, her townhome is located at 879 S Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, California 90049. The house number was originally 875 but was later changed in hopes of keeping unwanted guests away.   

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

Following her daughter’s dance recital that night and dinner with her family at the Mezzaluna restaurant at 6:30 pm on June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown left the restaurant with her children and took the kids for ice cream prior to returning home.

After discovering their mother’s glasses were left at the restaurant, Nicole’s sister called the eatery and a worker at the location, Ronald Goldman, volunteered to return the glasses to Nicole that night.

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson
Kim Goldman | Facebook

Just minutes before 11 pm, Nicole’s neighbor spots her Akita dog wandering the neighborhood alone with blood on his paws. It was only a little over an hour later that the dog led neighbors to the grizzly scene just outside Nicole’s condo.

Lying at the base of her home’s stairs, where her children were sleeping inside, was Nicole, dead in a pool of her own blood. Nearby, Ron Goldman’s lifeless, bloody body was also found.

Upon closer inspection, it was found that both Nicole and Ron had sustained numerous stab wounds as well as had their throats viciously cut. 

Why Was Nicole Brown Simpson Killed?

Even after decades of scrutiny, there’s really no easy answer to why someone snuffed out the lives of two innocent people that night.

A popular theory, however, was that her ex-husband, OJ Simpson, murdered the pair in a fit of rage when he thought Ron and Nicole were together romantically…even though she had been divorced from Simpson for 2 years before the murders occurred.

It was believed that OJ was actually hiding in the bushes outside Nicole’s condo that night, waiting for the moment to strike, and attacked when Nicole and Goldman were standing outside the condo.

Adding some validity to the theory was what Nicole wrote in her secret journal. There, she detailed several instances of brutal abuse at the hands of OJ, even stating that he struck her when they were intimate.

Why Was Nicole Brown Simpson Killed?

The journal at the time of the trial, however, was considered hearsay by the judge and was dismissed. 

Nicole Brown Simpson Killer

As of 2022, no person or persons involved in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman have been imprisoned for the crime.

Nicole Brown Simpson Crime Scene

At the gruesome crime scene, police found Nicole lying in the fetal position at the base of the stairs to her home, surrounded by a pool of her blood. She was barefoot and wearing her nightgown, never realizing a predator waited in the shadows just outside her home.

nicole brown simpson house
AP Photo | Lois Bernstein

Only a few feet from Nicole’s body was that of friend Ron Goldman who had also suffered a slit throat and multiple stab wounds. It’s believed Ron was the first to be attacked during the scuffle and found it hard to in the struggle before succumbing to his injuries.

The wounds both parties sustained were horrendous, with Nicole nearly being decapitated from how deep her throat wound went.

Among the gore found outside Nicole’s home, there was also a bloodied men’s glove left at the scene.

Did OJ Do It?

There was a lot of evidence that pointed to the former football player as the man behind the murders of Goldman and Brown. Some of the most critical evidence included:

  • Blood matching OJ’s being found at the scene of the crime.
  • A shoe print found at the scene perfectly matched the shoes that OJ wore.
  • A similar glove, that resembled one at the crime scene, was found at Simpson’s estate.
  • A bloody sock, belonging to OJ, was discovered in OJ’s master bedroom.
OJ Simpson Trial
Myung J. Chun | Daily News via AP FILE

Despite the evidence presented at the trial, OJ was eventually acquitted of the murders. In 1996, however, OJ was found responsible for both deaths in civil court and was ordered to pay $33.5 million to both the Brown and Goldman families.

In 2006, OJ would write a “hypothetical confession” in the form of a book titled If I Did It, which is pretty much just as tasteless and cash-grabby as you can imagine.

While he was acquitted of the murders, OJ would have yet another run-in with the law in 2008. Simpson was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping as well as several other charges when he stole numerous sporting memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel.

Simpson was given 33 years in prison for the crime but would be granted parole in 2017 for good behavior.

Nicole Brown Simpson Funeral

Nicole’s funeral was held at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Brentwood, California. Nicole’s parents as well as OJ and their children, Sydney and Justin, were also in attendance.

Simpson was laid to rest in June 1994 at Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, California.

Nicole Brown Simpson Family

Brown’s parents are Juditha and Louis Brown, who met while Louis was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany as a correspondent for the American military publication Stars and Stripes.

The couple started growing their family in Frankfurt, giving birth to Nicole and her sister, Denise, before eventually relocating the family to California.

Nicole Brown Simpson Children

Nicole shared 2 children with OJ Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson (born 1985), and Justin Ryan Simpson (born 1988).

Nicole Brown Simpson Family
Jason Winslow | Splash News

Now 33, Nicole’s son worked for a real estate agency in St. Petersburg, Florida from 2015-2018 before starting his own company, Bolder Property Management.

As for Sydney, the 36-year-old manages her business, Simpsy LLC, and a Florida restaurant.

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