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Odell Beckham Jr House Featured

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Odell Beckham Jr House: Inside the New York Home of OBJ & More

Chrystal Graham
Chrystal Graham

Updated on September 23, 2019

The Louisiana native with the heart-melting smile and characteristic hair has taken the NFL by storm ever since he became the fastest-ever receiver to boogie down on 200 receptions and earned the title of 2014 Rookie of the Year. The super beast of a wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. seems to have super-charged magnet hands. So enamored was the football world with OBJ, that he was slapped on Madden 16 as the youngest-ever football player to grace the video game’s cover. He was destined for greatness it seems–his parents were both athletes and his godfather is none other than the 7’ 1” basketball powerhouse, Shaquille O’Neal of my personal favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Those are some big shoes to fill, har har…okay but seriously…Odell Beckham Jr house is dope!


Where does Odell Beckham Jr. Live?

Odell Beckham Jr House New York

Where does OBJ Live? His New York home is a three-story, 3,529 square foot dream house in Hudson County with NanaWalls on each level facing Manhattan. What the heck are NanaWalls? Only the best window-wall combination, fully-opening to allow the room to become indoor-outdoor with the push of a button. The walls open up to some gorgeous private terraces with beautiful views of the city.

The top floor is entirely made up of his master-suite, complete with a walk-in steam shower big enough for Odell’s Head & Shoulders campaigning–and all of the cameras that come along with the shoot, assuming, you know, that they want to jump in together.

The designer kitchen features state-of-the-art industrial-grade, stainless-steel appliances, Caesarstone countertops, which boast a 93% quartz composition–arguably the most beautiful, and hands-down one of the toughest minerals there is.


As beautiful as it is, as his first season with the Cleveland Browns is kicking off, leaving a little bit of a beef between him and the New York Giants behind–specifically saying in an interview with Sports Illustrated that they had traded him “out of spite,” after an OBJ social media tirade that has lasted the whole offseason. He told the Sports Illustrator that the Giants had sent him to the Browns “to die…” it’s yet to be seen whether the Giants will live to regret that decision.

Odell Beckham Jr Drake House

In 2016, Odell Beckham Jr. was tasked with the responsibility of housesitting Drake’s “YOLO Estate,” as any good up-and-coming millionaire should do. At that time, he said that Drake basically was a man after his own heart (my words) and that they had a lot in common. They both wanted to be the best at what they were doing and were steadfastly driven to succeed.

Let’s not forget that OBJ had been practicing his football skills from the age of 4 and promised his mother then that he was going to be in the NFL. He was completely in love with Drake’s house, a 12,500 foot–yes, 12,500 square foot mansion in L.A. has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a library to make me swoon, and a 25-seat theater…and tha pool! Tha pool! Okay, it literally has a rock waterslide and legit waterfalls. It’s no wonder Odell was blown away by its prestige.


In any case, it was pretty cool that Drake allowed one of his biggest fans to hold down the fort for him for a bit before he even hit it crazy big. In contrast, when Odell was traded to the Cleveland Browns earlier this year, he hollered at his boy, LeBron James. In a social media post in which LeBron posted a photo of Beckham, OBJ said, “Lemme hold down the crib,” but was met with resistance when trying to negotiate a lease agreement.

Beckham, Jr. told reporter, Mary Kay Cabot, that when he asked LeBron if he could borrow the house in order to get his bearings in a new city, that LeBron said it was “too big.” OBJ had nothing but kind words for the NBA star, who he says is “like my idol. It’s who I look up to the most.”

Odell Beckham Jr Cars

If it sounded like Odell was a little salty about his trade to the Browns, he doesn’t seem to be showing it. He has embraced his new team thoroughly, down to the monster of a Roll Royce he purchased in Browns orange. It was dropped as a social media bomb by Dreamworks Motor Sports, who said “Here we come, Cleveland,” and described the car’s 26” Forgiato Wheels, which I admit that I hands-down had to Google (it turns out it’s a custom wheel manufacturer that is a pretty big deal coming out of Los Angeles).


The interior is “OBJ Dawg Pound Orange” with black accents. It’s such a doozy, that even though he surely has other rides up his sleeve, research doesn’t turn up a single. One. BUUUUT, his sweet mom was gifted a new car by her son in February of this year. At the Super Bowl Experience Theme Park in Atlanta, GA, he walked his–undoubtedly proud–mom out to an idling Mercedes G-Class SUV, which was rockin’ super-sized bow, of course.

Odell Beckham Earrings

If there is one thing I just can’t ignore, it’s Odell’s sense of fashion, and from whom does he draw his inspiration, you ask? Himself, he says! Well, of course! His flaming-red suit at the ESPYs was a wowzer, for sure. Sharp. I told my husband, who wore a plain black tux with a St. Patty’s green tie (we were married on St. Patrick’s Day 13 years ago, and yes, it was a drunk-fest) that I wish he would have rocked something like Odell’s flashin’ red and black tux…and my lumberjack of a man laughed heartily at me.

Anyway, neither here nor there.

Our beloved wideout, OBJ has been hitting the scene with some serious bah-ling since he moved onto greener pastures with the Browns. These bad boys would make girls scream like Eep when she gets her first pair of shoes from Guy in The Croods. They’re diamond bangers with gold flails that scream, “All hail the king of wide receivers, Beckham Jr.”

He’s worn some pretty sweet diamond-studded cross earrings in the past, but his diamond, cross tooth implants have me saving my change for diamond-bejeweled chompers…because they are Michael Jackson Bad.  



Ladies and gentlemen, hold the front door because you’re about to be blown away. Odell-freaking-Beckham, Jr. was 21 years old when he stopped the show with that freak of a one-handed catch and went on to receive the Rookie of the Year award. My poor mom…I’m 32 and writing celeb articles, never having succeeded at a sport in my life! Ha!

What is Odell Beckham Jr salary? The man is 26 years old and signed with the Browns for, wait for it, a five-year $77 miiiiiilion dollar contract, according to NBC Sports. Forbes says he was due $17 million dollars this year, with a $16.75 million dollar base salary and a $250k workout salary, which, over 5 years amounts to $85 million dollars. I’ve also seen reports that say this contract with the Browns was worth $91 mill. So, ya know, a bunch. I’d say he’s a pretty successful 26 year old. So yea, Odell Beckham Jr net worth is staggering.

What Team is Odell Beckham Jr On?

So Odell started his amazing career with the New York Giants, but it sounds like they needed to cut a little bit of ego out of their locker room to make everything just a little bit more cohesive. Earlier this year he was traded to the Browns, from Cleveland, and even though he says they did it out of spite to kill his career, the Browns won 7 games in 2018 to the Giants’ 5.


It’s tight, but it will be interesting to see what happens this season. He’s doing some cool stuff to prep, for instance, Colin Kaepernick was seen throwing him passes during his infamous Odell Beckham Jr. workout. Ole boy is soaking up the wisdom!

Odell Beckham Jr Family

You might be surprised to learn that Odell’s family is a bunch of pretty successful athletes, themselves. Odell Beckham mom Heather Van Norman was 6-time NCAA All-American and Odell Sr. was a starting running back for LSU. His stepdad, Derek Mills, is an American sprinter.

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He’s a catch, right!? Speaking of…is Odell Beckham J. married?

The quick answer is no. He is taken though, ladies. His girlfriend is a Greek Instagram model, Polyxeni Ferfeli. They seem to be pretty serious, becoming official in 2017. She earned a degree in the UK in Global Business Management and Finance. She’s gorgeous…and smart! He’s got a winner.



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Odell Beckham Jr cousin, Terron, made a name for himself in 2016 when he was caught by somebody from CBS doing 44 reps of 225. That’s nuts. I mean…I blew out my back last week lifting a box that weighed about 45 pounds. Shhhh. Anyways, he said then that he was going to start training for the NFL to join Odell, although the New York Jets decided not to sign him in 2016 and it doesn’t seem that he’s quite made it yet, even though he is a powerhouse.

Odell Beckham Mom is his number one fan, and he adores her, which is so super sweet. She’s stinkin’ hot, I’ll say it! She ran track from 91-93 at LSU, and is a leading recruiter for the NFL, so it’s as if it was in his blood before he was even born 1992. She also stole two NCAA titles in 91 and 93.

Where is Odell Beckham Jr from?

The dynamic city right on the banks of the Mississippi gets to have the unique bragging rights of having spawned the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is where the powerhouse of an athlete hails from, though his new home is Cleveland, Ohio. We may not know where he is going to wind up, but he’ll always be an All-American badass. Odell, I, for one, am rooting for you! Kick butt in 2019 and score us a Browns Super Bowl, 2020!



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