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Where does Patrick Mahomes live?

Pari Dukovic | GQ

Patrick Mahomes House: Photos of the Super Bowl MVP’s Kansas City Home


Patrick's House Photos

Kansas City Home

Patrick's House Photos

Kansas City Home
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Updated on April 20, 2021

NFL Quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, has taken the world of sports by storm since 2017. Why 2017? Well, that’s when the now-famous Patrick Mahomes draft took place where he was the tenth overall pick by the Chiefs. In 2020, he went on to lead the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, where they defeated the 49ers. And now, in 2021, he just secured the Chiefs slot in the Super Bowl for a second consecutive year where they will face Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, having risen to fame and wealth so quickly, it made us wonder – what does Patrick Mahomes house look like? We did some digging and have all the details below!

Where does Patrick Mahomes live?
Colin E Braley | AP | Shutterstock

Where does Patrick Mahomes live?

Prior to his NFL draft, Mahomes lived at his father’s home in Texas. But as soon as he signed with the chiefs, Patrick purchased a Kansas City penthouse. Then, only 1 year later, he upgraded to a home single-family home. More details on both, below!

Patrick Mahomes House Kansas City

Just 1 week after winning Super Bowl 2020, Patrick Mahomes purchased this 4,343 square foot ranch-style home. Patrick Mahomes new house, which he paid the previous owners, prominent florist Dan Meiners and businessman David Brinkerhoff, $1.9 million for sits mere feet from the Kansas/Missouri Stateline and the well-known Mission Hills Country Club.

The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home is marvelously well-renovated, keeping the old charm it was built in 1953) but now with a contemporary flair. According to the listing details, the rooms are massive, with tall ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, a 1,250 square foot master suite, and a flex space likely used as an in-home gym for Mahomes. Oh, and a shoe closet that holds over 180 pairs that he showed off in an episode of Sneaker Closet!

The grandeur of Patrick Mahomes home extends to the outdoors, too. The home sits on estate worthy property that’s just shy of 1.5 acres. Extensive landscaping, large patios, and a massive screened-in porch complete the backyard, where there is of course a swimming pool and hot tub.

Where does Patrick Mahomes live?
LOCATE KC | ReeceNichols | Brookside

Check out Patrick Mahomes house address and more photos here!

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Penthouse

About 6 months after signing his four-year deal with the Chiefs, Mahomes purchased this 1,800 square foot penthouse in Kansas City for a rumored $475,000. The 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom unit came with private rooftop terraces, a private 2 car garage, and a short drive to the stadium where he plays.

After buying the home we showed you above, he listed this unit for $485,000 in August 2019. However, after months of no movement, the listing was removed from the MLS in March 2020.

Where does Patrick Mahomes live?
Re/Max Premier Realty

Check out the rest of Patrick Mahomes Home photos here!

Patrick Mahomes Fiance

Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes girlfriend turned fiance in 2020, is a former college soccer star and mega-popular fitness trainer. The couple’s relationship dates back as far as 10th grade at Whitehouse High School in Texas where they were high school sweethearts. They are expecting their first child together in 2021, and in case you’re wondering, it’s a girl! Patrick Mahomes daughter name ideas, anyone?

No new when Brittany will officially become Patrick Mahomes wife, but no doubt it’ll be a party!

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend
@patrickmahomes | Instagram

Patrick Mahomes Family

So, where is Patrick Mahomes from and who are his parents? Hailing from Tyler, Texas, Patrick is the son of former MLB pitcher, Pat Mahomes Sr., and Randi Mahomes. Although Patrick Mahomes parents are no longer married, the former couple have reminded in each others lives.

Patrick Mahomes Family

Patrick Mahomes nationality is a frequent topic of conversation on social media. Well, folks, we can settle this once and for all: He’s American. His father is black and his mother is white, and although he says he never experienced a lack of privilege because of his race, conversations with his family about it lead to him studying racial inequality.

Patrick Mahomes Siblings

Patrick has 2 siblings – Jackson Mahomes, who shares the same mother and father, and Mia Randall, his sister who shares the same mother. Little is known about Mia, but Jackson has amassed over 700,000 followers on TikTok and is following in his brother’s famous footsteps.

Patrick Mahomes Siblings
@randimahomes | Instagram

Where did Patrick Mahomes go to college?

Mahomes went to Texas Tech, where he played baseball and football. Just before the 2016 season, though, he decided to give up baseball to focus on football. Looking back, that was a brilliant idea.

Patrick Mahomes Net Worth

Following his 2017 draft to the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes signed a four-year deal worth $16.2 million + a $10 million signing bonus. Following his Super Bowl win in 2020, there was a ton of speculation about his new contract extension, many predicting a $200 million deal.

Well, in July 2020 it was revealed that Mahomes had signed a 10-year extension with the Chiefs worth $503 million. Yes, half a BILLION. Not only is that a history making deal, he’s the first ever half billion dollar earner in sports history.

Between his NFL salary of over $40 million per year and his endorsement deals, Mahomes net worth comes in at a reported $30 million. Seems low given the numbers we just threw out, right? Give it some time – Forbes will adjust that soon, we’re sure.

Patrick Mahomes Car

Following that July 2020 deal worth over $500 million, Patrick Mahomes bought a Ferrari 812 Superfast. It has a V12 engine, maxes out at 800 horsepower, and STARTS at $340,000. This thing goes 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and has a max speed of 211mph. I mean, wow, Patrick Mahomes Ferrari game is on point.

Then, in January 2021, Patrick’s finace Brittany posted on Instagram about her new “mom car.” Although she didn’t reveal what kind of car, it looks mighty similar to the red and black interior of Lamborghini’s latest SUV, Urus. They run in the $220,000 range.

Patrick Mahomes Car
@brittanylynne | Instagram

Patrick Mahomes Age

So, how old is Patrick Mahomes? He was born on September 17, 1995. As of January 2021, he’s 25.

Patrick Mahomes Height

Oh, and how all is Patrick Mahomes? He’s 6ft 3in tall!


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