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President Obama House: The Obama’s House Will Make You Rethink Politics


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Washington Home

President Barack's House Photos

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President Barack's House Photos

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Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Since the original publishing of this article, the Obama’s have just purchased the home they were previously leasing in the upscale neighborhood of Kalorama in Washington D.C. President Obama’s House was estimated to be worth $5.9 million at the time of their lease, but they paid $8.1 million – $2.2 million more than the home was estimated to be worth. This is also the neighborhood where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner purchased a home after it was announced they would have official White House gigs.

The Obama’s have leased this Washington, D.C. mansion and will move in January 2017, when Donald Trump is inaugurated.

The 8,200 square foot brick home is worth an estimated $5.9 million, and the Obama new house cost them a reported $22,000/month. The home is located in one of D.C.’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Kalorama. The secret service has begun much-needed upgrades to secure the home.

president obama house kitchen

Their decision to remain in DC after his presidency is rare, based on previous outgoing Presidents, but Barack and Michelle wanted their youngest daughter, Sasha, to graduate high school without the disruption of moving. Malia will also live here throughout her gap year before attending Harvard University in the fall of 2017. With 9 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, the four will have plenty of room. But once they’re empty nesters, Barack and Michelle may need to downsize.

The home has ample sitting space. Based on the limited photos available. There are at least 4 living rooms/dens/sitting areas. As a huge Jonathan Adler fan, I notice an abundance of his influence throughout the home. The Obama’s have no undoubtedly redecorated but we can only dream that the coolest first couple in the history of the United States of America to have kept at least a few of Adler’s signature but questionable figurines.

president obama house street view

The Obama’s landlord is a familiar face, former White House Press Secretary under President Clinton, Joe Lockhart. He purchased the property in May 2014 for $5.295 million. The home is the second most valuable property in the neighborhood, only beaten by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos who has a $23 million dollar company around the corner. Earlier this year there were reports of massive amounts of vehicles surrounding the home, presumably secret service, as they were installing layered security and reinforcing existing barriers in anticipation of the former first family’s move-in date.

As you can see from the floor plans, this is a HUGE home. Just the parking capacity alone is impressive. There are enough garage and carport spaces for 10 vehicles, which is required for the team of secret service protection the family will have for the rest of their lives. What I’m most envious of is Michelle Obama’s closet! Do you see that floorplan!? Eleven individual closet units, a huge center island that doubles as a dresser and a corner vanity fit for royalty. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Obama’s operate just like any other couple, which means the President has crammed his wardrobe into just one of the closets while Michelle has her’s perfectly organized and color coded throughout the remaining ten. 🙂

Located only 2 miles from the White House, the Obama retirement home is just close enough for him to be called in shall President Trump need help…


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Jessica Frye
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Jessica Frye

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