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Nicole Kidman House in Los Angeles & Nashville: This Is Why Her Fans Are Confused


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Beverly Hills Home

Nicole's House Photos

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Nicole's House Photos

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Nicole's House Photos

Nashville Home
Ashley Weyler
Ashley Weyler

Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman and her country crooner hubby, Keith Urban, have quite the real estate portfolio. They own homes all over the world, but Nicole Kidman house in Nashville is as regal as it gets!

Where does Nicole Kidman live?

Though it has recently come to light that Nicole Kidman has been eyeing a $39 million Upper West Side New York City pad that used to belong to Michael Jackson, those rumors are false.

Nicole Kidman house in Los Angeles is she and Keith Urban’s main home. In 2008 they purchased a Hollywood Hills home for $4.7 million.

It’s a modern home with a streamlined style and lots of exposed concrete. They have some incredibly famous neighbors, too. Adele, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, and Cameron Diaz.

The home is 6,932 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

We’ve got tons more photo’s of Nicole Kidman House in Los Angeles HERE! Oh, and the home address is there too!

Where does Keith Urban live in Tennessee?

In 2008, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman purchased a 12,000-square-foot estate in Nashville for $3.47 million. Called the “Queen of Northumberland,” the home has seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms.

In addition to beautiful landscaping, pool and tennis court on the outside, inside you will find 20 rooms spread across three floors, including a massive living room, dining room, kitchen, hobby room, and home theater.

Where does Keith Urban live in Tennessee?

Nicole Kidman House / Keith Urban House Nashville (Former)

The buzz about NYC may have started when Kidman and her hubby, Keith Urban, listed their 5,086 square feet Franklin, Tennessee mansion for sale in December 2017. The home, located a half an hour from Nashville, was purchased by the pair in 2007 for $2.45 million. They sold it in November 2018 for $2.3 million.

The rustic-luxe home holds four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. The newly renovated brick farmhouse also has a barn, garden, and hiking trails. The first floor contains a large living room with a steel-framed fireplace and black piano. The kitchen includes a breakfast bar with an open dining area. It also has a gym and an office. The master bedroom even has a huge walk-in closet.

Itching for more photos of Nicole Kidman House in Nashville? We’ve got ’em HERE! Oh, and the home address is there too!

What’s all the confusion about?

Well, all of her homes look completely different. From ultra modern to farmhouse and traditional, you’d think they all belonged to very different people.

If you had 3 homes would they all have a certain style, or would you do like Nicole and have a variety of vibes!? For me, they’d definitely all be similar. #Picky

How did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban meet?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, both natives of Australia, met in 2005 at the G’Day USA Gala, a celebration that honors Australians in Los Angeles. At first, Kidman wasn’t sure if Urban had any interest in her. But he didn’t let on to his true feelings right away and finally called her four months later.

When did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban get married?

Nicole Kidman has been quoted saying she knew she wanted to marry Keith Urban after only one month of dating. They married on June 25, 2006, in an all-candlelit ceremony at Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in Sydney, Australia.

Kidman’s dress was designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. Her sister, Antonia, served as her maid of honor, while her daughter, Isabella, stood in as a bridesmaid. Famous guests of the nuptials included Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Rupert Murdoch.

How many kids do Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have?

In 2008, Nicole Kidman gave birth to her first daughter with Keith Urban, Sunday Rose. Two years later in 2010, the couple had their second daughter, Faith Margaret.

How many kids do Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have?

During Kidman’s first marriage to Tom Cruise, she adopted a daughter, Isabella Jane, born in 1992, and a son, Connor Anthony, born in 1995.

What is Nicole Kidman worth?

Nicole Kidman first broke into movies at 16 years old in the Australia film Bush Christmas. It led to more movie roles in Australia and eventually in America. Throughout the 1990s, movies like Far and Away, To Die For, and Eyes Wide Shut put her on the map. But her role as Satine in Moulin Rouge! catapulted her to stardom and solidified her A-list status.

In 2017, it was widely reported that Nicole Kidman net worth is $130 million.

Did Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sing in Moulin Rouge?

Though some classic movie musicals employed professional singers to dub the star of the films’ singing voices, like Marni Nixon famously did for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, that wasn’t the case for Moulin Rouge!

Both Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sang all of the songs themselves while filming the movie. Director Baz Luhrmann said that they used the traditional technique of playback while shooting the film, where they record ahead of time, and then will playback on set.

Does Keith Urban wear makeup?

With the exception of a powdering his shiny nose before stepping in front of photographers, it’s unknown if Keith Urban wears makeup on a daily basis. As for those beautiful lashes, I’m going to chalk it up to good genes. Although I’m pretty jealous!

Does Nicole Kidman have tattoos?

While it’s unknown if Nicole Kidman has any tattoos, her husband, Keith Urban, has quite a few – and it’s kind of adorable.

On Urban’s right arm is a huge tattoo he initially got as a tribute to his ex-girlfriend, model Niki Taylor. But after he met Kidman, he had the tattoo altered to honor her.

His second tattoo dedicated to Kidman is a bit more subtle. On his chest reads “Hokulani,” which means “heavenly star.” How does this pertain to Kidman? Well, she was originally born in Hawaii to Australian parents, and Hokulani has always been her nickname. Urban loved it so much he decided to have it tattooed over his heart.

How many Oscars has Nicole Kidman won?

Nicole Kidman’s first Oscar nomination was in 2002 for her role as Satine in Moulin Rouge! She lost to Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball.

In 2003, Kidman won her only Oscar for playing Virginia Wolf in The Hours. She has also been nominated two additional times: 2011 for Rabbit Hole and 2017 for Lion.

How many Oscars has Nicole Kidman won?

But this golden girl didn’t stop with Academy Awards. She has won four Golden Globes for her roles in To Die For, Moulin Rouge!, The Hours, and the HBO show Big Little Lies. In addition, she has been nominated a whopping seven times. She also recently won her first Emmy for Big Little Lies.

Where was the movie, Practical Magic, set?

Practical Magic, a 1998 movie about the Owens sisters, Nicole Kidman as Gillian and Sandra Bullock as Sally, who were raised by their strange aunts (Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest) in a small town. The family is faced with a curse that threatens to stop them from finding love.

Filming for the movie took place in the Northwest region of the United States, in Washington.


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